Remedy's mobile game Agents of Storm confirmed for Windows Phone release

Remedy Entertainment, the developers behind classic PC and console games like Max Payne, Alan Wake and the upcoming Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break, have confirmed that yet another game they are working on, the mobile title Agents of Storm, will be coming to Windows Phone.

The game is due for release first for iOS on Thursday, but Remedy did add in their email press release, "Versions for Android and Windows Phone will follow in the coming months." Here's a quick description of the game:

"Agents of Storm is a stunning 3D action strategy game for smartphones and tablets. It tasks the player to parachute into paradise, build an island base and lead a team of agents to save the world against the evil Chimera Corporation. The fast paced strategy gameplay equips players with seaborne strike forces and airborne special moves to conquer enemy islands, in epic cinematic battles. The witty storyline will take the player on a roller-coaster journey of plot twists and cool characters."

Are you happy that a major developer has decided to support Windows Phone for their next game?

John Callaham
  • Will it run on 512 Mb devices??
  • I think no
  • nothing is impossible with 512mb ram even if the graphics is dumb down on those devices. If Microsoft can do with Halo Spartan Assualt and upcoming Spartan Strike for 512mb devices not just 1gb ram devices, so can developers.
  • Both of those games are very simple graphically so they're not perfect examples. Agents of Storm looks fairly simple too though. So yeah, it's probably possible for them to optimize it enough for 512 MB devices.
  • But this a awesome games... Asphalt 8 is other good example of the best graphics games can run in those devices
  • True, but it takes a lot of extra work to squeeze games down for those devices. Sometimes developers are willing to spend the extra time and money on it, other times they're not.
  • games reminds me that Rudy Huyn is working on an app to port ios games to WP
  • Sweet
  • Really? He mentioned that? I think this would be perfect! Just imagine that people could If they would, make a port of all Android and ios games and apps instantly! No more store barrier! Something that obviously Apple and Android makers like Samsung could not possible let happen.. :\
  • Yea if that's true then he would get sued into oblivion
  • catch his tweets he mentioned it
  • Everything comes with a tag of"coming to windows phone".
    And it takes years to arrive .
    Ms :-/\\
  • You should be bloody happy then, if its coming to windows phone than not coming to windows phone.  thats the problem with some windows phone/microsoft fans in general always bloddy complianing and thats why Microsoft doesnt have many loyal fans like Apple and Google, always get the praises.
  • Maybe Microsoft doesnt have "loyal" fans because they're tired of being treated like crap.
  • So you think Microsoft is treating you like crap? That it offers you crap devices, products and services? I lived to see that too! Amen! :D :D :D :D
  • I dont know this situation is a crappy situation. The fact the platform is on the radar is good. A lot of apps have coming to WP along with IOS and Android.
  • Some apps do take forever to get released on WP but some don't just be happy that WP has as much support as it does look at all those blackberry users that hardly ever get a name brand game released natively for them I know they can run some android apps but from what I understand is google is starting to make it so most games rely on google play services to work that's why the amazon store dont have as many apps and since that's what blackberry use its still very limited be thankful that at least WP is getting some developers support rather sooner or later
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  • Awesome. I can't wait for this or Quantum Break.
  • So, something like Jagged Alliance?
  • Nice, same treatment of the Android version.
  • If it comes with Xbox integration we'll have better treatment than Android and iOS combined, times a billion.
  • dont think so
  • +1
  • I wouldn't mind
  • A corporation is flying lions?
  • hope it has Xbox cheevo support
  • Well i loved The Game . And no i dont think 512 mb Support . At least not for the whole graphical beauty.that game will need at least 1gih
  • Is there a link to the official source or was it only a private email press release? Be sure to tell @remedygames that this game better be an Xbox title! #SaveXboxWP, baby. Tell @XboxP3 and @joebelfiore too.
  • Awesome!
  • Depends if its available for 512 MB ram and if its free as my parents don't trust online payment method and there is no payment option like gameloft uses to charge us money via our talk time credit. If Microsoft can add that method I would gladly purchase many apps in store as I have done more than 2500 rs purchase on asphalt 8 and heroes of order and chaos.
  • Im not suprised because Remedy is from Finland, thats where Nokia and Microsoft Mobile division is located there too, so I'm not suprised that lots of finland developers are starting to support Microsoft mobile platforms because the popluarity is high there because of Nokia Lumias.
  • Mannnnnn i have to wait -_- :P
  • What they r trying to say is android in the coming months (sounds like a stretch) and windowsphone in the coming year
  • True, so awneze.. Stop it!
  • Heartening news. A lot of new apps and handsets are coming out and there seems to be increasing signs of recognition by developers that WP is here to stay, despite certain US cellular company attempts to sabotage the platform.
  • If you just ignore the title and look at the game image only, it looks like some kind of sequel to Blood Wake.
  • I want them to work on Alan Wake 2
  • Remedy are one of my favorite developers so this is incredibly awesome and I personally can't wait for it to arrive.
  • 512mb and XBL support and I'm in.
  • Remedy Rules! Alan Wake is easy the best game ever made.
  • Woah woah woah, a Remedy mobile game? Yes, please! This game came out of nowhere, didn't even know they were working on anything else but Quantum Break right now.
  • naaaahhhh... still cant beats anomaly warzone earth by 11 bits
  • Yeap, I think that major devs are starting notice this mobile platform.