A closer look at the HP Elite x3 Wireless Charger

HP's Elite x3 with Windows 10 Mobile is impressive for a number of reasons, but one of them is the sheer number of high-quality accessories already available. One of those I touched on in my full Elite x3 review earlier this week is the Qi wireless charger made by HP.

Today, we'll take a closer look.

The HP Elite x3 Wireless Charger is a relatively standard affair. The charger is a single-coil design and uses Qi wireless technology (the Elite x3 supports both Qi and PMA standards). Input power is 5V, 2A and is made from regular TPU and plastic with a matte black finish.

Near the bottom of the charger is a pinhole-sized LED that is solid amber during charging and solid white when on/ready/sleep state. This LED is not the type that will keep you up at night as it's a very non-flashy design. The Elite x3 device also features its own charging LED (red when charging, green when complete), which presents a second way to know you have an actual charge.

HP Elite x3 Wireless Charger

You can just make out the tiny LED for charging

Single coil Qi chargers are relatively standard, and you can use the Elite x3 Wireless Charger with other Qi devices like the Lumia 950 XL and Lumia 950, so long as you line up the coils. More expensive two- or three-coil designs are preferred as you do not have to worry about alignment as much. Seeing as the HP's Wireless Charge base is the same size as the Elite x3 there is not too much guess work. Also, there is a notch in the plate for the camera housing that protrudes slightly on the Elite x3, which is a nice touch.

The Elite x3 will work with any other aftermarket Qi wireless charger but due to the size of the device make sure that charger fits the phone.

The sales material says "Power the charger with the same USB-C power adapter that ships with your HP Elite x3" but the accessory is hardwired with a USB-A type plug that connects to an included AC wall adapter.

Overall, the Elite x3 Wireless Charger is an unexciting accessory, but it fits in with the professional and mute aesthetic in the business world. It should look good on an office desk, and it works as expected including with all three HP cases for the Elite x3.

The HP Elite x3 Wireless Charger retails for £46.80 (~$57 USD) and can be ordered direct from HP around the globe.

See Elite x3 Wireless Charger at HP

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