Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Achievement Guide

Resident Evil 7 debuted to much critical acclaim, quickly becoming known as the scariest game in Capcom's long-running series.

We don't want the Achievements themselves to be frightening though, so here's our comprehensive Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Achievement Guide.

Resident Evil 7 is available now for Xbox Play Anywhere, with cross-buy and cross-save support between Windows 10 and Xbox One.

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First Playthrough: Easy Difficulty

This guide applies to all four versions of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard - Xbox One, Windows 10, PlayStation 4, and Steam. The game has 37 total Achievements/Trophies to unlock, which will require three playthroughs.

Our plan is to:

  1. Beat the game on Easy while getting every collectible and earning the bad ending. You can also opt to minimize healing item use during this run, which is easier than doing it during a speedrun.
  2. Beat the game on Easy in less than four hours, minimizing item box usage, and earning the good ending. Our speedrun guide has a full walkthrough for how to do this.
  3. Beat the game on Madhouse, collecting the Madhouse-exclusive Ancient Coins and earning the good ending.

To make things easier, I've listed the Achievements in the order which you should receive them. No hunting around the page for our readers! And stay tuned for our Collectibles Guide with even more tips.

Spoiler Warning: This guide contains minor spoilers relating to boss fights and a choice players make that determines which ending they will receive.

She's Alive (20)

Travel to Louisiana.

Resident Evil 7

Just start the game for the first time and you'll receive this gimme Achievement once the intro ends.

A-ha! (10)

Obtain something by closely examining an item.

Resident Evil 7

Just before entering the Guest House at the beginning of the game, stop and examine the purse burning in the fire. Press the interact button while looking inside the purse to remove Mia's Driver's License, which Ethan will add to his inventory.

Behind Closed Doors (10)

Close an open door by yourself.

Upon stepping into the Guest House, open the door directly ahead of you. Now press the interact button twice to close the door.

Master of Unlocking (10)

Use a lock pick to open something.

Resident Evil 7

You'll find lock picks throughout the game, but the very first opportunity to get one happens during the first videotape sequence in the Guest House.

  1. As soon as the videotape starts, take a few steps back and get the Lock Pick from the ground.
  2. Enter the Guest House and use the Lock Pick on the drawer in the kitchen.
  3. You can return to the drawer after the videotape ends to find the first Ancient Coin collectible.

Welcome to the Family, Son (20)

Escape from the guest house.

This is a story-based Achievement and can't be missed. After the Mia boss fight in the Guest House Attic, try to leave the way you came in. A cinematic will play, with Ethan eventually arriving in the Main House.

He's Here, There, Everywhere! (20)

Destroy a Mr. Everywhere statuette.

Resident Evil 7

Mr. Everywhere statuettes are bobbleheads dressed as American football players in purple and white uniforms. Destroying a statuette with melee or ranged weapons counts as collecting it.

The first Mr. Everywhere statuette you'll encounter is in the Laundry Room (a safe room) of the Main House. Look for it on the shelf below the tape recorder there. You can't break it when you initially arrive through the underground passage. So leave the room and head to south to the window by the Garage. The officer you meet there will give you a pocket knife. Return and break the statuette.

Nice Try (10)

Put an unrelated object on a shadow plinth.

Resident Evil 7

After entering the Main Hall of the Main House, head into the cubby on the east side of the room. There you'll find a projector with a plinth (pedestal) in front of it. Interact with the plinth and select any item from your inventory other than the one needed for the Sky Hunter puzzle. When the 3D view of the inventory object comes up, cancel and stop interacting with the plinth.

Can't Catch Me (20)

Complete the "Mia" videotape without being spotted by Marguerite.

Resident Evil 7 Mia videotape

From the Main Hall, head up the stairs by the door to the second floor. Follow the hall to a wooden door and enter the Recreation Room. Mia's videotape is on the bar to the left of the VCR. Play the tape and prepare to utilize stealth to avoid Marguerite.

