Relive Microsoft's Surface Pro reveal right here

Microsoft's recent hardware event in Shanghai, China wasn't broadcast live like its other recent events, but now you can watch the event in its entirety. The 45-minute presentation is now available to watch on YouTube, letting you catch Microsoft's introduction of the new Surface Pro, Whiteboard, and more.

If you're down for reliving all of the announcements, you can see the event in full below.

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  • Such an entertaining watch.
  • Daniel, do you remember my weird comment on what I suggest you do the next time you meet Panos?
  • Seems like he did that (spoke to Panos) but he only focused on the Shanghai event.
  • Daniel, could you poss help. I'm a SP2 owner that was burned by the changes with the SP3. Are there any indications that the keyboard (at least) will work and be the same shape for relatively future releases? I'm literally about to pull the trigger but don't want to make the same error as before.
  • Essentially I'm 'all in', just don't want to get burned again. There was talk a few years ago that MS would support the next few gens but after that who knows. We're at the who knows stage right now, I have £x to spend but don't want to outlay without knowing that my £1k+ is future proof. Do you have anything to make my role as a consumer any easier?
  • Not quite sure why I've been down voted. I'm an MS fan up and down, phone, pc, anything. I just want to make sure that the whole SP isn't going to be changed over the next few versions. I can just about afford an SP, but equally I can just about afford a keyboard etc.....
  • First of all you're asking if Daniel knows MS's distant future plans, that MS doesn't even know yet. Lol
    Second,,, forums
  • If it helps at all the SP3 is still being supported by new peripherals so I think you will be safe if you get the latest release for at least a few years.
  • See.. while nothing can be said with absolute certainty, given the sp3. sp4 and the new surface pro all share the same form factor and backward/forward compatible accessories. I do think that if you were to invest in an sp4 or the new surface pro, you'll be pretty future proofed as far as compatibility goes.. sure.. you'll need a dongle for type c if you're a user but apart from that everything should just work seamlessly
  • How were you burned by the changes for the Pro 3? It was an all around improvement. And it was a necessary redesign. Plus, all the accessories for the Pro 4 and 5 are backward compatible with the 3. And they made that promise starting with the Pro 3 to be honest.
  • There is something about that Pano guy that I do not like! He has that sleezy car salesman vibe.
  • Says the person with the name "bitter", a green alien face and gangster bandana 
  • Lol. Very good point! #pot #kettle #black
    But, in all fairness, you have a picture of a monkey in a suite about to blow someone's head off🤓
  • Yes! You are right... He does. He does, he does, he does, he does, he does, he does, he does........ But, it works!... When they play that music, and he's talking about the product with passion, from feature, to feature, and element, to element,,, he sells it very well..... I know, he's got tiny little mischievous eyes, and would probably be better suited in a mob flick, but he's the guy. MS needs this guy in the past... MS needs a time machine set back to 2010...
  • for just 2 years ? panos panay talk about surface since 2012 
  • Huh?
  • Oh, no, I'm saying that he should've been there to sell WP.
  • I think Panos started out more restrained, talking about China's progress and the early part of introducing the Surface line, but as soon as he got the device in his hands, he entered his sugary-sales-pitch mode: talking fast and using dem adjectives of his.😊
  • panos is the correct name,
  • Let me inform you that he's right. The name is Greek and by the time bitterblood is referring to him, the -s is excluded :)
  • I know I know but maybe you didn't get my point. Anyway
  • Agree....
  • Thanks for sharing! Panos is inspiring to watch as his passion is unparalleled in the tech world.
  • Tom Cruze did a good job in Minority Report😎
  • wow, it was a good pitch. Very nice.
  • Say what you will about Panos, but he represents the pride of Microsoft better than anyone has done ever at Microsoft. The Surface line deserves somebody so passionate, because it would be a real shame for the world not to get at least at bit swayed by Surface and all the other innovations Microsoft has brought out lately.
  • Per Panos:
    Powerful laptop -> Surface Book
    Luxurious laptop -> Surface Laptop
    Versatile laptop -> Surface Pro
  • Accessible laptop - Surface non-Pro 5 one day?
  • Wow... Quite expensive if they're billing it as a Laptop... Surface Pen (sold separately) - $49.99?
    Surface Keyboard (sold separately) - $159.99
    Surface Mouse (sold separately) - $79.99 First of all, on their website they say: "Introducing the new Surface Pro. The most versatile laptop. Pre-Order now" I can't remember the last time I bought a laptop without a keyboard. Maybe it's just me, but this seems a bit misleading... Secondly... So, just to use it as a Laptop and get the pen, you have to pay an extra $200... The price of the i5 256GB Storage 8GB RAM SKU just jumped from $1,299 to $1,498'ish... And that's if you don't want the Surface Mouse... This puts it as the same price range as the Base 128GB/8GB RAM/Core i5 Surface Book, which ships with the pen and a far superior keyboard/trackpad - worth skipping the Surface Pro for the Book on its own. It's also much better for casual gaming than the Surface Pro. The only reason why I'd be paying $1,299 for the Pro, is for the RAM upgrade. Everything below that is 4GB of non-upgradeable RAM, which simply doesn't cut it for anything used "as a Laptop." The base Surface Book has that, and I don't need more than 128GB Storage in a Laptop or Tablet. The device looks decent enough (like any recent Surface Tablet), but the pricing is ridiculous given how many accessories you have to buy for it. Also have hard issues considering anything with 4GB RAM to be worthy of a "Pro" moniker. No one is even going to be editing 1080p 60 FPS video with 4GB RAM, never mind anything bigger than that... It's complete hogwash.
  • No, you're all wrong. You got it all wrong... The pen is actually $59.99.
    Get your facts straight next time, sweet cheeks🙂
  • Yeah, if they are going to start calling it a laptop they need to start including the keyboard. But I doubt that will ever happen.
  • They bundle them together as deals all the time. Hope that helps.
  • Not here. At least, not that I have seen.
  • They've done it here all the times.
  • i5/8GB/256 is still 1300$. And the pen is now 100$. Pro 4 keyboard 130, Alcantara Keyboard 160.
  • exciting times but i doubt they will get my money. my desktop is all i need  
  • Some people also like a nice ultrabook
  • Oddly I got the feeling panos wasn't as passionate as he usually is...
  • Because the Shanghai conference was bullshit and he would've liked to present it at Build.
  • Ok, I want one.  I was only midly convinced yesterday with all the technical details laid out on paper but I couldn't see the need to upgrade my Pro 4.  But seeing the video, Panos has me sold, all over again. That battery life is a deal maker; now all I need is a buy-back program and I'm all in.
  • While the Pro 5 is a nice all around improvement, the battery life is indeed the system seller.
  •  funny that they cut out the part where panos said typ-c
  • A great watch. Surface devices are on the right track