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Windows 10 Gems: Make your door smart with Ring


With these Windows 10 Gem apps

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Ring Video Doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell is one of the many new connected devices we have in 2016. The idea is simple: take a doorbell, add a video camera with microphone and throw in some Wi-Fi. The result is a device that can be mounted anywhere and used by anyone in your family on any connected device, including Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

Because of its usefulness and it availability for Windows 10 (and Windows 10 Mobile in early preview), Ring is our latest featured Gem. Let's find out why you will want to have this simple tool to protect your home and family.

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What it is and what you get

Ring Video Doorbell on Windows 10 Mobile

Ring is at its core a video doorbell. Someone rings it, and it buzzes your smartphone, PC, or any smart connected device running Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and other competing platforms. You can then view who is at your door and even initiate a conversation with them.

While that may sound impressive in and of itself, it may have limited appeal. Luckily, Ring can also double as a motion-detecting security camera for your home.

Running for $199, the Ring Video Doorbell is an all-in-one package that includes the video-cam doorbell and the tools you'll need to mount it (drill bits, level, screws and screwdriver). It's smart and super easy to set up as the company has also made some excellent high-quality videos to walk you through the process.

There is an optional cloud recording service that runs for $3 per month or $30 per year, which is relatively cheap when compared to something like Dropcam. That service lets you save and share Ring alerts and detected motion with others.

How it works

Ring mounts to the base plate via some screws at the bottom, and the whole unit can be either screwed in or attached without screws. In theory, someone could take a screwdriver and remove half of the device from your house, but of course, they'd also be caught on video the whole time. It'd be akin to stealing a security camera.

Ring Video

Ring has an internal battery that is recharged over Micro-USB, hence why you will want to be able to remove it on occasion. Optionally, you can hard-wire Ring into your existing doorbell wiring and it will trickle charge, or you can just mount it as is and use the built-in battery. The battery reportedly lasts up to one year, but of course, that depends on how often it gets used to record. Regardless, you will not have to recharge the unit every week or month, which is what matters if you want a low-maintenance system.

The built-in camera records at an admirable 720p and has an impressive 180-degree view. It can even record at night, making it a highly versatile system. Ring also has a built-in speaker and microphone allowing two-way conversation with the person pressing the button. Once pressed that button has a spinning blue LED, which tells you the connection is being initiated. After it connects the ring lights a steady blue.

Setting it up with Windows 10

To use Ring with Windows 10 or Windows 10 Mobile you just hit a small sync button the back of the doorbell and the app walks you through the steps. You set up a free Ring account with your email and password. The setup uses the typical Wi-Fi handoff process where your phone or PC connects directly to the Ring's built-in Wi-Fi, you provide the box with your home network's Wi-Fi password, and then disconnect. From there, Ring will be on your wireless network and ready to go.

Our setup success varied. We had no issue setting it up on our Surface Pro 4 but did have a minor hiccup when using the Dell XPS 15. Likewise, with our Lumia 950 XL we could get Ring to connect to the device, but we had some problems getting to the next step. Luckily, you only need to setup Ring once using any smartphone or PC. While the Ring app is currently available for Windows 10 Mobile, the company considers it an early preview. They're still tidying up some of the connectivity issues, hence our roadblocks in getting Ring set up through our phone. However, once Ring is up and running, the Windows 10 Mobile app works with full notifications and no issues.

Once you've set up a master account on Ring you can then invite others to view and answer rings or motion alerts. Such users cannot, however, modify settings or delete events.

Ring ring

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Ring in action

Once everything is enabled, and your doorbell is installed, there's nothing left to do but wait for somebody to land at your door. When that somebody rings the bell, they will hear an audible chime. PCs and phones with Ring installed will get a notification, which when opened brings them to a live video feed from the Ring camera. From there, they can hit the 'talk' button to initiate a conversation with the guest if they choose. The event is recorded and saved for later viewing through the app. Users can also download and save the video.

When rung, Ring will send you a notification to check out the live video from your door.

Other options include motion detection with distance range settings. This feature sends you an alert and turns on the camera when presence is detected, which makes it an ideal security camera for your home. Luckily, you can turn the notifications off for this feature, but it will still record and maintain a record within the app.

Finally, if you have a large house, you can buy additional "Chimes" — $29 remote speakers that make the doorbell audible when you are away from your Windows Phone or PC.

A ringing endorsement

The Windows 10 apps for Ring are well thought out, simple to use and reliable. Each time we tested the app it worked well and alerted us when it was supposed to do so. The night-time vision is a bonus and hardware installation only took about 10 minutes.

Ring is a smart use of modern technology, and it also serves as a safety measure for your home and family.

Latency time between the doorbell ring and notification was not bad at all, with a max delay of 5 seconds, but more often than not it was more around 2 seconds, making it mostly a non-issue. Of course, connectivity status of your device will affect the performance, as will the location of the doorbell relative to your wireless router.

Not only is Ring a rather smart use of modern technology, it also serves as a safety measure for your home and family. If you suspect someone is going on your property, vandalizing, or maybe you just live in a bad area, Ring can offer you some peace of mind. Additionally, Ring is just useful if you cannot get to your door, or are away from home. You can now make sure the delivery person drops off the package or see when friends of your child come over.

Overall, Ring is a great addition to your home or office and it now works great with Windows 10 too.

Day 4 Sweepstakes:Win a Ring Video Doorbell!

Ring Video Doorbell

How to Enter: Log into Windows Central and leave a comment on this post letting us know why you need a Ring Video Doorbell in your life. At the end of your comment you must also indicate you are posting as an entry into the sweepstakes, or use #sweepstakes.

Full rules and regulations can be found here, but please note that due to sponsor restrictions, the sweepstakes is only open to Windows Central readers in the US and Canada.

The sweepstakes is open until March 31st, and winners will be announced on the blog shortly after the close date.

The Prize: One super lucky Windows Central reader will take home a Ring Video Doorbell!

