How to get the true ending in Resident Evil 7: First Hour demo for Xbox One and PC

If like me, you tentatively crept around the Plantation Mansion scared that, at any moment, you're going to be given the shock of your life, you probably rushed it and didn't realize until the end that you got the bad ending.

The BAD ending?! Of a demo? You mean I have to go through all of that again with the mannequins that I know were moving around up in the attic to get the good ending? Okay. But I don't really want to.

If you don't want to go through the pain and torment of figuring out how to do this yourself, here's our guide on how to get the good ending in the Resident Evil 7 First Hour demo, available on Xbox One and Steam. Be warned, there are plenty of spoilers for demo events herein.

Note: Resident Evil 7 First Hour demo is a completely stand-alone project, it is not representative of the final product, and its purpose is to showcase the vision Capcom had for the eventual launch.

The TRUE ending - All items and murder locations

  1. You wake up in what we'll call the TV room for obvious reasons (it has the TV in it). The first thing to do is head to the fireplace.
  2. Pull the lever which opens the section of wall in the same room.
  3. Go into the secret room by crouching (click in RS) and grab the fuse which is on the table to the left behind the door.
  4. Go back into the TV room and put the fuse into the fuse box on the wall.

  1. Head out of the TV room and turn right toward the moldy door. Open it and enter the corridor and into the bathroom on the right.
  2. Open the cabinet on the left-hand side of the room and open the drawer to find Handgun Ammo.
  3. Return to the moly corridor and head right to the desk at the end. Get the Blank Notebook from the drawer.
  4. Turn back and head out of the moldy corridor, and back out toward the main hallway.
  5. The desk at the end has a Dummy Finger in it. Pick it up.
  6. Follow the natural path through the house to a back room filled with butchered pigs. Retrieve the bolt cutters.

  1. Use the bolt cutters on the cabinet door that is secured with chains at the end of the hallway that faces the dead pig room.
  2. Get the video tape from inside the cabinet.
  3. Head back to the hallway and go up the stairs. Activate the stairs button. (Creepy mannequin warning.)
  4. Ascend the stairs into the attic.
  5. Grab the Handgun Ammo under the bed. You may have to position yourself at an angle to see it.
  6. Take the Basement Key off of the night stand.
  7. Retrieve the Object Made of Celluloid buried beneath the pile of TV's against the wall.

  1. Combine the Object Made of Celluloid with the Dummy Finger to make the Dummy's Left Hand.
  2. Interact with the red paint on the wall to the right of the TV pile. This activates the murder locations, where you will need to point the Dummy Left Hand at the spot where a murder took place.
  3. The first spot is downstairs in the hallway with the fallen shelves lying at the foot of the stairs. Bring up the Dummy Hand in your inventory and inspect it so it is pointing the finger at the fallen shelves.
  4. Go back to the Attic, and keep following the path around to a hall ending with a locked door.
  5. Look at the light on the wall, and you'll hear laughter, activating the next murder site.
  1. Head back to the Moldy Hallway, and reach the end with the locked gate. Use the Basement Key on the gate.
  2. Pick up the Handgun Ammo halfway down the stairs.
  3. Grab the Lockpick on the heater at the bottom of the stairs.
  4. Head into the basement. Go around the body bags to grab the Valve Handle, go back to the door. Loop back around the body bags.Important: An enemy arrives, kick the body bags to stun it, and break the door down. If you get bitten at any point, you'll be on the way to the Infected Ending. Don't get bitten.

  1. Go to the bathroom, use the Valve Handle on the pipe with the strangely shaped hole.
  2. Flush the toilet to retrieve the Handgun. Breathe a sigh of relief.
  3. Head back to the basement where the thing is.
  4. Charge through the door, sprint to grab the Attic Window Key and get the heck out.
  5. Go back up the basement stairs, and then back down. Enemy is gone. Go to the Body Bag at the back of the room and point at it with the Dummy's Left Hand to mark it as the site of the second murder.
  6. Head back to the TV room, and put the Derelict House Footage into the VCR.
  7. During the flashback, pick up the Lockpick from between the microwave and refrigerator.
  8. Use the lockpick to unlock the locked drawer in the kitchen. You can then play the rest of the video through as you like.

  1. After the video has finished, go to the kitchen to the drawer you unlocked in the video and retrieve the Axe. That's more like it!
  2. Head to the Hallway next to the kitchen and swing your Axe at a portait of a woman with a bag over her head, activating the next murder location.
  3. Under the stairs, there is a cubby hole with some shelving units. Point the Dummy's Left Hand at the boarded up door to satisfy the site of the third murder.
  4. Go back to the hallway and look at the mirror opposite the room under the stairs, and then do an 180-degree turn to activate the fourth murder.

  1. Head into the attic and point the Dummy's Left Hand at the blue and white wires running across the roof.
  2. Watch the Derelict House Footage once more in the TV Room.
  3. While you're Clancy the Cameraman, go to the kitchen and interact with the microwave, fridge and pot on the table (not necessarily in that order).
  4. Back in the present time, go back to the basement and the room where you found the Attic Window Key.
  5. Kneel on the floor to stare at the doll to activate the fifth and final murder location.
  6. Return to the kitchen and point the Dummy's Left Hand at the pot on the table, to identify it as the final murder site.

  1. Ascend the stairs to the attic and enter the blood stained door.
  2. Interact with the "You're the best ever!" sign on the rocking chair. Do it again to get the Dirty Coin.
  3. Head to the outer room and climb the ladder toward the window.
  4. Unlock the window and get the hell outta there.

Known issues: It may require more than one viewing of the Derelict House Footage to hear the doll's laughter that activates the final murder site. There are a couple of different theories right now involving why this is; interacting with all of the kitchen appliances while in the video seems to be a common prerequisite, while others argue that just following the two through to the end should be enough. Other reports mention a ghost that I certainly haven't encountered, and apparently the doll is triggered after she appears on the staircase. Either way, if you re-watch the tape, it should eventually work.

Alternate method: Watch the Derelict House Footage before you go into the Basement and take on the creature, and take the steps to retrieve the axe. Then you can take the axe with you into the basement, and use it to attack. Be warned, should the monster hit or bite you, you will be on your way to the Infected Ending.

Resident Evil 7 launches proper on January 24th, 2017 for Xbox One, Windows 10 Store, Steam PC, and PS4.

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