ReCore Definitive Edition brings new content and visual upgrade to Xbox One and Windows 10

After numerous teases and leaks, Microsoft has finally announced that a remastered version of ReCore will be hitting Xbox One later this year. Bringing both visual enhancements and new content on top of the base game, "ReCore Definitive Edition" is the most cohesive version of the game to date.

Two new pieces of content are being introduced with the re-release – the long-awaited "T8-NK" core bot and new "Eye of Obsidian" missions. The Definitive Edition will also deliver High Dynamic Range (HDR) to both Xbox One S and Xbox One X versions of the game, delivering a wider range of colors and contrast across the experience. Most importantly for those picking up the upcoming Xbox One X this fall, a higher resolution is also being implemented across the board, although the game doesn't appear to be hitting 4K resolution.

Following a premature listing on the Microsoft Store, we know ReCore Definitive Edition is expected to release on August 29, 2017, priced at $19.99. All content available as a part of the Definitive Edition will also accessible to existing owners, as a part of a free update.

Better still for folks who don't yet have ReCore, from September the Definitive Edition will also be available in the Xbox Game Pass library.

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Matt Brown

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