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  • Price ?
  • $199
  • $199.
  • It's 179 right now on Amazon. #sweepstakes
  • Is about $179 and includes the ring Chime at Costco
  • I can't see a use for me, but I can see my stepmother using this. Might as well enter. #sweepstakes.
  • The Ring door bell would be great for me, I find the peep hole in my front door is to high for some people, with a camera I would be able to see who is at the door.  Not everyone that rings the door bell are friends, for example people trying to sell something or who just came to the wrong house.  If not at home I would be able to answer talk via microphone so the person would believe I'm homne, but just can't come to the door. # sweepstakes
  • I need one of these to save me getting off my ring, to see who is at the door ;P #IliveinAustralia :'(
  • I haven't been able to get the mobile app to work with any kind of reliability at all.  90% of the time it won't launch.  The splash screen comes up, it sits there thinking for about a minute, then goes away. The notifications do work, though.
  • I experience the same issue as reported by doubledeej and others. When the app works... It's brilliant. At this point, the app now refuses to launch on Windows Mobile 10 (non-preview build running on Lumia 950) despite several uninstall/reinstall attempts. I have a support ticket open with Ring which they escalated to their Tier2, but I've yet to receive any additional guidance/assistance. I'm REALLY rooting for these guys because they have an awesome product (when the app works) and have embraced the Universal App model to great effect. Their apps are remarkably simple, well designed, and amazingly consistent across Windows (PC & Mobile) and iOS (can't speak to Android, but suspect it's a similar story) leveraging the same design language and interaction patterns across platforms is not small feat. I'm surprised WindowsCentral hadn't written them up sooner. It's worth noting that I have NOT run into any issues with the App on Windows 10 on PC.
  • Don't get too excited in the near term. I have had the same experience, and along the way have confirmed that Ring's Support people are very diligent and try to be helpful, bit are utterly clueless about Win10Mob. Most of them so not even know that it is supported, at least according to their App in the Win10Mob Store. Their web page used to explicitly say it was supported, but that reference was deleted a few weeks ago. Interestingly, their Tier 2 sort people have access to emulators to try and debug issues, but only for Lumia phones running WinPhone 8. They don't even know what the Lumia 950 is. One of their software engineers did acknowledge that the App is buggy and unreliable, but would offer nothing more than the usual "We're aware of it, and hope to update the App in the future". At this point, advertising Ring for WinMo is patently false advertising. It just doesn't work, they aren't supporting it, and if you buy it you have no rational expectation that it will work. Daniel, you really should have done your homework. The Store rating and comments for the App tell you all you need to know. It works fine on other platforms, and on Win 10, so they could make it work for us if they wanted. FYI, you need a good 5 Mb/sec connection to your WiFi for it to work well, and don't expect to see video like they show in their site. It's considerably grainier unless the lighting is perfect. Also, it's not happy mounted on a steel door due to signal attenuation. Make sure to measure your WiFi at the exact surface you intend to mount it. I really hope they fix the App, but you shouldn't buy it until they do.
  • I need one because I honestly don't even have a functioning doorbell anymore #sweepstakes
  • I about time we are getting something fun that works with our windows phone :-) I hope there is more to come #sweepstakes
  • Except, sadly, it doesn't work. #sweepstakes
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  • I have a person that cannot leave their bed so having a camera at the door would be quite helpful. #sweepstakes
  • I've been looking at the Ring doorbell for a while now. The CEO just did a great interview on the Home Gadget Geeks podcast. I'm also glad that they released a Windows 10 app. It would be a great addition to any smart home. #sweepstakes
  • I would love a Ring video doorbell. I am out of the country frequently for work and this would be a great security feature. #sweepstakes
  • I have been wanting one of these! It is the next step in my slow but steady progess on smart home stuff. #sweepstakes
  • Need to screen all the uninvited people who show up at my door.  #sweepstakes
  • We live in an apartment. This would be very useful. #sweepstakes
  • That depends. We live in an apartment too, but it didn't work for us. We dialed down the motion sensitivity all the way, but it was still triggered by people entering or leaving the apartment across the breezeway (20 feet or so.) As a result, the battery life was less than a week. We sent ours back.
  • Well, all you had to do was turn off the motion sensing and let it work as a doorbell. The motion sensing isn't required.
  • I would love this to catch the little punks that play Ding Dong Ditch (aka nicky nicky nine door) at my house. :) #sweepstakes
  • More and more I don't have to get off my couch #My600PoundLife #sweepstakes
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  • I currently do not have a doorbell. This would be nice. #sweepstakes
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  • sweet device. ill be more confident to let my wife answer the door whenever im out of town. #sweepstakes  
  • This would be great for my wife and kids for security and awesome for me as the family "gadget geek of the family" #sweepstake
  • It's only 179 right now on Amazon!  #sweepstakes
  • I need a ring dorrbell because im in a apt building that the bells dont work and I'm always missing deliveries and such! #sweepstakes
  • Need one of these...would be sweet to see kids in the neighborhood when they come ringing my bell looking for my boys to play!  Awesome IoT device.
  • It would be nice to see who is at the door or who comes to my house when I am away. #sweepstakes
  • I need one so that I can tell when therapists have arrived at my house. #sweepstakes
  • We get quite a few pushy salepeople, survey takers, and religious folks in my neighborhood.  It would be nice to see who was at the door without having to open it first.   Also being able to answer it when I'm not at home making it appear as though somebody is home is a nice thing as well. #sweepstakes
  • I'll use it to make sure my packages are safe when left at my door and make sure my delivery people DO THERE JOB #sweepstakes
  • Never won a sweepstakes before. Daaaaamn, Daniel
  • Errr, #sweepstakes
  • I bought one last week.  I have found that the app is absolutely horrible.  I rarely can answer and never if the app isn't already loaded.  Mobile I am left with the loading spinner most of the time.   I have 3 different PCs (1 high end, 1 sp3, one so so) and 2 950xls and the experience is just bad. 
  • I saw it for $179 at Costco and bought one immediately.  It is awesome!  I really could use another as my kids frequently enter through the side door into the garage.  It would be nice to add a doorbell there and possibly add a smart lock at some point. 
  • #sweepstakes Yes, I love it so much, I need a second one. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Looking for the right opportunity to plunge into the connected home.  This would be a nice piece.   #sweepstakes
  • Why I need ring: No salesperson or delivery man or woman needs to see me in my saturday sweats and cheetos video game playing mode. This would be for the mental saftey of all persons involved! #sweepstakes
  • Would be nice to have since I don't have a doorbell right now
  • We were burgled twice within weeks of moving into a new house. If happens again, I'd be really interested to see their face and to see if responding to the doorbell is a deterrent.   #sweepstakes
  • It's always great to see who is at the door before making them aware you are home. #sweepstakes
  • We just moved in and our front door doesn't have a peephole so this would be a lifesaver! I would love to know who is at my door before opening..such a huge security factor that makes this so genius!
  • #Sweepstakes
  • Definitely getting this when I get a house! #sweepstakes  
  • Its amazing to know who is visiting you while you are not at home
  • We could use something that we could actually hear. Our doorbell now is really soft and doesn't ring near our family room. Visitors don't know to knock so we miss them. #sweepstakes
  • This would be great when the kids are home by themselves.  #sweepstakes
  • Good to see who is at the door withtout getting up from your couch. #sweepstakes
  • I like my house, and Beyonce told me that if I like it, I should have put a Ring on it.  #sweepstakes
  • I have a lot of scary people that don't like me very much. This would add an amazing level of security to my life. I need this to dtay alive! #sweepstakes
  • To see who is bringing this price to our front door.. Good luck all! #sweepstakes
  • My wife works out of the house and doesn't like approaching the door without knowing who is there. #sweepstakes