  1. As Mia, enter the old house.
  2. Go left, then head right and through the door.
  3. Turn right head through the room to the door on the other side.
  4. Observe the large crate and be ready to hide behind it.
  5. Turn past the corner of the crate to trigger Marguerite.
  6. Hide behind the crate until Marguerite goes through the door on the right.
  7. Turn left past the crate and leave through the door Marguerite came from.
  8. Exit the double doors past the shadow plinth puzzle.
  9. Turn right and hide outside of the shadow plinth room.
  10. After Marguerite leaves, return to the room and solve the shadow plinth puzzle by rotating the Wooden Statuette sitting on the plinth so that its shadow matches the spider shape on the wall.
  11. Take the passage to the next room.
  12. Hide behind the pile of boxes until Marguerite departs.
  13. Turn right past the piles of boxes and drop down into the underground passage.
  14. Reach the end of the passage and examine the photo in the box on the right. A cinematic will play.
  15. If Marguerite didn't see you, the Achievement will pop. Otherwise, you can play the tape and try again.

Open Your Eyes (10)

Use psychostimulants.

Resident Evil 7 Open Your Eyes Psychostimulants

After obtaining the Wooden Statuette and solving the Sky Hunter puzzle in the Main Hall of the Main House, a new pathway will open and lead you to the Drawing Room. You'll find the psychostimulants (a box of yellow pills) on a wooden table there.

Using psychostimulants will cause a dot to appear on any nearby item for a couple of minutes, making them much easier to find. If you'd rather not use your first psychostimulants immediately, just save the game, use them for the Achievement, and then reload your save.

Arms in the Air (10)

Block an enemy attack by guarding.

Resident Evil 7

You'll encounter your first Molded enemy in the Monitoring Room of the Main House. When you see one, simply hold the block button (Left Bumper on Xbox) until you're able to block an attack. You might even use the safe room north of the Monitoring Room to save, go back and block the enemy, and then reload your save to get your health back.

Duck If You Love Life (40)

Avoid Jack's scissor attack by crouching.

Resident Evil 7

During the boss fight against Jack in the Morgue, dodge his axe until it breaks and he grabs a scissor weapon. When he prepares to make an overhead strike with the scissors, crouch (click in the Right Stick on Xbox or PlayStation) to avoid the blow.

You Ain't Gettin' Away (20)

Escape to the yard.

Resident Evil 7 You Ain't Getting Away Achievement

Story related and can't be missed.

After gathering all three Dog Heads and using them on the locked door in the Main Hall of the Main House, exit to the yard.

Things Got Personal (20)

Finish off an enemy with the knife.

Resident Evil 7 Things Got Personal

Although you can get this earlier from Molded enemies, it's easier to wait until you reach the Old House. Either kill one of the flying insects you find resting on walls (there are two on the way to get the Burner Nozzle from the Water Station), or slash at a swarm of insects on a door or the Dining Room cabinet (which also gets you 'Slash Slash, Slashity Slash!' at the same time).

In the Bag (10)

Increase your item slots.

Resident Evil 7 Backpack Old House Safe Room

Finding Backpacks will give you more inventory slots. You only need one Backpack for the Achievement, but here are all three Backpack locations:

  1. Old House safe room: beside the tape recorder (pictured above)
  2. Main House 2F Storage Room: Top shelf of a rack (requires Snake Key to enter)
  3. Wrecked Ship Recreation Room: Use Corrosive to destroy the lock to the room.

Slash Slash, Slashity Slash! (20)

Clear insects off a door using a knife.

Resident Evil 7 Slash Slash, Slashity Slash

You can get this Achievement in the Old House. The first time you encounter Marguerite while trying to gleave the Cellar and Living Room, she'll slam the door in your face and insects will swarm it. Equip the knife and kill all the insects on the door for the Achievement. Alternately, killing all the insects on the Dining Room cabinet will work too.

Back Off, Mrs. B! (40)

Fight off Marguerite while she wanders the old house to make her run away.

Resident Evil 7 Back Off Mrs B

After encountering Mia in the Basement of the Old House, Marguerite starts to roam the area surrounding the Dining Hall. You can only get this Achievement from fighting her during this roaming phase.

  1. Before you confront Marguerite, head to the Old House safe room and save your progress.
  2. Go back and search the area around the Dining Hall to engage Marguerite.
  3. Use the pistol and shotgun against Marguerite, and the Burner against her insects. (See 'Less is More' for another combat tip.)
  4. After she takes enough damage, she'll knock Ethan down and run away.
  5. Once you have the Achievement, reload your save file to get your ammo back. There's no need to fight Marguerite at this point.

