Rainbow Six Siege Operation Grim Sky officially unveiled

Ubisoft has announced the next major update coming to its hit tactical shooter, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Following a vague initial teaser on August 6, the publisher has provided a brief overview of the new season, titled "Operation Grim Sky."

As previously announced, Operation Grim Sky will debut two new playable Operators – one of U.S. Delta Force and the other of Scotland Yard. While from differing counter-terrorism units, their simultaneous arrival comes under Rainbow's joint "Urban Tactical Response Team," codenamed "Grim Sky."

The new U.S. Operator plays an attacking role, as a "sharp mind" among the Rainbow Six team. Although details on this Operator are limited, the new teaser image appears to feature a blow torch gadget, which previously leaked through data mining. Rainbow Six brand director, Alexandre Remy, has previously teased a new hard breacher on the horizon, which is likely this Operator.

On the defending team, a new shield-wielding Operator appears to be on the horizon. She's an "expert on mob behavior," following training within Scotland Yard's riot control personnel. Several shield Operators are already available in Rainbow Six Siege, so we're eager to see what this brings to the table.

Ubisoft has also once again confirmed a rework of existing multiplayer map, Hereford Base. Although its reveal earlier this year provided a brief overview of changes, firm details on the final revision are scarce. As the season's name suggests, the addition of rain has also been hinted.

A variety of smaller changes have been outlined too, including tweaks to weapon sights misalignment, changes to Operator Idle Pick, and a further visual upgrade on Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro.

Ubisoft is on track to fully reveal Operation Grim Sky in the coming weeks, as a part of the Six Major in Paris. Expect news between August 17 and August 19, via the Rainbow Six Twitch channel. In the meantime, be sure to check our complete guide to Operation Grim Sky so far.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Grim Sky: Everything we know

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