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  • It'd be great to have as I move a lot and could more safely know who's coming to my door.  #sweepstakes
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  • I guess, I could let out my dogs without fear of driving away potential guests.(+my fathers clients, which I don't mind personally)  #sweepstakes
  • We don't have an easy view to our front door from our living room. This would be a great way to solve that issue!
  • I see these more and more. Any alarm/security system integration? #sweepstakes
  • See who is at the door before you answer.  #sweepstakes
  • I work at home, so being able to screen people at the door would be a useful for saving time and avoiding interruptions. #sweepstakes
  • This looks pretty cool, I'd love to get one some day and set it up with my laptop. My home office is too far away from my door bell so I never hear it when people ring the door. Everyone always has to call me if I don't hear their car pulling up, which I don't due to wearing a headset/headphones. #sweepstakes  
  • I order a lot of packages, and also love avoiding soliciters so the ring would be great for that #sweepstakes
  • I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes Entry. #sweepstakes
  • Helo and good morning. I would want this becasue i am living wit hmy brother and i think he'd really appreciate it. Thanks. #sweepstakes  
  • This is great use of technology.  I would love to have one (or more) of these to better secure my home and family.  Especially for my wife and/or kids when I'm not there.  #sweepstakes  
  • I would love this to keep the in-laws out and the pizza delivery person welcome to my home #sweepstakes
  • wow i need one of these, someone stole my last normal doorbell, at least with this i would have a clue who and possibly why???
  • In need a Ring because I'm usually upstairs on my computer or Xbox One. Having a camera would be key. #sweepstakes
  • Great device!  So simply, yet so sophisticated.  Need one to let me know when my children arrive from school and when they leave for practice.  Many deliveries, so would help me see who is coming and going.  #sweepstakes
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  • I need one of this Ring Doorbell , my current door bell isn't working right now.   #sweepstakes
  • Awesome things must have it near to you.
  • I need one of these to start my connected home project! #sweepstakes
  • Been looking @ this for a while now.  This would be a great tool in securing my homestread! #sweepstakes
  • I just got a new house and I don't have a doorbell yet. This would be some awesome and make me feel safer lol. #sweepstakes
  • I live in an apartment otherwise I'd love to use it for myself. I want to gift it to my first time homeowner friend who is getting into the Windows Phone ecosystem. #sweepstakes
  • As someone who works from home in the attic at the back of his house and who has two large dogs who I have to chase down the stairs after any time the doorbell rings for a delivery or anything else about 4-5 times per day, it would be great to know whether or not I really need to go answer the door before I sprint down the stairs to go see who is there and whether a signature may be needed.  My wife owns a photography business and gets packages delivered constantly, as well as equipment, so the doorbell ringing is a very regular occurrence around here.  Knowing who is at the door before almost killing myself on the stairs would be incredible! #sweepstakes
  • I would love to win one of these doorbells! #sweepstakes
  • We could use this, I want to enter the contest. My girlfriend and I work 40 minutes away from home and her special needs daughter is home alone and is sometimes concerning. #Sweepstakes
  • I don't know if I'd say I'd *need* one, but i do miss that our new apartment no longer has a peephole on the front door and this would help in that regard. #sweepstakes
  • Pretty neat idea. especially since you can take it with you when you move. #sweepstakes.
  • Just the perfect item for my new home in Arizona. Moving in 3 months to a new home we're building. Would love to have Ring installed by the time we move in. I've been looking at security apps and the fact that Rings works with Win 10 Mobile is a home run for me. I  have the Lumia 950XL and love the phone and Ring is another reason to stick with it.
  • Would love to have this, #sweepstakes
  • Our home was entered by someone with a key when we were away. Our neighbor claims it wasn't them, but now we're a little afraid to go anywhere. The Ring Video Doorbell would be a great way for us to have a little piece of mind--especially when I'd be able to use my Windows Phone to answer the door even if we're gone.   #sweepstakes  
  • Just for fun, because I'm no 'Murikaner. #Sweepstakes.
  • I've been wanting one of these for a while. Now that they work with Windows Phone, it's even better. From a home security perspective, it's top of it's class. #sweepstakes
  • I would love one of these! I rent a place where the door bell doesnt work at all! I have asked and asked for it to be replaced and they never replace it. I have had packages ruined since the UPS driver "rings" the bell and then leaves the package. I have had packages sent back since they think nobody is home when they ring the bell. From the excellent article, this sounds like the perfect solution for me! And I can take it with me! #sweepstakes
  • my neighbor has one #sweepstakes
  • I recently learned about these and would love to have it. It would be great to have so I can see who's at the door without having to go look. You know most of us have at least 1 person that you act like your not home when they come. This would be awesome! #Sweepstakes
  • Would love one #sweepstakes
  • It's about time someone came up with somethign like this. #sweepstakes
  • would love one of these. with our house being for sale, this would be handy seeing who is coming and going. Thanx! #Sweepstakes
  • To keep an eye on my packages until I get home.  #​sweepstakes.
  • Gimme!  #sweepstakes
  • I need a ring!
  • I've been looking to replace our busted doorbell with something better than a sign saying "Doorbell doesn't work!" :)  I can't wait until there's a unified platform for linking all (most) or our connected devices into one 'hub' control for basic/common features, while still having unique apps for specialized / less used features.  Right now, having a dozen apps to run a dozen devices is too tedious and you always wonder when something will replace your device in a better, more useable way, and make your current device, obsolete... #sweepstakes  
  • Sweetness #Sweepstakes
  • I'd like to win so I can see who is at the door and then decide if I want to answer it.  #sweepstakes
  • Been looking in to one of these. Wife and kids are home all day and I'd like to see who rings the doorbell. and get rid of the stupid doorbell waking up kids from naps! #sweepstakes
  • We spend lots of time in the basement during the day. This would be helpful to see who is at the door. It'll be nice to know when the UPS/Fedex person deliver my new gadgets.   #sweepstakes
  • It is so annoying to hear the doorbell ring, then run to the door only to find a salesman waiting. Or to not get the door and miss a delivery. This would be great so I can see who is at the door without having to open it. #sweepstakes
  • I live in an apartment with 1 door in and out. This would be perfect for security and for a door bell. #sweepstakes
  • I don't havdoor bell at all right now. I'm in desperate need! #Sweepstakes
  • Looks like a great new gadget to add to the home!  #sweepstakes
  • This would be a perfect gift for my new house, which I am moving in to in a couple of weeks. #sweepstakes
  • I bought one last week.  I have found that the app is absolutely horrible.  I rarely can answer and never if the app isn't already loaded.  Mobile I am left with the loading spinner most of the time. I have 3 different PCs (1 high end, 1 sp3, one so so) and 2 950xls and the experience is just bad.  I set up an access point close by just for my IoT devices.  Bandwidth isn't an issue.
  • This looks very sweet.  Maybe if there's a littleft in the tax return... :)  #SWEEPSTAKES
  • I am diabled and my device would make answering my door safer and more convient for me. #sweepstakes
  • What great contest /giveaways from windows central. It's wonderful to see such useful extras just the tip of the iceberg of useful items iPhones and Android phones have enjoyed for years.
  • I dont even have a doorbell. Would be nice to know when people are at the door. #sweepstakes
  • So we can see who is at the door - rather then looking through the windows #sweepstakes
  • We just moved, so need this now.. :-) #sweepstakes
  • I need one for my home in the mountains: when someone rings I take the car, drive 100kms and guess what? NO one's ay the door!
    I definitely need a video door bell to solve the issue!
  • This is nice, I barely hear when someone use the ring bell. This can help me a lot :). #sweepstakes. Thanks.
  • I need one so I can who's my dang door! #sweepstakes
  • Im home alone alot and could really use this for safety!  #Sweepstakes 
  • I could use this because we live in a split level and I cannot see who is at the door til I go to the downstairs and this would be awesome for my safety #sweepstakes.