Less is More (40)

Take down two or more enemies with one shot.

Resident Evil 7 Less is More Burner

During the optional battle against Marguerite during her roaming phase, use the shotgun or Burner against a swarm of her insects. You should hit several at once.

Fly Swatter (40)

Shoot and knock back Marguerite while she's leaping at you.

Resident Evil 7 Fly Swatter

You can only get this during the Old House's Greenhouse boss fight against Marguerite, not during her earlier roaming phase.

  1. Save your game at the Trailer safe room before the fight.
  2. Enter the Greenhouse.
  3. Damage Marguerite's weak spot on her stomach with the pistol until you trigger the next step.
  4. When Marguerite climbs a wall or ceiling, comes to a stop, and turns her head to look at you, she's preparing to perform a leaping attack.
  5. Switch to the shotgun and keep your distance.
  6. Fire as soon as she jumps at you.
  7. If you score the hit, you'll get the Achievement. Otherwise, keep shooting her with the pistol until you trigger the jumping attack once again.
  8. If you defeat Marguerite without successfully shooting her down mid-jump, quickly reload your save and try again.

The Grave Will Out the Truth (20)

Uncover the secret in the old house.

Story related and can't be missed.

Once you get the D-Series Arm in the Old House, Zoe will call and ask you to meet her in the Trailer safe room. The Achievement will unlock when you get there.

Out Before Dessert (40)

Complete "Happy Birthday" videotape within 5 minutes.

The Happy Birthday videotape is the third tape you'll come across. To find it:

  1. After leaving the Old House and finding the Snake Key in Dissection Room of the Main House, head to the west side of the Main House's second floor.
  2. Use the Snake Key to enter the Kids' Room.
  3. Examine the lamp on the table near the wall and press the button on its underside to reveal the ladder to the Attic.
  4. Climb the ladder and open the cupboard there to find the videotape.
  5. Head back down to the Recreation Room on the second floor to play the tape.

Resident Evil 7 Happy Birthday Combination Lock Solution

Once you gain control of the person in the tape:

  1. Immediately turn around behind you and grab the candle.
  2. Go through the door on the left and then the door on the right to reach the room with a cake in it.
  3. Look at the cake to receive instructions from Lucas.
  4. Turn and find the box on the wall with a combination lock on it. From left to right, the solution is: person hanging from a noose, bird on a tombstone , and a fetus (pictured above).
  5. Take the Straw Doll.
  6. Turn left and remove the Winding Key from the keg.
  7. Leave the room and head to the kitchen.
  8. Turn on the stove and burn the Straw Doll to get the Dummy Finger.
  9. Relight the candle on the stove.
  10. Turn right and use the candle to burn the rope holding a door shut. Enter the balloon room.
  11. Inside the balloon room, find the yellow balloon along the wall besides the cabinet.
  12. Head back to the room you just came from. Use the balloon on the broken gas pipe to get the Quill Pen.
  13. Return to the dummy from which you took the candle at the start of the tape.
  14. Use the Dummy Finger, the Quill Pen, and Winding Key on the dummy, in that order.
  15. Go back to the locked door at the end of the balloon room.
  16. Enter the word LOSER on the lock.
  17. Enter and take the Valve Handle.
  18. Back in the birthday cake room, find pipe near a door and attach the Valve Handle to it. Turn off the sprinkler.
  19. Use the stove to light the candle once more.
  20. Put the candle on the cake to finish the tape.
  21. If you finish in less than five minutes, you'll get the Achievement. Otherwise, replay the tape and try again. You cannot get the Achievement by restarting from checkpoint; you must completely restart the tape.

1st Place at the Science Fair (20)

Create all items that contain Chem Fluid and Strong Chem Fluid.

