RESPAWN-1010 Gaming Computer Desk review: Spacious, stylish, and sturdy

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Gaming chair developer RESPAWN has consistently delivered when it comes to comfortable seating, and they've decided to dabble in gaming computer desks. I got a chance to check out the brand new RESPAWN-1010 desk, and after using it for a few days, I can safely say that it is the best desk I've ever used — though one flaw holds it back from true perfection.

What you'll love about the RESPAWN-1010 desk

The thing that impresses me the most about the RESPAWN-1010 is how durable it is. The base and legs of the desk are made out of steel tube frames, which are rock solid and resist both denting and scratching. In addition, the desktop is nearly a full inch thick, which means it can stand up to quite a lot of weight. Specifically, the desk is capable of holding 200 pounds, which is more than enough capacity needed for any possible PC gaming rig.

The desktop is also very spacious; its dimensions are 23.63 inches in length by 52.63 inches wide. This gives you 8.63 square feet to work with, which is a ton of room for your PC gear. It's also 34.63 inches high, which gives you nearly three feet of vertical legroom for maximum comfort. In addition, the desk comes with several different features, such as a monitor shelf, speaker stands, a metal cupholder, and a pair of rectangular loops that you can hang your headphones or cables around. The front of the desk even has a contoured edge that's designed to be comfortable to rest your forearms on.

Lastly, the RESPAWN-1010 is incredibly stylish. The black color scheme and angular edges give it a sexy sleek appearance, and the hard plastic accents that come with it are available in four different colors: gray, red, green, and blue. I reviewed the desk with the gray accents, but you can find the other variants of the desk on Amazon as well.

What you'll love less about the RESPAWN-1010 desk

Overall, the only real issue with the RESPAWN-1010 is that the monitor shelf isn't adjustable. Some monitor screens are raised higher from their bases than others, and an adjustable shelf would help ensure that everyone could play at whatever height works best with their monitor. That isn't the case here, though you can choose to take the shelf off and have your monitor sit on the desktop if need be.

Should you buy the RESPAWN-1010 desk?

While the lack of an adjustable monitor shelf is a bit annoying, it's only a minor problem. The RESPAWN-1010 overall is an absolutely incredible gaming desk that's perfect for any PC player.

At $215, you're not really going to find something as good as the RESPAWN-1010. RESPAWN has proven that they can do more than just gaming chairs, and I can't wait to see what kind of desks they come up with in the future. I'm loving this desk so far. You will too.

Brendan Lowry

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