Action-adventure title ReCore is coming to Windows 10 in 2016

Microsoft plans to publish a number of exclusive games in 2016 for its Xbox One console and Windows 10, and sometimes for both platforms. A newly posted schedule of those game released by the company revealed for the first time that ReCore, which was first announced as an Xbox One exclusive, will also be coming to Windows 10.

Little is known so far about ReCore since the action-adventure game was first announced in June 2015, but previous teaser trailers show that is has a sci-fi theme with a woman partnering with a robotic dog to fight off enemies. The game is being co-developed by Armature Studio and Comcept, the latter of which was founded by Keiji Inafune, who first illustrated the look of Mega Man for Capcom and later was a producer for the publisher's Lost Planet and Dead Rising series.

Here is the newly revealed list of Microsoft's Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive games in 2016:

  • Gears of War 4 (Xbox One) – Multiplayer Beta in Spring 2016/Launch in Fall 2016
  • Quantum Break (Xbox One) – April 5, 2016
  • Halo Wars 2 (Xbox One & Windows 10) – Fall 2016
  • Crackdown 3 (Xbox One) – Multiplayer in Summer 2016
  • Fable Legends Open Beta (Xbox One & Windows 10) – Spring 2016
  • ReCore (Xbox One & Windows 10) – 2016
  • Sea of Thieves (Xbox One & Windows 10) – 2016
  • Gigantic (Xbox One & Windows 10) – 2016
  • Killer Instinct: Season 3 (Xbox One & Windows 10) – March 2016
  • Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (Windows 10) – Spring 2016
  • Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition (Xbox One & Windows 10) – Spring 2016

In addition, Microsoft also confirmed that Cobalt, the side-scroller game that is being co-developed by Minecraft's Mojang team in partnership with Oxeye Game Studio, will be released for the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC (via Steam) on February 2. As we previously reported, an Xbox One exclusive game, Scalebound, that was originally set for a 2016 release, has now been delayed to sometime in 2017.

Source: Xbox Wire

John Callaham