Resident Evil 7

Combining herbs is a Resident Evil tradition. In this game, you'll mix two forms of Chem Fluid with other items to create a total of eight different items. These must all be combined during a single playthrough. Keep a good supply of Chem and Strong Chem Fluids in the item box so that you'll be ready whenever you find new crafting ingredients. You can also use the Separating Agent item to break any combination item down into Chem Fluid. Item combinations:

  1. First Aid Med: Herb + Chem Fluid
  2. Strong First Aid Med: Herb + Strong Chem Fluid
  3. Psychostimulants: Supplements + Chem Fluid
  4. Neuro Rounds: Supplements + Strong Chem Fluid
  5. Handgun Ammo: Gunpowder + Chem Fluid
  6. Enhanced Handgun Ammo: Gunpowder + Strong Chem Fluid
  7. Burner Fuel: Solid Fuel + Chem Fluid
  8. Flame Rounds: Solid Fuel + Strong Chem Fluid

You Better Start Running (20)

Escape from the Baker family home.

Story related and can't be missed.

This Achievement unlocks after you complete the Boat House boss fight and choose to cure someone with the serum. See 'Just a Memory Now' for advice on which choice to make.

Be Kind, Please Rewind (20)

Watch all the videotapes in a single playthrough.

Resident Evil 7

There are four playable VHS videotapes to discover over the course of the game. Upon collecting a videotape, you must find a VCR and use it to play the tape. If you watch a tape but die before saving the game or reaching a checkpoint, you'll need to watch it again for it to count towards the Achievement.

Here are the videotape locations:

  1. Derelict House Footage: Guest House 2F Safe Room – On the dresser drawer to the right of the tape recorder.
  2. Mia: Main House 2F, Recreation Room – On the bar to the left of the VCR.
  3. Happy Birthday: Main House 3F, Attic – Take ladder in the Kids' Room to the attic. It's in the cupboard there.
  4. Old Videotape: Wrecked Ship 3F, Security – Story-related and can't be missed.

That's a Spicy Meat-a-ball (20)

Kill an enemy by attaching a Remote Bomb to them and detonating it.

This Achievement can be earned in the Wrecked Ship portion of the game. Remote Control bombs first appear the floor Ship S2 during the portion in which Mia uses her tracker watch to chase someone.

When playing on Easy or Normal, you get a checkpoint at the start of the floor. This can take a few attempts, so feel free to pause and Retry if things go sour.

A regular Molded Molded has two swipes and two grabs. Our goal is to get caught by a specific grapple in which it wrestles you to the ground. The grab in which it bites your arm is not the one needed for this Achievement.

You'll encounter a regular Molded before picking up the Remote Bombs and one in the next room after picking them up. I recommend leaving the first one alive until you get the bombs, and then using it for the Achievement.

  1. At the start of the floor, run past the first Molded that emerges from the left side of the corridor.
  2. Close the door behind you.
  3. Use the Machine Gun to kill the molded that drops down from the ceiling.
  4. Pick up the Remote Bombs from the cabinet on the wall.
  5. Equip the Remote Bombs.
  6. Open the door you came from, revealing the Molded behind it.
  7. Stand a short distance back from the enemy. If you're too close, it won't perform the right attack.
  8. If the Molded bends over a little bit and then pulls one shoulder back, it's preparing to charge. It will then try to wrap both arms around you. Let it get you!
  9. When the monster wrestles you to the floor, you'll be prompted to press the attack button to Attach Remote Bomb. Do this and step back.
  10. The bomb will automatically explode, killing the enemy. Achievement unlocked!

Into the Depths (20)

Escape from the ship.

Story related and can't be missed.

After the Mia boss fight on the Wrecked Ship, you'll leave the ship and head to the Swamp.

Pelicans in Your Pocket (40)

Obtain all of the Antique Coins in Easy or Normal difficulty.

Resident Evil 7

There are 18 Antique Coins on Easy or Normal difficulty. If you collect one but die before saving the game or reaching a checkpoint, you'll need to get it again for it to count towards the Achievement.

The first Ancient Coin is located in the Guest House and requires special action be taken during the first videotape sequence. You'll run across the final one while playing as Mia on the Wrecked Ship. You must collect all 18 coins in one playthrough.

See our Antique Coins Guide for screenshots and descriptions of every Antique Coin's location!

The Devil Is in the Details (40)

Read all of the files in a single playthrough.

