ReCore Definitive Edition currently appears to be free on the Windows Store [Updated]

ReCore Definitive Edition currently appears to be free on the Windows Store, Xbox

ReCore Definitive Edition's launch day is here, but Microsoft probably didn't intend to launch it for free. However, that seems to be exactly what has happened in what is almost certainly a mistake that will quickly be remedied.

As first spotted on Reddit, ReCore Definitive Edition is currently listed on the Windows Store for free with the "Install" button open to everyone, regardless of whether they've previously purchased the game. The price is still listed as $19.99, and both the "Buy" and "Free trial" buttons are still visible in the Windows Store. Still, we've confirmed that you can currently install the game on Windows 10 and Xbox One from the Windows Store without paying a dime.

All of that said, it's probably best not to get your hopes up. Mistakes like this have happened in the past on Microsoft's storefront, only to have the items revoked later. Occasionally, Microsoft will give out a bit of store credit in exchange, but that's not guaranteed. Expect this error to be corrected relatively soon.

Updated August 29, 2017: It appears the issue issue is being remedied. The download no longer appears to be available for anyone who hasn't purchased the game, and at least one person who played longer than a typical game trial period is now reporting being met with a trial expiration notice.

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