Red Dead Online Xbox One players face 'Coming Soon' launch issue (update)

Red Dead Redemption 2
Red Dead Redemption 2 (Image credit: Rockstar Games)

Updated November 27, 2018: Xbox One Red Dead Online players are now able to access Red Dead Online, with Rockstar Games officially acknowledging the fix.

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Rockstar Games just kicked off Red Dead Online, its multiplayer component for hit western shooter, Red Dead Redemption 2. While a staggered rollout is underway throughout the week, buyers of the $100 Ultimate Edition (opens in new tab) are among the first to gain access today, with early adopters set to play the days ahead.

Despite Red Dead Online's formal update hitting both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, some Xbox One users are reporting connectivity issues on Microsoft's home console. Upon starting the game and visiting the Red Dead Online menu, a "Coming Soon" message is displayed. On PlayStation 4, many are already getting hands-on, after servers went live at 8:30AM ET. However, keep in mind Red Dead Online is currently in beta, meaning launch issues are to be expected.

Rockstar has since formally acknowledged Red Dead Online's Xbox One startup issues, advising players to wait for a fix to be implemented:

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If you're yet to purchase Red Dead Redemption 2, the game's Ultimate Edition provides access today, priced at $95 (opens in new tab).

How to play Red Dead Online beta

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Updated November 27, 2018: Added Rockstar Games formal statement on Xbox One issues.

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  • Wow glad I spent 40 extra ******* dollars and woke up at 6:30 in the ****** morning for a coming soon screen.
  • well since the ''Coming soon'' started on Xbox... me and my friends just got kicked from the PS4 version with the same thing. when is Rockstar going to learn to respond to people asking what is going on :/ luckily not the usual delays they do yet, so it should be fixed soon I guess.
  • This is literally rockstar trying to be ******* clever about a ps4 early launch.
  • Wtf rockstar... every game you come out with has problems, more than any other game. We pay extra to get all of this early access bs and you dont deliver.
  • I whole heartedly disagree with "more than any other game". Bethesda takes that title. Don't get me wrong, I love Bethesda, but Rockstar ships WAY better content on day 1 than many devs.
  • Aside from HDR issues what other problems did they have with single player mode on day 1?
  • Mine worked day one, now I have the coming soon message.