Music+ upgrade present in the latest version of Nokia Music for Windows Phone

Nokia has updated its Music app for Lumia Windows Phones. Nokia Music enables those with Lumia hardware to tune into playlists and stream music straight to the handset. While the music isn't able for individual listening, the selection of music makes up for this with ample supply of notes to be pumped through the array of genres available.

What's new in the latest release? Nokia Music+ is here. An interesting feature we've noticed (since we're not avid users of the service - hello Xbox Music!) to be new is the ability to redeem music vouchers, which we believe to be similar to those on the Ovi Store. This is also reflected in the tip we received from a reader. As well as that (that's not all, folks), Music+ is now reportedly available and operator billing is implemented - see more below.

As well as updating its mobile client for Windows Phone, Nokia is also set to unveil Nokia Music+, which is now reportedly featured in this update. This optional upgrade for those who enjoy using the service will see a number of features and requested functionality be made available. The company will expand its offering with clients released for PC and HTML5 for other platforms.

Update: here's the full changelog, as noted in the app description (thanks, Paul, for the heads up!):

  • Never miss a gig again by adding them to your calendar
  • Purchase tracks and albums using your operator bill (selected operators only)
  • Start Nokia Music quicker and go back to where you were before
  • Subscribe to Nokia Music+ and get unlimited offline stations, skips, lyrics and HQ audio streams (selected countries only)

We've looked through the app and it is an intuitive experience, especially if you're looking to upgrade to the newly released Music+ service. The added operator billing will please those who wish to keep everything on their account, or cannot use credit cards, etc.

You can download Nokia Music (Windows Phone 7 users - right QR code) from the Nokia Collection on the Windows Phone Store. Thanks, sarim_xyz, for the tip!

QR: Nokia Music

QR: Nokia Music 7.x

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