Resident Evil 7

There are 32 Files in the game. Picking up an item that counts as a file is not enough, you must also read the item for it to count. If you read a file but die before saving the game or reaching a checkpoint, you'll need to read it again for it to count towards the Achievement. As the Achievement description states, you must collect all 32 files in one playthrough.

You can check your files found by pressing the Map button and then switching to the Files tab. Any missed files will appear as question marks between the other files names. Here's the full list of files in the order you should find them:

  1. Email from Mia
  2. List of Names (Front)
  3. List of Names (Back)
  4. Home-improvement Store Receipt
  5. Newspaper Article – Missing People
  6. Newspaper Article – Over 20 Missing
  7. Jack's Journal
  8. Jack's Memo
  9. Travis' Memo (Front)
  10. Travis' Memo (Back)
  11. Incinerator Room Memo
  12. Memo About Relief
  13. Doctor's Letter
  14. Zoe's Investigation Notes
  15. Marguerite's Warning
  16. Serum Documentation
  17. Marguerite's Notebook
  18. Memo on Deputy's Head
  19. Lucas' Journal
  20. Torn Page from Journal
  21. Clock Memo
  22. Memo on Burnt Corpse
  23. Giovanni's Will (Wrecked Ship – You play as Mia in this area.)
  24. Jim's Letter (Wrecked Ship)
  25. Orders (Wrecked Ship)
  26. Tattered Secret Document (Wrecked Ship)
  27. Mechanic's Memo (Wrecked Ship)
  28. E-Necrotoxin Document
  29. Infection Report
  30. Email Log
  31. R&D Report [1 of 2]
  32. R&D Report [2 of 2]

See our Files Guide for screenshots and descriptions of each File's location!

Mr. Nowhere (40)

Destroy all Mr. Everywhere statuettes.

Resident Evil 7

There are 20 Mr. Everywhere statuettes in the game. Destroying a statuette with melee or ranged weapons counts as collecting it. If you destroy one but die before saving the game or reaching a checkpoint, you'll need to destroy it again for it to count towards the Achievement.

The first Mr. Everywhere is located in the Laundry Room of the Main House. You'll run across the final one during your return trip to the Guest House at the end of the game. Mr. Everywhere statuettes carry over between playthroughs, so you don't technically have to find them all in one go – but you might as well. Check out our Mr. Everywhere Guide for screenshots and descriptions of every statuette's location!

Just A Memory Now (40)

Get ending 2.

Resident Evil 7 Just a Memory Now Achievement

After defeating the boss in the Boat House, you'll be given a choice of curing two different people with a serum. Cure Zoe to get the bad ending. This involves an additional boss fight later in the game, so we're knocking it out on our first playthrough.

Playing it Safe (20)

Complete the game on Easy.

Your first two playthroughs should be on Easy difficulty. You'll know the end is approaching when you complete the Salt Mine area and return to the Guest House.

For beating the game for the first time, you'll unlock the Albert-01R handgun (which will appear in your Item Box in subsequent playthroughs) and Madhouse difficulty.

Walk it Off (50)

Complete the game using only 3 First Aid Meds or less.

Resident Evil 7 Steroids

You can do this during your first or second run, but I've found it works best during your slower first run.

Be sure to play on Easy for this one, as enemies do less damage. Note that both Herbs and First Aid Meds count against the Achievement, so avoid using them and don't even pick them up. You're better off reloading a manual save than healing after a major blunder.

Luckily, Steroids heal you (and increase your overall health capacity) but don't count against the Achievement. There are four them in total:

  1. Main House Drawing Room: Get the Treasure Photo from the Main House Processing Room. Head to the Drawing Room and use the photo to find the Steroids hidden behind a brick in the fireplace (pictured above).
  2. Main House Yard safe room: Inside the trailer, use three Antique Coins to open the bird cage and get the Steroids.
  3. Testing Area 1F: The small room on the east, next to the Barn, is boobytrapped with four explosives. Shoot them, and then you'll find the Steroids in the locker.
  4. Salt Mine Cultivation Room: Located on the ground behind a pair of bathtubs.

Second Playthrough on Easy Difficulty (Speedrun)

Resident Evil 7

The objects of your second playthrough will be to beat the game in less than four hours without opening the item box more than three times. If you didn't beat the game without using more than three First Aid meds your first time through, you might want to attempt it now. The rewards you get for these goals will make your final playthrough on Madhouse difficulty much easier.