  • Other than the fact that I don't even have a functioning doorbell, but still have the speaker for it up in our kitchen, it would be a handy app for those who are, say, in the back yard or around the corner at the market when somebody does show up.   #sweepstakes
  • It would give me piece of mind been able to see who is at the door especially when I'm not home. #sweepstakes Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • I would love to win a ring doorbell because that is the only way could justify owning one. #Sweepstakes
  • I have an mp3 doorbell but that' still means i have to get up and get to the door to see who it is. 9/10 times it's a sales person so this'd be amazing.  in the bath - no need to get out to see who's at the door.  if it's someone you know you can ring them and tell them to wait.  if it's an all important delivery i can rush out the bath and run downstairs in a towel to ensure i don't miss it. there's no point doing that for pointless door knockers. and finally one that'll work with windows devices.  yay.   we don't own a single apple or android device in our house.  windows only.
  • This would be great for my wife and I with our kids at home.  Plus, I can see them running outside and pressing the button to call us for fun while striking a pose. #sweepstakes.
  • I could really use this. I am partially disabled and spend most of every day off of my feet. It would really help for me to see who is at my door before making the considerable effort of getting up and making my way across the house to the front door. If it were a solicitor or other door-to-door annoyance, I could stay comfortable and tell them I am not interested. ;-) #sweepstakes
  • This would be great for when I move so I can keep track of when people stopped by. #sweepstakes
  • My wife works from home, and is a bit paranoid, so this would be a great security feature for her to have... #sweepstakes
  • Not sure if this would fit were my current doorbell but would like to find out. #sweepstakes
  • Would be nice if I don't want to open the door and listen to the annoying solicitors. I can just sit and ignore them. Could also be nice if I'm away and help avoid potential break-ins. #sweepstakes
  • This would be useful to let my kid see first, rather than going straight for the door. I want to win this #sweepstakes !!
  • This is very cool and I'm glad that it works with Windows 10. I really could use one to help with various package deliveries, and other similar situations. #sweepstakes
  • I am in love with the Ring doorbell. A friend of mine has it and not only is it super convenient, but adds a sense of security to your home. The fact that it is on Windows 10 is amazing! I'd love to have this. #sweepstakes
  • Ring ring.
  • Love it... need to get one of these.
  • Another toy to impress friends #sweepstakes
  • I don't want to have to climb the stairs to my door when it rings.
  • I would love to have a Ring doorbell. I have Vivent home security system but I don't a video door bell yet so the Ring would be a great addition #sweepstakes
  • I would love to have it as I am simply a lazy butt and don't feel like going to the door every now and then. #sweepstakes
  • It is perfect for those who is in wheelchair like my daughter. #sweepstakes
  • I don't need the doorbell, but I feel that my grandmother could use it. Being 75 years old and alont most of the time, this could be very beneficial to her. #sweepstakes
  • I need one to watch out for delivery men and little thieves who want my packages #sweepstakes
  • Interesting!
  • I need a Ring doorbell to see when it's the hired goons my bookie sends, so I know not to answer.  I'm tired of the beatings.  #sweepstakes #mykneecapsmatter
  • I need one because the outside scares me! #sweepstakes
  • I would use this to ensure only authorized people enter my house and to provide peace of mind if I'm away and my family is at home. #sweepstakes
  • What the user above said... #sweepstakes
  • Oh, this is handy when the buzzer doesn't work! #sweepstakes
  • I wish to win because i al operated on my back and must have a verry heavy revalidation. Must back learn to walk and al the help is welcome. #sweepstakes
  • Cool, I've been looking for more ways to make the home smarter. This looks really nice. #sweepstakes
  • for the saftey of my family! #sweepstakes  
  • I've been eye balling one of these. #sweepstakes
  • This would bring so much peace of mind.  Would love one!  #sweepstakes
  • Oh, I really need this thing! #sweepstakes
  • Always glad to see more Windows 10 Mobile support!
  • Would love to have a wheelchair and would like to see who is at the door  #sweepstakes
  • It would be nice to have this doorbell so I can let the kids into the house with the lock if they forget their codes to the doors. This way I get an alert and a photo for proof of who they are and then I can let them on inside. #sweepstakes
  • I would use this as an anti-huckster device at my ranch. #sweepstakes
  • I've been looking at getting a smart doorbell for my house.  I think I can also hook it up to IFTTT so that my kitchen lights would flash when someone rings the doorbell. #sweepstakes
  • This would be a great addition to the home automation I've been putting in. A lot of times a delivery shows up when we're not at home and we just want them to leave the package at the door. Please enter me in the #sweepstakes.
  • My family and me need a new doorbell for the new house we bought recently #sweepstakes
  • What a cool device.  It would be very useful in my household.  #sweepstakes
  • Just bought a new home and would love to add this great piece of technology to my arsenal, but after depleting my life savings that probably wont happen so winnning this contest would be fantastic....#sweepstakes
  • SWEET! #sweepstakes
  • I need one because not only do I not have a functioning doorbell  I could see my winning contest deliveries come to the door
  • I can call forward my home phone to my cell, this allows my door to be forwarded to my cell phone too!  To reason to stay home any more (;-)) #sweepstakes.
  • I've been looking into purchasing one of these as I travel more for work. Winning this would make the decision to get one a whole lot easier #sweepstakes
  • No more unwanted person on my door #sweepstakes 
  • I would love this adition to my mostly connected house! #sweepstakes
  • Wow, this news could not have come at a better time! We went out to dinner the other night, and forgot that my husband had made an appointment at the house. When we didn't answer the door, this guy (who we are barely acquaintances with) said he "got worried" and expressed concern that our dogs had attacked us. (Mind you, he's never even met our dogs which are too busy hogging the sofa to consider attacking anything) so he knocked on the doors of three of our neighbors and was about to call the police to knock our door down. No doubt the first thing the police would do is shoot our big dogs (e.g. my kids).
    I told my husband about these doorbells but didnt think there was one available for WP10.
  • I've been warning people for years that the dogs are playing us! They've been playing us for thousands of years, I tell ya! Free food, free shelter, free grooming, free belly massages and tickles. Little bastards! Just wait! One day, they'll turn on us, but not me! I've got an entire basement of mustard I didn't pay a cent for from extreme couponing, a lifetime of water tabs, and a stockpile of ammo. I'm ready for them!!!
  • Woul love to have one for package delivery when i am not home #sweepstakes
  • Have been following this, just moved into a new condo, would be a nice addition to the rest of my smart devices. Would be nice if they would partner with one of the smart lock companies and make a combined device. #sweepstakes
  • Just what I need to go with my Kevo door lock. #sweepstakes Windows Central App
  • Good for safety #sweepstakes
  • Why not? I'm paranoid enough...  #sweepstakes
  • I'm too lazy to check the door while I'm gaming so this would be great #sweepstakes
  • I need this in my life because I'm too lazy to get off my couch to answer the door. #Sweepstakes
  • We can't hear the doorbell upstairs where were spend most of our time! #sweepstakes
  • This looks promising.  And I am really encouraged that it will work with my phone!   #sweepstakes
  • I need one because we got robbed last year. #sweepstakes
  • It would be nice to know when the delivery guy is at the door, I never hear the doorbell when I'm in the basement half of the time. So many times I've had to wait another day knowing I missed it today! #sweepstakes
  • My door bell peephole is opaque and can't see throught it.  Could use this or set it up for my sister.
  • Our doorbell is broken. #sweepstakes
  • Can't wait to see this at my door. #sweepstakes
  • To know when somebody is at my door #sweepstakes
  • Would be nice to have it for a safer home #sweepstakes
  • This is pretty cool.  A free one would be even better.  #sweepstakes
  • I really need this because I am away from home a lot. #sweepstakes
  • Nice! But what is David Schwimmer doing in front of this hancy fancy doorbell? Looks like him! #sweepstakes    
  • Need it to see if any wild turkeys are trying to get in my house!  #sweepstakes
