Reminder: Preorders for the AT&T Nokia Lumia 925 are now live

Just in case you needed a little jolt to your memory, AT&T has now put up the all black Nokia Lumia 925 up for preorder today, with an anticipated ship date of September 11th. The device should be in stores on the 13th and if you preorder we bet a few of you will get the device a day early for some bragging rights.

The AT&T Nokia Lumia 925 will set you back $99 on contract, $21 a month with the Next upgrade program or a flat $429 off-contract. Featuring a 4.5” PureMotion HD+ AMOLED display, all black color scheme with an aluminum chassis and that 8.7MP PureView camera (with an added sixth lens element for increased sharpness), the Lumia 925 is one looker of a device. In fact while we gloat about the Lumia 1020’s photographic abilities, our Lumia 925 is constantly going with us too due to its fantastic design.

Reader of the site Nicholas C. has also informed us that your local Microsoft Store, should you live near one, is also taking preorders. There’s no mention of special offers, though those stores often toss in $10 Windows Phone Store cards and you can get a student discount too if you qualify—so it may be worth checking out (there’s no online availability yet).

Windows Phone Central first broke the story of AT&T picking up the Lumia 925 last Friday. The report was later confirmed on Tuesday by AT&T who made an official announcement about the impending launch.

While the Lumia 925 won’t be replacing the eight-month old Lumia 920, that latter device has permanently dropped down to $49 on contract, which isn’t bad since you do get built in Qi wireless charging that the Lumia 925 omits for thinness and an additional 16GB of onboard storage.

