These are ReCore: Definitive Edition's 20 new Achievements on Xbox One and Windows 10

ReCore just got a major update on Xbox One and Windows 10, bringing a huge range of new content to the game, alongside some much-needed improvements. While the new "T8-NK" corebot and "Eye of Obsidian" missions are its main draw, the entire ReCore experience now runs at a higher resolution on consoles, has significantly shorter load times, and supports High Dynamic Range (HDR).

Alongside the new content, 20 new Xbox Live Achievements have been added, totaling 500 Gamerscore. This brings the grand total of Gamerscore obtainable in ReCore up to 1500G – with progress syncing between devices on Xbox One consoles and PCs. With the Definitive Edition update now available, details for all the new Achievements have surfaced on Xbox Live. Here's a breakdown of all Achievements being introduced in the new update.

New ReCore Definitive Edition Achievements are here

ReCore: Definitive Edition's new Achievements mostly center around completing dungeons introduced as a part of the Eye of Obsidian content. It appears that twelve of the new Achievements are based around progression through these dungeons, with a thirteenth available for completing the new missions in their entirety. Others are based around completing various tasks in game – with some you may miss on your first playthrough.

  • Tank Girl: Unlock the T8-NK Frame [30G]
  • Lesser Demon: Complete 'Devil's Dance' dungeon [25G]
  • Trial Run: Complete 'Stockpile Surge' dungeon [25G]
  • Sparring Match: Complete 'Needle Nest' dungeon [25G]
  • Air Cover: Complete 'Blast Canyon' dungeon [25G]
  • Demon Lord: Clear all objectives in 'Devil's Dance' dungeon [25G]
  • Course Record: Clear all objectives in 'Stockpile Surge' dungeon [25G]
  • Championship Bout: Clear all objectives in 'Needle Nest' dungeon [25G]
  • Air Superiority: Clear all objectives in 'Blast Canyon' dungeon [25G]
  • Tanks, Buddy!: Command each Core companion to do a T8-NK Lethal [20G]
  • All Fired Up: Complete 'Brimstone Cut' dungeon [25G]
  • Light in the Dark: Complete 'Well of Shadows' dungeon [25G]
  • Acid Free: Complete 'The Scalding Cell' dungeon [25G]
  • Orb Wrangler: Complete 'Tumbledown' dungeon [25G]
  • Black Eye of Obsidian: Defeat the leader of the Obsidian Cult [30G]
  • Like a Rocket: Clear 'Tumbledown' dungeon within 180 seconds [30G]
  • I Kan Lobb: Kill an enemy corebot with a Lobb Shot that spends 3 seconds in flight [20G]
  • Split Focus: Kill 3 enemy corebots in less than 1 second with the Split Shot [20G]
  • Chrome-tastic: Kill 3 enemy corebots in less than 1 second with the Chrome Shot [20G]
  • Starving Sea Surveyor: Find all Hardware Pickups in the Starving Sea [30G]

What do you think of the new ReCore: Definitive Edition Achievements? Let us know if you have any tips for completing these in the comments!

Matt Brown

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