  • Having this instead of a doorbell can help our waking sleeping toddlers problems #sweepstakes
  • The ring doorbell would be perfect for my home. I will able to see who is at my door at all times even If I am not at home. Simple to use and looks amazing. #sweepstakes
  • I recently bought a new doorbell right before the Ring came out.  Winning it would be a great way to upgrade. #sweepstakes
  • I have been thinking about getting this for home security. Got to find out who's been lurking outside my door.
  • Well I work just down the road from my home. This would be so helpful because I could answer the door and literally be in the car driving down in a matter of a minute or so to "take the delivery" or maybe tell the person to "leave the package" or "begin the yard work and I'll be right out" ...the possibilities! #sweepstakes
  • Nice to see who is at the door when not at home #sweepstakes
  • Never had a doorbell, this would be awesome. #sweepstakes
  • I need this in my life! #sweepstakes
  • I need this doorbell because I'm always in different rooms in my house and don't always hear someone knocking and I'd like to see who is at my door before I open it!
  • It would be cool to have it since I'm installing a new door this week! #Sweepstakes
  • This would be a nice add to my Home Control system. #sweepstakes
  • This would be awesome for our tri-level house! Can you imagind running down 3 flights of stairs everytime the doorbell rings? We really have resorted to "I'm here" texts and calls. #sweepstakes
  • Better security for the house #sweepstakes
  • It would be great for keeping an eye on deliveries when we aren't home #sweepstakes
  • Need this for my new home!
  • I would love this, I would use this at our front door, which is quite a distance from our living room and kitchen. With all our visiters, this would be awesome!!! #sweepstakes
  • Safety.  You never know when a Trump supporter will show up. #sweepstakes    
  • I'm a single woman living alone in an area where there are a lot of sex offenders and Ring would make me feel somewhat more secure. #Sweepstakes
  • I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry. #Sweepstakes   I live in an isolated rural area.  It's good to check out who is at the door.  And it would be even better to receive video notification when I'm away from home.  
  • I need a ring video doorbell in my life because I love being secure in my home and want to make sure I avoid letting unauthorized people or I welcomed people in my home. #sweepstakes 
  • Now I can watch those fancy pants fixing to woo my daughter before I yell at them to buzz off and not come back until after her college is done for any consideration.
  • My husband and I want to feel more secure in our home and Ring Doorbell looks like a nice way to do so. #sweepstakes
  • I've been wanting one of these, this would be great!  I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry#sweepstakes
  • Living as a single this will be one of my first smart home purchases when I save up enough money to get one. I've been looking at this device for a long time as it is a good layer of security I currently don't have. #sweepstakes
  • It would be really helpful to check on who is at the door. #sweepstakes
  • I'd love to be able to know when I can avoid answering the door. #sweepstakes
  • I need a ring video doorbell so i can see who is at the door without having to open the door, great for security. #sweepstakes
  • Using insteon,foscam and Ecobee, now I need Ring for my door. I always support the brands that support Windows. #sweepstakes
  • Will be cool   #sweepstakes
  • I wish I had thought of this. #sweepstakes
  • I saw this the other day when I was in Costco. Call me intrigued. #sweepstakes
  • If it wasn't so expensive I'd already have one. Not having to get up and go to the door from my home office when someone is trying to sell me something. It's also the best solution to the girl scout cookies problem many people are having (impossible to say no, tons of cookies at home) #sweepstakes
  • I live in an apt. that does not have a doorbell and I can't always hear people knock, especially when I'm upstairs. This would be awesome! #sweepstakes
  • This would be great,  I work from home in my basement and often when a package is delivered they just set it on th porch and leave.  With the Ring Video Doorbell I'd get a notification when someone is on my porch.  I'd also look into linking it to a smart lighbulb via IFTTT so the porch light comes on at night when someone comes to the door.   So close to buying it now that it's a universal windows app.   But I'll wait at least until this contest is over.  :-) #sweepstakes
  • I needs this as my doorbell is falling off my wall and I need a reason to upgrade it to fix it.
  • My doorbell is broken.. time to replace old technology with new technology! #sweepstakes
  • to spy on who's at my door and decide whether I want to act like i never heard the doorbell or not.
  • My house is to big to answer the door :) #sweepstakes
  • I live in a small town with lots of Meth driven crime. #sweepstakes
  • Save me! I need to stop opening the door for the Jehovas Winesses!!! #sweepstakes
  • I need one when we are on vacations!! #sweepstakes
  • This is brilliant!  Our 100 year old front door has no peephole ....we have not wanted to drill through that lovely wood so we never know who is knocking!  My husband's hours have recently changed so I am home alone at night and this would also offer me peace of mind!  What an awesome invention!  Yeah technology! I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry. #sweepstakes
  • Regular doorbell doesn't work, this would be a great replacement #sweepstakes
  • For security of course ;) #sweepstakes
  • Since I am a stay at hom mom this would be so helpful for me because I would be able to see who is at the door before open it. It would be a good security for my home  . Thanks for the chance! #Sweepstakes
  • Main reason I would want this in my life is to see people's expressions when I yell "C'MOOOOOOOOOOON IIIIIIN". Also looks sweeeet :D #sweepstakes
  • I could use this to make my wife feel more safe, and figure out who keeps taking my lawn decor. #sweepstakes
  • Looks cool. Good to see who shows up at your door.
  • This woul be great to see if it is a package from amazon, so I can get it right away or a solictor trying to test my water that I can ignore. #sweepstakes
  • Might be fun to play with. #sweepstakes
  • Need this just for the cool factor #sweepstakes
  • Love the idea tha the Ring can also couble as a motion-detecting security camera for my home. I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry
  • We need one because we are away from the house so much for work and travel.  This would be so useful for us!   #sweepstakes
  • I just bought one of these today, so I guess I don't need one in my life, but if I win, I'll take it anyway.
  • So that i know who is outside 
  • I need this because I travel a great deal for work, and it will give me some comfort while away from the family. #sweepstakes Wouldn't let me comment on the other post.
  • Here's hoping I win! #sweepstakes
  • Can wait to try it. :)   #sweepstakes
  • Can'T wait to tr it! #sweepstakes
  • The motion detection feature sends you an alert & turns on the camera when a presence is detected.   I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry 
  • One of these would be awesome for the days when I'm working at home. My office is in the basement, and if I can see whos ringing the bell I can decide if it's necessary to go answer it, it would be a great way to stay productive insead of dealing with sales people. #sweepstakes
  • This would be so good to have....I would love to see who is ringing the doorbell #sweepstakes
  • Don't often answer the door if I am not expecting someone, so this would make it easy to determine whether I should answer. #sweepstakes
  • I have a ring door bell, ring stick up camera and a chime and like them a lot. They work great with my Surface 3 with Windows 10. The Ring app on my Lumia 950 though just stopped working after a preview OS install happened last week. I cannot blame Ring for beta OSes but it does make it less useful. The interesting thing is I still get the alerts on my phone, the app just crashed when I launch it. 
  • I need a Ring Video Doorbell to monitor my house while I'm away. I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry. #sweepstakes
  • I need to see if I should answer the door or go back to sleep
  • I'm in a feud with my UPS driver, Ring will help me get the upper hand.  #sweepstakes
  • I would love this as we live upstairs but my door is downstairs! I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry.#Sweepstakes
  • i need this for safe monitoring of my abode (sweepstake entry)
  • I would definitely use it in my day-to-day use especially since i live in an apartment. This would ensure that other people are not stealing my packages delivered by the courier. #sweepstakes I am going to be a very happy camper if I can win the Ring Doorbell :)
  • I'd love to see when deliveries arrive. Plus it's great for the kids who wouldn't have to open the door to strangers to see whos there. #sweepstakes
