Resident Evil 7 Collectibles Guide: List of all Mr. Everywhere statue locations

Resident Evil 7 from Capcom is a true return to form for the Resident Evil series, mixing horror, a first-person perspective, and an intriguing story in one amazing package. It also features numerous types of collectibles to discover. This guide features screenshots and descriptions of every Mr. Everywhere collectible statue!

As a special bonus for Xbox gamers, Resident Evil 7 also happens to be an Xbox Play Anywhere title. If you buy the game digitally from the Windows Store, you get access to both the Xbox One and Windows 10 versions, with full cross-save support.

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He's here. He's there. He's everywhere!

Mr. Everywhere statuettes are bobbleheads dressed as American football players in purple and white uniforms. There are 20 Mr. Everywhere statuettes in the game. Destroying a statuette with melee or ranged weapons counts as collecting it. If you destroy one but die before saving the game or reaching a checkpoint, you'll need to destroy it again for it to count towards the Achievement. Destroy all 20 Mr. Everywheres to get the 'Mr. Nowhere' Achievement.

We've divided the collectibles by the location in which they're found, so you'll always be able to tell if you've gone too far or need to backtrack.

Naturally, the locations of some of these statuettes could be considered spoilers.

Main House

Survive the boss battle in the Guest House Attic and Ethan will end up in the Main House, a major area that he'll be revisiting throughout the game. As you play through, be sure to check out our comprehensive Achievement Guide so you don't miss any Achievements or Trophies along the way!

Mr. Everywhere #1

Resident Evil 7 Mr Everywhere 1

From the underground passage in the Pantry, head west until you emerge in the Laundry Room (a safe room). On the shelf below the tape recorder, you'll find the first Mr. Everywhere.

You can't break the statuette just yet. So leave the room and head to south to the window by the Garage. The officer you meet there will give you a pocket knife. Return and break Mr. Everywhere.

Mr. Everywhere #2

Resident Evil 7 Mr Everywhere 2

Head back to the east end of the hallway, south of the Main Hall door. This Mr. Everywhere sits on a table surrounded by junk.

Mr. Everywhere #3

Resident Evil 7 Mr Everywhere 3

After the Garage boss battle, take the Ox Statuette and use it to enter the Main Hall. Inside, immediately turn to the left, and you'll see Mr. Everywhere on the table beside the door. Don't listen to the note; knife it instead of shooting.

Mr. Everywhere #4

Resident Evil 7 Mr Everywhere 4

On the second floor, enter the Recreation Room from the southern entrance. Straight ahead, you'll find the statuette inside a basket on top of a small shell (right beside Antique Coin #4).

Mr. Everywhere #5

Resident Evil 7 Mr Everywhere 5

After draining the bathtub on the second floor to get the Wooden Statuette, head back to the Main Hall and use it to solve the shadow plinth puzzle and enter the Drawing Room to the southeast. You'll find the Mr. Everywhere in an opening just to the right of the Crow Key door.

Mr. Everywhere #6

Resident Evil 7 Mr Everywhere 6

In the Basement Processing Area, head west past the Incinerator Room door. Pry open the corrugated room divider to enter the large unnamed room that houses the Scorpion Key. Take the northwest door downstairs, where you'll find the statuette behind a cinder block near the Snake Key Door.


After defeating the Morgue boss, you can use the three Dog's Heads to open the back door of the Main House and enter the Yard.

Mr. Everywhere #7

Resident Evil 7 Mr Everywhere 7

When you approach the Trailer safe room at the back of the Yard, crouch and you'll find this statuette beneath the steps.

Old House

After accepting the phone call in the Trailer, head northeast through the Yard to the Old House. You can build the Burner Flamethrower in this area, as well as take the first step towards acquiring the Grenade Launcher.

Mr. Everywhere #8

Resident Evil 7 Mr Everywhere 8

Inside the Old House safe room, the statuette sits on a wall shelf next to a picture frame.

Mr. Everywhere #9

Resident Evil 7 Mr Everywhere 9

After using the Burner to clear out the bug nets in the Dining Room, crawl east through the passage toward the Cellar. The statuette sits beside a wooden pallet along the wall.

