Popular Reddit app Readit can't be released for Windows 10 due to squatter reserving name (Update)

Edit: In the last hour, the developer of Readit has posted that Microsoft has addressed the problem. Readit for Windows 10 is now back on track.

We have been a huge fan of Readit for Windows Phone over the past couple of years. It's the best third-party client for the OS to check up on the Reddit goings on. However, someone else has reserved the name "Readit" in the Windows Store, and as a result, the Readit devs cannot launch a universal Windows 10 app.

The team revealed this huge issue, naturally, on Reddit today. As explained by team member Caleb Keith, it's apparently due to Microsoft's rules about app names in the Windows Store:

"They won't even tell me when it expires, let alone who it is. There is nothing they can do apparently (I question this). I tried to reserve it last year, same thing happened. It lasts a full year. I try this year, same result. Waited another 2 months (since it can take 2 months after expiration to release) after it was supposed to expire, same result. They said it was reserved by someone else this time. Guess we are screwed with that."

You might wonder if the solution is simply to change the name of the app, but in this case Keith says this is not an option:

"We can't change our branding as we have an agreement in place with our current branding and the use of the Reddit api."

Obviously, this is a problem with the Windows Store app policies and we hope that the Readit team can convince Microsoft to force this "troll" squatter to give up his rights to the name so that the Windows 10 version can be released.

Download Readit 2.1 for Windows Phone

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Source: Reddit

John Callaham