Retailer outs Dead Island: Definitive Edition for Xbox One

Dead Island
Dead Island (Image credit: Deep Silver)

If you fancy something a tad more tropical after surviving Dying Light's urban landscape, this information might be of interest.

African retailer posted Dead Island: Definitive Edition this morning, but has since removed the store entry.

We managed to find a cached page for the PC version, but several credible sites also claimed it was listed for Xbox One and PS4 as well

"Definitive Editions" typically bundle all a game's DLC into one package, but Dead Island was pretty thin in terms of expansion content - so how Deep Silver hopes to add value remains a mystery. The purchase argument for "Definitive Edition" re-releases has certainly shrunk since the announcement of Xbox One's backwards compatibility.

If Dead Island: Definitive Edition is as terrible as Activision's Prototype re-release, I suspect many of us will be asking why Deep Silver didn't simply hand it over to Microsoft for the 360 emulator.

Source: @Lifelower

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