  • I recieve a lot of packages, and have two large dogs. If I am away and the mail person leaves them on the ground at the door there is a good chance my dogs will destroy the package (I have learned the hard way). With Ring I could "answer" the door while away and instruct the mail carrier on a safe place to leave the package for me. #sweepstakes
  •   My wife recently got interested in this device following a neighborhood incident - we would love to win one. #sweepstakes  
  • In all seriousness, security is incredibly important and this can be a great tool. #sweepstakes
  • I need this so I don't have to open the door for solicitors #sweepstakes
  • This is amazing to see how far a small button went to this! This would be amazing for my family so I can personally see who is coming & going from the house. It would make me feel much better when I'm away. I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry.
  • Extra home security and the convenience of seeing who is at the door no matter where you are, this Ring doorbell is going to be on my door soon! #sweepstakes
  • I need to win so I can watch out for the courier delivering the ring doorbell that I'm going to win #sweepstakes
  • RIng ring
  • To keep an eye on my packages until I get home.  #​sweepstakes
  • I like this beter than the old skool peep hole in the door. #sweepstakes
  • Now I can ignore my door in style!  #sweepstakes
  • My room is upstairs and far from the front door so this would make things easier   #sweepstakes
  •     While I have a security camera at my front door, it does not support voice, so I would put a Ring Video Doorbell to use so I could have voice. Not having to open the door to converse with pesky salesmen would be an added advantage.#sweepstakes    
  • I need this to install on my parents house to keep watch for scammers. #sweepstakes
  • This is soooo awesome! Even if I don't win one, I'll be sure to pick one up. I have so many sales people coming to the front door all the time. Plus I have OCD real bad! This might help me relax some, knowing I can just log on and see if anyone is out there. WOW! I'm already feeling better. :) #sweepstakes  
  • Will it work with existing wiring? #sweepstakes
  • I would love this for my inlaws.  It takes them a while to get to the door, so this would help them out immensely.  Also for their safety, this would help them know who is at the door without having to open it and potentially making themselves vulnerable to bad people. #sweepstakes
  • I would like to at least know his name.
  • Need one to replace the original doorbell, as the landlord, still hasn't replaced it.
  • I would very much like this as the neighbors to our right, and two across the street have been broken into during the day when everyone was at work. And I'm afraid if they break into our house, our two little Mineature Schnauzers won't be able to back up their WE WILL DEFEND THIS HOUSE bark when people are actually in the house. Or if they do break in, they will leave the door open when they leave and there goes not just our TV, but also our two dogs. And my wife would litterally divorce/kill me if the dogs go missing. I am posting as an entry into the sweepstakes.  #sweepstakes.
  • I guess someone would find that useful #sweepstakes
  • I need one because our new house doesn't even have a doorbell! #sweepstakes    
  • No more opening the door for creepers or wondering who visited! #sweepstakes
  • I need one of these in my life, as a ringing endorsement for the wonders of modern technology! Plus it will help me avoid door-to-door salespeople, and I'd never miss the UPS guy delivering my Microsoft products :) [this is my entry to the competition - sweepstakes]
  • looks pretty cool for $199! #Sweepstakes
  • There are always all kinds of weird people stopping at my house to sell stuff... it'd be nice to see and talk to delivery people or telemarketers so I'd know who is out there!  THis is my #Sweepstakes entry
  • I need one because I worry about security.  I posted this comment as a #Sweepstakes entry
  • I like the idea
  • I can sure use one. Had my car amps, capacitor and subwoofer stolen from my car couple a years ago. Then last year had my car stereo and spare phone stolen too, right from my drive way. This camera would easily be able to record my drive way from the doorbell area. #sweepstakes  
  • this would be very handy!  I posted this comment as a #sweepstakes entry.
  • My wife works from home and this would be very convenient to alleviate her from having to check the door, as we get a decent number of ringers and knockers.  #sweepstakes
  • My doorbell doesn't ding so I need a ring. #sweepstakes
  • Slowly building out my smart home, and a smart doorbell happens to be next on the list! #sweepstakes
  • I'd like to see if it does 5Ghtz on Wi-Fi #sweepstakes
  • I'd like to win this since it would not violate my condo rental agreement. #sweepstakes
  • There's a lot of uses I could see for this.  There's been a rash of package theft in my neighborhood, it would be nice to know I can see my porch if I need to.  #sweepstakes
  • That would be awesome for security reasons!!! #sweepstakes 
  • Hmmm let me see... I get a large amount of packages delivered, kinda ties me to the house, whereas I can let them know to leave it, take back etc. Hide away from previously unknown and unexpected callers, not have to get dressed in a hurry and injure myself. Add a motion water spray device to stop the bloody cats from peeing on my porch. Waste cold-callers time (religion, double glazing etc.) by asking 'Tell me more...' whilst I sit pretty upstairs playing a game / watchin stuff. Ahhh the possibilities... #sweepstakes
  • I would love to win - this totally makes sense to me!! #sweepstakes
  • saw this at bestbuy, interesting, i would love to give it a try. Question, can you link it to multiple users? #sweepstakes
  • Great!! Now I can see who I am not answer the door to!!
  • so i can see whos at the door without getting off the couch #sweepstakes
  • thanks for the chance   I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry
  • so i will know whos at the door #sweepstakes
  • One of these would be great for me. I'm frequently home alone and don't always hear people knock on the fromt door. In addition, I have minor mobility issues, so it would be quite nice to be able to tell a visitor that I'm on my way to the door! #sweepstakes
  • I'd love to have one of these because my doorbell isn't very loud. #sweepstakes  
  • Bought a new house almost a year ago and the front door knob/lock is garbage and falling apart.  Need to replace it and adding this to the system would be an awesome upgrade!  #sweepstakes  
  • I work 35 minutes away from my home with my home on a dirt road where and two of my three neighbors both were broken in to. It would be nice to see who comes to my house when I am not home. Please enter this as an entry. #sweepstake
  • Someone keeps coming in my back yard unscrewing my light bulb ,and moving my trash can I would love to have the doorbell with its motion activation and catch this person red-handed
  • I travel quite a bit for work and have to leave my wife and kids at home.  This would give me peace of mind knowing they had an option to see who's at the door without having to open it!  Sign me up!  #sweepstakes
  • That would make a very nice gift for my in-laws. It could warn them when I'm at the door. LOLOLOLOL #sweepstakes
  • Love this piece of technology.. could be life saving.
  • well the ability to see people at the door is reason enough. This looks like a neat product. #sweepstakes
  • I live in a rural area, but that actually makes it easier for thieves to break in given the lack of neighbor awareness.  In fact, my house has been broken into twice.  So a Ring doorbell would be great for front porch security.   #sweepstakes
  • Ive been wanting to get one for a while now, because I think its a great alternative to outdoor security cameras. $200 is just a little too expensive for me though. #sweepstakes
  • I need a Ring Video Doorbell in my life!  As a retired, partially disabled person, who lives alone, this device would be the perfect solution as a way to make me feel safer in my home and/or when I'm away from it.  Oftentimes, it is difficult for me to get to the door, to accept a package, or to see who's knocking.  In addition, when I'm away, I would also have the ability to monitor who has been around my home.  Most important, the peace of mind that the Ring Video Doorbell would give me, is critical to the feeling of safety I must have on a day-to-day basis, given the various issues I have to contend with each day.  Thanks so much for making such an amazing product available!  #sweepstakes
  • I would love to win this door bell for my mom.  This i i/we could monitor who goes to her house.  I need to keep an eye on things. Help me hout WPC #sweepstakes
  • I would love a Ring Video Doorbell. I love that it can help my family feel more secure. #sweepstakes
  • We don't have a doorbell, and this would be a welcome upgrade! #sweepstakes
  • I would love to have Ring so I can know who is at my front door when I'm away from home or when I elect not to answer the door when solicitors knock. It would definitely bring piece of mind and add a layer of safety. #sweepstakes
  • I saw these at costco for i think $169...might have to get one if win10 is ever pushed to my 640.  #sweepstakes