Mr. Everywhere #10

Resident Evil 7 Mr Everywhere 10

After solving the shadow plinth puzzle and taking the crawl space to the western side of the house, you'll enter a crawl space in the southwest corner that contains the Crank. While you're down there, look for the statuette on a shelf along the left.

Mr. Everywhere #11

Resident Evil 7 Mr Everywhere 11

On the second floor, in the room with the scale attached to a door, you'll see the Statuette on a nightstand beside a candelabra.

Main House

After recovering the D-Series Arm from the Old House and stopping by the Trailer in the Yard, it's time to return to the Main House to deal with Lucas.

Mr. Everywhere #12

Resident Evil 7 Mr Everywhere 12

When you reach the Attic and grab the Happy Birthday videotape, immediately turn around and look past the ladder. The statuette sits on a rafter just out of reach beyond the ladder. Shoot to kill!

Testing Area

Once you get the Blue and Yellow Key Cards from the Main House, go back to the Yard and use the keys on the western door to enter the Testing Area. Note that you can't return to the Main House or Old House once you're inside.

Mr. Everywhere #13

Resident Evil 7 Mr Everywhere 13 Barn

From the safe room on the second floor of the Barn, step outside and look at the fenceposts a short distance to the southeast. The statuette rests on top of the third fencepost.

You could also shoot it from downstairs. But sprinting to the stairs and safe room without fighting the Molded on the first floor will conserve ammo and health.

Mr. Everywhere #14

Resident Evil 7 Mr Everywhere 14 Testing Area Door

After escaping from the Happy Birthday trap, Ethan reaches the Monitoring Room (a safe room). From there, step just outside the northern door. Turn around and look at the top of the doorframe you just passed through. Shoot the statuette up there.

Boat House

Once you solve the Party Room puzzle, pick up the D-Series Head, and leave the Monitoring Room of the Testing Area, you'll visit the Boat House and fight a boss there.

Mr. Everywhere #15

Resident Evil 7 Mr Everywhere 15

From the outer boardwalk area, head to the tiny shack at the top-right corner of the map. Inside, you'll find the statuette under a net. At last, one we can stab instead of shoot!

Wrecked Ship

After defeating the Boat House boss, you'll make a decision that affects which ending you'll receive and then end up at the Wrecked Ship.

Mr. Everywhere #16

Resident Evil 7 Mr Everywhere 16

From the fourth-floor Bridge area, head to the staircase. Just as you start walking down the stairs, you'll see the statuette on the wall behind the rail on the left.

Mr. Everywhere #17

Resident Evil 7 Mr Everywhere 17

From the second floor of the ship, head northeast to the room with the ladder. Climb it and then turn around. The statuette lies across the gap, just waiting to be shot.


Upon resuming control of Ethan after watching the Old Videotape in the Wrecked Ship, you'll engage in a boss fight. From there, it's time to visit the Swamp.

Mr. Everywhere #18

Resident Evil 7 Mr Everywhere 18

In the safe room area, head to the room with a ladder in the floor and a window. The statuette awaits on the windowsill.

Salt Mine

From the hut in the Swamp, step outside and take the elevator down to the Salt Mine.

Mr. Everywhere #19

Resident Evil 7 Mr Everywhere 19

Just past the mine cart you push to clear a path, you'll find the central room with a staircase leading up to a walkway and a research facility. Walk under the walkway, past a couple of mine carts, and look up at the platform along the southern wall. The statuette rests on the platform in front of some barrels and below a guardrail.

Guest House

After you escape the Salt Mine by breaking through some boards in the final safe room, you'll return to the Guest House for one last boss fight. Good luck!

Mr. Everywhere #20

Resident Evil 7 Mr Everywhere 20

From the Salt Mine safe room, enter the room that leads to the Guest House. On a shelf in the middle of the room, you'll find the statuette on one of the lower shelves. That's it, the final Resident Evil 7 collectible!

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a game that fans of horror games won't want to miss. And because it's an Xbox Play Anywhere title, Windows 10 gamers won't have to miss out either.

Stay tuned for more collectibles guides. For additional help, check out our Achievement Guide, and don't miss our full review!

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