Head to AT&T to get your preorders in (opens in new tab) and let us know in comments if you’re getting one!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • 16gb. -_-  920>925.  I'll Stick with my 920.
  • I gotta be honest, while the 925 is a sexy / sleek device, I'm with @pookiewood on this one.  My 920 has the Qi Charging, more storage at the cost of a little more bulk.  I'll wait till the next (not camera oriented) WP8 device comes out.  ;o)
  • At&t sure won't.
  • Ooh, so tempting because I like the design of the 925 but I'm waiting to see Nokia announce its next generation of devices before I make the leap to WP8.
  • Any ideas/leaks on what, when the next flagship will be?
  • The 1020...
  • After the French how to I don't think Qi charging is what makes the phone thicker. That part is very small. Just my two cents
  • I know those of us that read this site are generally more techie than John q public. So I get that most commenters gripe about the low memory. I am a techie guy. I even work in the cellphone industry. I use the 925 and absolutely love it. I have had zero problems with the 16gb. I get that some use more things (music on board, tons of apps), but the phone has been absolutely perfect for me and I highly recommend it.
  • I do also have the wireless back. Stop complaining its not built in. The case is barely there thinness wise, and it adds a bit of color.
  • I prefer the cover too only because the 925 is a bit delicate if you drop adds nice protection and actually makes holding it easier...
  • I have 16GB of music alone, but yeah, for some people I can see 16GB not being an issue. Personally, I don't particularly understand how offering an option for a 32GB variant is that big a deal if you have a properly lean production line. $50 moves you from 16GB to 32GB, hardware-wise all Nokia has to do is go to double capacity flash chips, and they get another $40 in profit per higher capacity phone. Hopefully that's all they would have to do, but maybe the firmware is so inflexible that they'd have to double up on that, which I could see making it a non-starter for Nokia.
  • I'll wait for the 920s, upgrade. I would get the 1020 but I want an SD slot.
  • I like my 920 and I like how this looks. Too bad if this had 32gb, 920 would of had to be eol. 32gb and built in wirelss are only selling factors of 920 now. And built in wireless is not big selling point.
  • I realize this point is purely aesthetic, but I also happen to love my yellow color of my L920. That's another selling point for me, at least until or if they offer the additional color options. 
  • May not be to most people who haven't used it. Once you do, plugging my phone really is not an option anymore.
  • I am not saying wirelss charging isn't a selling point, I use mine and I love it. It's not a selling point vs the 925 which doesn't have it built in, the built in part isn't a big selling point to chose the 920 over the 925. 32 gb is the only thing it has going for it.
    edit: oh and $50 difference :)
  • And the $30 charging cover.
  • Speak for yourself, because I love my wireless charging
  • Yea wireless charging is like electric car windows.  Don't absolutely need it, but it sure does add convenience.
    I think the bigger problem of wireless is for those who pound on the phone all day playing games, etc.  For them they need to plug in anyway so they can play and charge at the same time.  Wireless becomes useless for them
  • If I could get WiFi calling on this, I'd buy it at full price for the wife. T-Mobile wants $530 for this last I checked.
  • Talking about WiFi calling, in case anyone is experiencing same issues I am on Tmobile... When WiFi calling is turned on you cannot receive picture messages. This is also reported on Tmobiles support forums by a Mod. Simply just turn off WiFi calling and click on the message to get the contents and it will work right away.
  • This is because for whatever reason the current version
    of Wi-Fi calling doesn't support MMS. I have no idea why since the android version does, but it does seem like an inconvenience.
  • The unlocked AT&T version is also available on preorder from Negri at $474.50.  That makes it cheaper for T-Mobile customers than the T-Mobile version.  The unlocked T-Mobile version can only be used internationally but the AT&T version should work with domestic carriers the same way the unlocked 1020 did.  It won't have data sense included but it may still be a better buy even for T-Mobile customers at that price.
  • Damn it, 925 is soooo light (way lighter than 920) but with that 16g of storage...nah, I'll wait for it... Btw, which operator have the 32g version??
  • Looks like a good device, and the outright price is pretty good. Oh how I want... Too bad I had to spend my money on car repairs :(
  • Absolutely not an upgrade.
  • Depends on your wants and needs, actually.
  • No one said it was.
  • I've owned the 925 on T-Mobile...and, seriously...its one of sexiest phones on the market (past owner of HTC HD7/WP7, iPhone 4). WP8 + 925 = AMAZING! I love the 1020...but 925 has that look that makes everyone want my phone. Have now converted five people with phone from IOS and android. All I do is compare my phone with beats em on almost every level. As soon as they bring up apps...I remind them that 2/3+ of apps (maybe an over exaggeration) on competing operating systems aren't even downloaded or installed at all. I also tell them that it is my opinion that WP8 has higher quality apps and better, faster and more efficient OS. Lately people want my phone when I show them 6tag! Even though they are using the official app on their phones! are freakin awesome.
  • No point in getting at&t when they have 925 at t-mobile and monthly bill is much less....i have one and LTE works.....
  • I travel in rural areas frequently. T-Mo isn't an option.
    Why do you think the bill is that much less? Their coverage doesn't compare to ATT and VZW.
  • This is unfortunately true. T-Mobile, while I love 'em, has way less coverage than AT&T for general 3G and especially LTE. Wi-Fi calling helps make up for it, but at the end of the day, a 925 on AT&T is better (if you can afford it).
  • I want one.
  • Hurry and order people, you'll be the only ones with Amber and GDR2 updates on Att ;)
  • except for us 1020 owners :D
  • And 8x as well. What was the point of posting this BS and don't even know what phones has GDR2.
  • 520.
  • My 520 was Amber out of the box.
  • Relaaaaax just a joke, this is an open forum so I can post any BS I want, you don't like it don't fucking read it
  • Last I checked, in order to decide that one does not like someone's BS post, you actually need to read it. Since what you said is definitively BS, you obviously posted with the intent of provoking a response (aka trolling). If you do not like being called out then don't spew such garbage in the first place....
  • WOW great reply, but it should be seeing as it took you 2 weeks to conjure it up....Move on brother. I have
  • I played with Tmo version and the phone is gorgeous. Still like my 920.
  • I wonder what T-Mobile thinks about losing their exclusive so quickly after launch. Or what Verizon thinks about not getting it too (albeit the 928 is still exclusive to them, but after seeing AT&T get the 920 first, the 1020 first, and now the 925 so soon...)
    Anyway, I played with the 925 just yesterday: super sexy phone. I liked it.
  • I think they didn't want to spend the money to get a longer exclusivity period. The 928 hardly counts as an exclusive, and they could get the 925 if they thought it was worth it.
  • I've had my 925 for over a month now and will not part with it. My best windows phone to date. All of you going on about the wireless charging and memory need to get your self down to retailer that stock the 925 and put in your hand, you will love it. I have the yellow charging cover on mine and it doesn't make a noticeable difference and makes it easier to handle. I have the 32gb variant, i mention this not to brag but to point out that with all my current music that i listen to, not my music whole collection as thats around 23gb,all the photos that i have recently taken, of course they all automatically load onto my skydrive account so i could delete them if i want and my games & apps has only taken up 9gb. So actually having 16gb is ample, just use skydrive or what ever it gonna be called. And having wireless charging is not the be all and end all, how hard is it to connect a cable to your phone. I only got the charging cover to p*ss off my girlfriend as her crappy android doesn't have capability.
  • Not that I want it, but it would be nice if it came in all colors. Anyways, AT&T probably thinks this won't sell much, as they have the 1020, and the 920 is cheaper.
  • *sigh* Still waiting on a Nokia Sprint phone.  I'd purchase a Nokia WP off-contract now if I could use it with Sprint.
  • Only 16 gigs.. I'll stick to my 920
  • Surprised there aren't any crazy comments. Hmmm.
  • My lumia 925 is amazing phone im very happy its slim faster and beauty,and very very nice Camera 16GB whith no micro sd is bad,but 16gb is a lot in general,i had after a lumia 820 and GSIII 4G for me is the best of all,i phink buy a GS4 unlocked its in promotion here at same price 549 euros was a lot for a phone but im very happy whith my choose. Cumps from portugal
  • thinking of getting rid of my 1020 for this. don't really need the camera. 
  • Any idea if AT&T will be adding the 32g version of the phone in the future?