Just Get Me Outta Here (50)

Complete the game within 4 hours.

This should take 2.5-3 hours if following a guide, with the world record coming in at under two hours.

  • Play on Easy difficulty.
  • Pausing does not add to your time, so always pause while looking up help.
  • Retrying after dying does add to your time, so reload a manual save if you die or find that you've wasted too much time.
  • Whenever possible, run past enemies instead of fighting them.
  • Skip the cinematic that plays at the end of the Old Videotape sequence.

We've got a complete speedrun walkthrough that takes all the stress and guesswork out of the process. Good luck!

Resource Manager (50)

Complete the game without opening the Item Box more than 3 times.

There are three places in which you must use the item box:

  1. Testing area (1): You must deposit all your equipment in the nearby party box to enter the Party Room.
  2. Testing area (2): After leaving the Party Room, take the Crank and D-Series Arm.
  3. Swamp safe room: When you reach the Swamp safe room after exiting the Wrecked Ship, take as many weapons as you can (including the Albert-01R, machine gun, shotgun, and grenade launcher), as well as the Tissue Samples needed to create the E-Necrotoxin.

Whatever you do, never interact with item boxes outside of those instances! You can save directly before opening the second and third boxes, which is a very good idea.

That said, dying during boss battles will bring up the Item Management option. You can take equipment out during those moments without it counting against the Achievement. But since we're trying to beat the game in less than four hours, you might be better off reloading a manual save instead.

End of the Night (40)

Get ending 1.

After defeating the boss in the Boat House, you'll be given a choice of curing two different people with a serum. Cure Mia to get the good ending. This allows you to avoid a boss fight in the Wrecked Ship, which will help with your speedrun and Madhouse playthroughs.

Third playthrough on Madhouse Difficulty

Resident Evil 7

After completing the game once on Easy or Normal, you'll unlock Madhouse difficulty. Save this for your final playthrough, as you'll want to bring as many unlockables from previous playthroughs as possible.

The Nightmare's Finally Over (20)

Complete the game on Normal.

Although you could opt to play on Normal difficulty for your first playthrough, it's more efficient to simply beat the game on Madhouse difficulty after unlocking everything else in Easy playthroughs. Difficulty Achievements are stackable, so you can get this one by beating Madhouse.

For beating Normal difficulty, you'll unlock The Secrets of Defense, a scroll that reduces damage taken from blocking enemy attacks. It will appear in your Item Box in subsequent playthroughs. If you choose to beat Normal on your first playthrough, this item can potentially make your final Madhouse playthrough a little easier.

Mad Pelicans (40)

Obtain all of the Antique Coins in Madhouse difficulty.

Madhouse difficulty has 33 Antique Coins. If you collect one but die before saving the game or reaching a checkpoint, you'll need to get it again for it to count towards the Achievement.

The first Ancient Coin is located in the Guest House and requires special action be taken during the first videotape sequence, just like on Easy and Normal. You'll run across the final one in the Swamp after leaving the Wrecked Ship. You must collect all 18 coins in one playthrough.

Stay tuned for our Collectibles Guide for detailed descriptions of each collectible location!

Who's Your Daddy Now? (40)

Complete the game on Madhouse.

Madhouse difficulty unlocks after beating the game once on Easy or Normal. This is the most challenging difficulty due to the following changes:

  1. Checkpoint autosaves are rare.
  2. Manual saves are no longer unlimited. Saving now requires Cassette Tape items, much like the ink ribbons in classic Resident Evil games.
  3. Enemies are faster and do more damage.
  4. Enemies appear in new locations and in greater numbers.
  5. Some items appear in different locations. There are fewer items.

Be sure to build the M21 shotgun, and bring the Circular Saw you got from the speedrun playthrough to every boss fight starting with the Morgue battle. Choose to save Mia so that you don't have to fight her later in the game. Good luck!

Beating Madhouse difficulty unlocks Infinite Ammo for all ranged weapons. Should you somehow have missed any other Achievements, this will make going back for them much easier.

Did you find this guide helpful? Are there any achievements you're struggling with? Drop a comment and we'll try to help.

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