Ring introduces Video Doorbell Pro with 1080p video and more for $249

Ring has introduced the Video Doorbell Pro, its latest video-enabled doorbell. This time around, the company is offering 1080p video recording, along with advanced motion detection, night vision and cloud video recording. With the advanced motion detection, you can set parameters in which you are interested in monitoring, so you can see if there is any type of unusual activity.

Each Video Doorbell Pro will come with four different color options for the faceplate, so you can use the one that best matches your house. You will need to have a preexisting doorbell for this to replace, as it will need to be wired into power. Pre-orders are now open at $249, with shipments beginning in late April.

Windows Central recently reviewed Ring, which is available for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile and gave the app high praise. You can find that review right here for more information.

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  • Oh, snap! Too bad I moved to a more secure apartment complex, lol.
  • Jinxed it!
  • Even though your more secured it doesnt hurt to see what is happening outside of your apartment when your not around you never know. Is this device fully and only dedicated to windows 10 or does it offer it for iOS and Android?  I only ask because i'd hate to get my hopes up for this doorbell which I am in the market for a new one only to see the app for Win10 done crappy just to appeal to Win 10 fans.
  • Ring works great with iOS and Android. I have the Windows 10 app on my Lumia 950 and my Surface. It works great and it's certainly not "crappy." Is you have any issues, I've found Ring customer support too be excellent.
  • Just wait a bit. Overall the experience with Win10Mob has been spotty at best. Check the reviews in the Store, not just here.
    Ring Customer Service is friendly and ernest, but clueless about Win10Mob.
  • Bummer. I just bought one just over a month ago so it's past the return window.
  • I want one but have no money left after buying a Lumia 950 and the Bose Soundlink 3
  • The design looks better. The ugly design of the original is one of the reasons I've been holding off buying a Ring doorbell.
  • Now this fits a lot better with my setup.