Resident Evil 7 guide: How to get the Grenade Launcher

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is the latest and greatest game in Capcom's long-running survival horror series. Players will explore a series of decrepit houses and deal with the most frightening foes yet: the homicidal Baker family. You'll often feel powerless against the odds, which makes things even scarier.

As a special bonus for Xbox gamers, Resident Evil 7 also happens to be an Xbox Play Anywhere title. If you buy the game digitally from the Windows Store, you get access to both the Xbox One and Windows 10 versions, with full cross-save support.

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Everyone needs a Grenade Launcher

Resident Evil 7 Grenade Launcher Maguerite Fight

Several Resident Evil 7 weapons require a little construction or going through multi-part puzzles, including the Shotgun, the Burner, and the Grenade Launcher. The Grenade Launcher can fire two types of rounds, both of which do ample splash damage on unlucky enemies. Resident Evil 7 enemies are unlucky to begin with (they used to be human), so you're really going to ruin their day when you blow them up with grenades.

The Grenade Launcher is found in the Supplies room of the Main House. Before you can enter, you'll need the Crow Key. Head to the Old House if you're not there already, and then you'll be ready to go key hunting.

Retrieving the Crow Key

Resident Evil 7 Crow Key

  1. First, follow our guide to build the Burner flamethrower in the Old House.
  2. If you haven't already reached the Old House safe room , you'll find it along the western path from the Gallery. Go there, pick up the Backpack for the 'In the Bag' Achievement, destroy the Mr. Everywhere statue, and save.
  3. Head southeast through the Dining Room to the Living Room.
  4. Take the eastern door to the Cellar.
  5. Inside the Cellar, a cutscene will play when you near the fence.
  6. Grab the Stone Statuette and return to the Living Room.
  7. We want to return to the Gallery, but Maguerite now blocks the way. Head west to the Entrance and then north to the Guest Room.
  8. In the hallway that leads to the Gallery, you'll need to hide behind the crate – just like you did in Mia's videotape.
  9. Sneak past her to the Gallery and use the Stone Statuette to solve the Venemous Predator plinth puzzle , which is the same as in Mia's tape once again.
  10. Take the passage opened by the plinth puzzle and head down to the Basement.
  11. Pick up the Crank, destroy the Mr. Everywhere statue, and grab any remaining items.
  12. When you exit the Basement, use the Crank to raise a bridge back to the entrance.
  13. Sneak past Maguerite to the boardwalk in the northeast corner of the map (where you found the Burner Nozzle).
  14. Use the Crank to raise the bridge to the north. This leads to an outhouse.
  15. Inside of the outhouse, grab the Crow Key and an Ancient Coin.

Picking up the Grenade Launcher

Resident Evil 7 Supplies Room Crow Door

  1. Before you use the Crow Key to reach the Old House second floor, it's time to head back to the Main House for the Grenade Launcher.
  2. From the Main Hall on the first floor, go southeast to the Drawing Room.
  3. Use the Crow key to unlock the door to the Supplies room.
  4. Inside, grab the Grenade Launcher, Two Flame Rounds for it, Solid Fuel, Strong Chem Fluid, and Handgun Ammo.

Now that you have the Grenade Launcher, you can use it to deal massive damage to bosses and take out tough packs of Molded. You can make more grenade rounds by combining various items. Solid Fuel and Strong Chem Fluid make Flame Rounds, and Supplements with Strong Chem Fluid make Neuro Rounds.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a game that fans of horror games won't want to miss. And because it's an Xbox Play Anywhere title, Windows 10 gamers won't have to miss out either.

For more help, check out our Achievement Guide, and don't miss our full review!

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