Razer and Maingear team up to create the gaming PC of your dreams

PC gaming accessories maker Razer has announced a collaboration with gaming PC maker Maingear. The result is the MAINGEAR R1 | RAZER Edition, a high-end desktop gaming PC that is on sale now.

The PC has a case that was designed by Razer, but the hardware inside is put in by Maingear:

Enhance the incredible performance of your system with the stunning craftsmanship of our handcrafted SUPERSTOCK Liquid Cooling options. Choose between our SUPERSTOCK Crystal Hardline Tubing, made from crystal clear and shatterproof PETG or our SUPERSTOCK Metal Hardline Tubing, built with polished nickel plated metal tubing, hand cut and masterfully assembled.Take your gaming to a whole new level with incredible graphics options from NVIDIA and AMD, along with the latest Intel Core i7 processors. R1 | RAZER Edition offers incredibly fast and reliable storage options, supporting the latest NVME SSDs as well as massive 10TB HDDs. Memory options allow for up to 32GB of premium Kingston DDR4 memory. No matter how demanding the game, the R1 | RAZER Edition can crush it.

Pricing for the MAINGEAR R1 | RAZER Edition begins at $999. Maingear is also working with HP and will release the Maingear OMEN X Desktop PC sometime in early 2017.

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John Callaham
  • Nothing beats a custom rig, all it needs is time and money and it'll be worth the setup.
  • Custom homemade rigs are better.
  • and cheaper
  • agree...just built a i5 GTX 1070 monster for an HTC Vive....best way to go...
  • ****** thing thnx razer
  • ok, i posted before checking the links to the site, $3500 for an i5(K), 8GB, 1070, 500W PSU? OMG!!!!, the Gigabyte z170, i5(K), 1070, 8GB, 650W PSU(EVGA), 500GB SSD(Samsung) I just built was about $1300.. Looking at the spec sheet a K series i5 is +$75 more when the difference on amazon is about +$20...OMG...and my case has a built-in handle for moving/carrying... my case glows red with some green...
  • The pricing is masterfully crafted rip-off.
  • Lol...RAZER
  • dafuq, the case is the same as the NZXT 4400 wtf
  • It is the h440 razer edition built a friend a pc in one and it is a really nice case. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android