  • Hello. Our area has plenty of door to door sales people so having this is a great way to ignore them. ;P
  • Crap I forgot to add #sweepstakes so I'll repost: Hello. Our area has plenty of door to door sales people so having this is a great way to ignore them. ;P #sweepstakes
  • This would come in handy. I come home late a lot in the am hours when my wife is sleeping. She usually has the entire door latched so I have to call and wake her up. Even hearing my voice she still asks questions once she gets to the door. With this she could see it's me, and save an extra 10mins of my time and her sleep. #sweepstakes
  • People are always dropping off the wrong packages to my place! This would be amazing!  #sweepstakes
  • I really need one of these for my back door, it does not have anything and is not visible or within earshot anywhere in the house. I am entering the giveaway sweepstakes. #sweepstakes  
  • It would be absolutely useful for me to see who's at the palace gate, before responding... #sweepstakes
  • I want to catch those pesky kids who keep ding-dong ditching my house and leaving flaming bags of poop #sweepstakes
  • Seems cool
  • I think this would be great and I love that it activates even if the doorbell is not actually pushed.  I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry.
  • Our main entrance door is in the back of the house & we are in the front. This would be amazing! I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry. #Sweepstakes 
  • Ring would be great when We're downstairs and can't get to the door quick enough when someone is there. Pretty nifty invention. #sweepstakes
  • This would compliment my zwave home automation System. #sweepstakes
  • An extra level of safety for my kids.  #sweepstakes    
  • Cool, see who's at your front door as well as use it as a motion-detecting security camera! I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry. #sweepstakes
  • This would be great, especially for when my kids are home alone. #sweepstakes
  • As a single woman, this would be amazing and would definitely make me feel safer.
  • I need a ring video doorbell because I live at the end of a very dark road.  I also get a lot of packages, so would be helpful to see if/when ok to open the door. #sweepstakes
  • Would love to have one for security purposes! #sweepstakes
  • This would be a great way to keep track of who comes to your door! Neat gadget!  #sweepstakes
  • I have friends who have this and it is absolutely fantastic. Looking forward to getting one myself!  #sweepstakes
  • Somebody's knocking at my door, and I wanna see who it is without getting off my couch...  :)  #sweepstakes
  • I could use one of these to protect my family. we had someone try to force their way in a few weeks ago. #sweepstakes
  • What an imazing innovation in the world of safety and security!  #sweepstakes
  • This is a great home security device. #sweepstakes
  • I live in thethe Philippines and this would be very useful cause you never know who is at the door #sweepstakes
  • Thats nice Door bell I can go is without changing my phone !! #sweepstakes
  • OMG! This would be awesome. I have been having some trouble with some kids around the neighborhood. They come ring the bell and run right after. The other day, they dragged an old Christmas tree that was at a neighbors house and left it on my front door. I wish I could see who they are so I could have a chat with their parents. #sweepstakes    
  • I need to know whether to open the door and let the dogs out! This would be awesome. I also wonder if i can place it inside to know who's tearing apart the door when I'm gone! #sweepstakes
  • No more unwanted guests at my frontdoor! #sweepstakes
  • Woow I love its technology!
  • Pretty Neat #sweepstakes
  • This comment is just to enter in the #sweepstakes
  • For the win.
  • Just what I need!  My doorbell is broken.  #sweepstakes
  • I would love to win it because it is very helpful for my lile #sweepstakes.
  • Very cool and a great safty acessory.
  • Way better than a peephole. They won't know you're home and at door. #sweepstakes
  • We don't have a doorbell, this would be awesome. #sweepstakes
  • i could really this my current wireless doorbell just died. No battery replacemrnts work so in the trash it goes. That would not only fill an immediate need, but totally geek out my front door. ☺#SweepStakes
  • I post this comment as a sweepstakes entry.
  • This would be awesome, my 6 year old loves to answer the door and with this product I could see who it was and allow him to answer if it's safe! #sweepstakes
  • Seems like an interesting concept. #sweepstakes Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Saw a tech display at the Peoria, IL Home Show and liked.  I'm also single and you can never be toooooo careful. entry into the sweepstakes - #sweepstakes
  • I need this because I hate not knowing whose at the door! #sweepstakes
  • This is great! I would love to win one of these. It would be incredibly helpful, as we live in a basement apartment and it can be difficult to see who is at the door. My wife would be especially happy as well; mostly because I didn't spend any money. Love the site! Keep up the great work. #sweepstakes
  • Time to update our doorbell.  #sweepstakes
  • My reason is simple, after replacing my door bell twice, the replacement DIED!  And what's worse, my wife is yelling at me to fix it!  #sweepstakes
  • Would like to give one to my parents for security. #sweepstakes
  • I need a ring doorbell because I never hear when someone knocks ! #sweepstakes 
  • I need this in my life. There's this beautiful woman  in my apartment complex,  a few doors dwn that I've been trying to stage an accidentally meeting. Do you see where I'm going?
  • Use it to know when package deliveries arrive. #sweepstakes
  • Because we have privacy film on our door and can't see out. I also get a lot of packages, and I don't get the door when I'm home alone. #sweepstakes
  • I really want one of these #sweepstakes
  • Makes my life easy #sweepstakes
  • IoT is here!  #sweepstakes #gems
  • see who is at the door before opening it, see when packages are delivered (or taken) #sweepstakes
  • I want to be able to monitor my front door from anywhere! #sweepstakes
  • I've really been trying to find a good security system this seems like it could be a good start :) #sweepstakes
  • What great timing! The girlfriend and I are moving into a new place at the end of the month that shockingly has no peep hole on the front door. Would love to have this system in place. #sweepstakes
  • HOW COOOOOOL IS THAT!  Would love to win it!
  • An engineer in my office bought one into the office the other day.  Then after he set it up at his house, he showed me on his iphone what it could do.  One thing you have to keep in mind when you mount these is how much sun that hits it.  If the sun is too direct, the images struck by the sun will go dark and your field of vision will be reduced.  His did that. So he made a few adjustments and when he showed me the images later, it was much better.   I plan to get one even if I don't win here. (hoping and praying)  I don't see why you wouldn't want this technology.  He also mentioned that if someone did happen to remove it from your house, Ring would cover the cost of replacing it.  I don't know that Dan covered this in the thread but its worth noting.  #sweepstakes
  • My coworker has one of these, I thought it was cool. #sweepstakes
  • Nice piece of device! love to have this soon.! #sweepstakes
  • This would be awesome to have for my father who's in a wheelchair and If I win it, it's his... #sweepstakes
  • I'd like to win this for one reason.  Safety. #sweepstakes
  • Great to see who is at your door even if you're not home. I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry.
  • Would be nice to see who's at my door. #sweepstakes
  • I need this because my house the way it's set up is hard to hear when someone knocks and I don't currently have a doorbell!
  • I need one so I don't have to open the door and my little doggie won't run out the door making me chase after him.  I also won't have to answer for salespeople and can be selective about who I answer the door for. #sweepstakes 
  • would be something that could be used around here....added security is always needed #sweepstakes
  • Live in a remote area and you never know who is at the door.  Would love to know who is knocking and who is on the doorstep when we're not home.  #sweepstakes.
  • our current doorbell is busted, would love to replace it with this fancy new one #sweepstakes
  • This would be great for my elderly mother. Her door is quite far away from her living room. #sweepstakes
  • I need this because I just bought a house and the door bell sucks. Ibcan hardly hear it when someone rings my current bell Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This would be really cool to have when I'm at the back of the house and need to see if it's even worth making my way to the front to open the door #sweepstakes
  • I'd like one so I can see who is at the door. #sweepstakes
  • This would be AWESOME to have. There are some bad people in this world anymore one just never knows who it could be at the door anymore. #Sweepstakes  I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry.
