Resident Evil 2 guide: How to get the grenade launcher

Let's assume that you've gotten to the Safety Deposit Room and you're drooling over that GM 79. Who doesn't want a grenade launcher on their side? Especially with those Lickers lurking around and. If you can't figure out how to get your hands on that gun here's a helpful guide to help you figure it out!

Playing Leon's story? The GM 79 is only available in Claire's stories. If you reached the Safety Deposit Room in Leon's story then you're looking at a shotgun instead. No worries! We've got the guide for you to find the shotgun too!

How to find the GM 79 in Resident Evil 2

Note: This gun can be found in the Police Station.

  1. First, you need the Spade Key. Head out up the first set of steps in the Main Hall and make a left into the West Office. Go out the door on the other side of the office and follow the hallway on the right all the way down.

  1. Go up those steps until you get to the third floor. Follow the wrap-around to your right and find the desk. The key is on top of this desk.

  1. Go back to the Main Hall, head up the top of the steps, and make a right. Go in the first door on your left to enter the Waiting Room. Use the Spade key to unlock the door in the back of the room and go out the door.

  1. Make a left as soon as you enter the Hallway.
  2. Go into the first door on your right side to get into the Art Room.

  1. There is a table directly ahead with a green lamp on it as soon as you enter. Grab the Weapons Card off of it.

  1. Go back to the Main Hall and into the West Office. Once you exit the door on the other side of the office go through the door directly accross the hall labeled Safety Deposit Room.

  1. Go to the back of the room an insert the Weapons Card into the slot next to the display case.

There you have it! Enjoy shooting off those Flame Rounds and Acid Rounds at all your least favorite enemies!

How to get the GM 79 upgrades in Resident Evil 2

Note: You need to have reached the Parking Garage in order to find this part.

  • The only upgrade is the Shoulder Stock (GM 79). Head out the door behind the SWAT car, through the Kennels, and to the Morgue. Open the second container from the wall (closest to the door) and retrieve the Diamond Key from inside. Then head back to the Parking Garage, go into the second room , and use the Diamond Key to open the locked door inside. This is the Elevator Control room where you'll find the Shoulder Stock inside of the locker to the left.

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