Rainbow Six Siege's Echo Elite skin goes full anime in Steel Wave leak

Rainbow Six Siege Echo Elite Leak Trailer
Rainbow Six Siege Echo Elite Leak Trailer (Image credit: /u/TE-Ghoul on Reddit)

Ubisoft unveils the next milestone update for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege over the week ahead, formally known as Operation Steel Wave. The update brings two new counterterrorist specialists of Norwegian and South African origin, seemingly named Ace and Melusi, coupled with the previously announced renovations posed by the House rework. The update also appears to bring the latest premium Elite skin set, this time bringing a new look for Echo.

The Japanese drone pilot receives a new bundle of cosmetic gear with the Steel Wave update, according to a leaked video posted to Reddit by /u/TE-Ghoul. The Tenkamusou skin, roughly translating to "warrior," features a full anime-style ninja makeover, swapping out his tactical gear for period armor embellished with gold detailing. And that music is... something.

The leaked set appears to feature the usual contents of Elite bundles, including the Tenkamusou uniform, and skins for the MP5SD submachine gun, SuperNova shotgun, P229 handgun, and Bearing 9 machine pistol. Skinned Yokai Drones now feature gold highlights, topped with a victory animation, and the Elite Echo Chibi charm for weapons.

We expect to see this Echo Elite skin at the Steel Wave unveiling expected around May 17, via an online live stream. While the leak fails to discuss pricing and availability, past schedules indicate a launch in June alongside the Operation Steel Wave update. If like earlier Elite sets, the bundle will cost 1,800 R6 Credits, Rainbow Six Siege's premium currency, with a discount to 1,620 R6 Credits for Year 5 Pass holders.

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