  • I would Love this new product to keep my family safe! #sweepstakes
  • My dog attacks everyone at my door so could see who it is before opening the door. #sweepstakes
  • We do have a video doorbell in every house of our apartments. It is not a smart one though, out of the box. But with a little bit of tweaking and a raspberry pi , I am sure it can be made to have many of the features that this one seems to have. #sweepstakes
  • I see this as a safety future for my family, so we just don't open the door for anybody. #sweepstakes
  • Awesome safety gadget. #sweepstakes I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry  
  • There's been quite a few package thefts around my area. I definitely need this! #Sweepstakes
  • To know when the UPS delivery leaves a package #sweepstakes
  • I need a Video Doorbell because it will help market Ring to other neighbors. The ROI for my doorbell will be at least 10 fold by word and sight alone! #sweepstakes
  • This would be great since my main door doesn't have a window and I feel vulnerable with just a flimsy screen door between me and who knows what.. I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry
  • I can't see the front door of my new business and clients keep waiting out there so this would really help a great deal!
  • This would be great for me to have. Then I don't have to worry about opening the door to see who it is.  I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry. #sweepstakes
  • #sweepstakes I spend a lot of  time away from house either shopping or traveling.  Great way to protect your persoal items.  
  • Every time the doorbell rings my dog goes crazy. Barks for half an hour. Winning a Ring Video Doorbell would make my doggie's life so much calmer. #sweepstakes
  • Looks like its wifi only. These internet of things devices are notoriously insecure and almost never get firmware or security updates.
  • Would love to feel a little safer at home. I am posting as an entry into the #sweepstakes
  • I would love to make my doorbell smarter...#sweepstakes
  • This should say it all "No
    Admittance Except on Party Business"
  •  #sweepstakes
  • Safety and security.  I have people coming to my door that I don't know.  I would like to see who it is before I open my door. #sweepstakes
  • I work long hours and want to see who come to my door; I need more eyes on my property :) #sweepstakes 
  • I would love a ring video doorbell because I am getting ready to have knee replacement surgery and I would be able to view who's at the door without getting up!  #sweepstakes
  • I need a ring video doorbell in my life because I am hard of hearing and I don't own one. #sweepstakes
  • I need this because it's awesome! #sweepstakes
  • Don't have a door bell. Need a door bell. #sweepstakes 
  • Very cool now just need sling and amazon to to jump on windows mobile
  • I wanted something like this. I looked at other options without having to put a hole in my door.
    Sidenote: Its an ok name for the product. I think PeepCam has a better ring to it (no pun intended)
  • I would love this to see who is at the door while I am upstairs.  #Windows10doesmore #Sweepstakes
  • I have always wanted one of these! I am short and can not see through the peephole in the door. This is perfect for me! #sweepstakes 
  • #sweepstakes this would be a great safety feature for my daughter's townhouse.  I would love to give this to her.
  • I would like to SEE who is at my door. #sweepstakes
  • Planning to build a new house or renovate an old one, want to go all out on the smart home #sweepstakes
  • our door bell works half the time .. we need something dependable  thanks  #sweepstakes 
  • so i can see whose at the door before i answer #sweepstakes
  • I have always wanted one of these. #sweepstakes
  • I would use it only because it would be cool to show off. #sweepstakes
  • So I can see you coming with my prize!  #sweepstakes
  • This would be perfect for my new house! My wife is a little nervious moving out of apartment to our house. I also travel, this would give her more peace of mind to be home alone. And it would also make me be the best new husband :)   #sweepstakes.
  • Too much happening in the world & I love new tech. #‎Windows10DoesMore‬ #Sweepstakes 
  • Amazing Door Bell, could really use this because my old doorbill stopped working #sweepstakes
  • OMG, this would be great to actually have. I take the time to peek out a window before I open the door and so I miss so many deliveries and have to go pick them up or call and wait to reschedule delivery. I want this! #sweepstakes
  • I love the idea of knowing who is at the door before you answer. #sweepstakes
  • I'd like a ring doorbell because it would be fun to interact with people while I am not there #sweepstakes
  • I'd love to have that kind of security at my doorstep. #sweepstakes
  • I need one of these because I hate opening the door to find a solicitor. #sweepstakes 
  • Would be nice to see what my dog is barking at, lol! #sweepstakes
  • I love this thing. I want this thing! What a great way to see when packages arrive. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Ring Video Doorbell, is a device I want !  Love the doorbell and video concept and especially the night vision,  360% viewing.   Very reasonable price for what your getting.  #sweepstakes.   JB.
  • I totally need a ring video doorbell! Someone I know got one for Christmas and it's the best thing EVER!! Perfect for screening solicitors and for times when I'm not even HOME!! I would love to win this #sweepstakes!!
  • I could for sure use this so I can know who's at my door while I'm doing laundry  #sweepstakes
  • I could always use more technology!  At least the hydro is cheap.  #sweepstakes
  • I'm glad I'm young and these sophistications I can still grasp ;)   #sweepstakes
  • It's 179 right now on Amazon. #sweepstakes
  • our doorbell doesn't work so i could use it! #sweepstakes
  • I would love to keep track of when people come to the door. Especially UPS/FedEx, etc. Thank you in advance #sweepstakes
  • that could come in handy  
  • I don't want to get up to answer the door.
  • I don't answer the door unless I know who is on the other side so this would be perfect so I won't have to sneak a peek anymore. #sweepstakes
  • Oh I love this. I could answer the door while away if needed.
  • My tri-level home makes it hard to hear the door or doorbell.
  • I would use this door bell because majority of the day no one is home. Also when my kids come home would make sure who is coming home with them. Especially when I'm away would know who rang the door bell and make sure my wife and kids are safe.
  • I love this thing! I've always wanted a security camera, especially for watching over my Amazon packages. I get so many of those... #sweepstakes
  • I would love to have one to spy on my neighbors to catch them spying on me #sweepstakes
  • This would be a great addition to my decidedly tech - less apartment. #sweepstakes    
  • Cannot figure out how to log in or register. Need to make my home safe. Thank-you.#sweepstakes
  • Who wouldn't want a doorbell with a camera? #sweepstakes
  • This would be great for monitoring what is going on at my front door.  I'm thinking specifically of deliveries.  #sweepstakes
  • i had one, i need another
  • Why do I NEED Ring Video Doorbell? Because I'm a single mom with a toddler and no peep hole to my front door. #Sweepstakes
  • Myself parents just got one for thier house last month, I've played with it a few times and myself sad explained what it can do and how. This is such an easy to use and innovative system. I need one for my new apartment (which has doors with no eyeholes for no good reason).. #sweepstakes
  • Want one just for the high-tech coolness #sweepstakes
  • With Ring I could finally catch the kids that like to run around the neighborhood doing ding dong ditch! #sweepstakes
  • I hate having to walk to the door for solicitators or walking to the door and nobody at door #sweepstakes I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry.
  • Ok, I live in a large older house and the top floor is my LEGO engraving shop and printing shop. The doorbell has not worked for 30 years and it would be handy while I am on computer upstairs to be able to hear UPS man come to door. #sweepstakes
  • Every day during the weekdays while I'm at work, my 3rd grader comes home from school to the house alone. She's pretty resourcful and can get into the house and turn on the alarm system and do her home work and such. I'm completely proud of her. The reason why I would love to have this Ring door bell system is because I would like to have a security camera that is connected to the front door that can actually watch her coming into the house. There have also been times where someone has come to the house and rang the standard door bell while she was home alone. Like a good girl, she kept quite, didn't answer or go near the door and all was well. She has a Lumia 640XL as her phone and with this system and her HP Stream running Windows 10 not only can she monitor the door but so can I while I'm at work. It would simply increase the security and protection for my family. #sweepstakes #inittowinit
  • I need a Ring Video Doorbell in my life because I never know who is my friend or foe when opening the front door. #sweepstakes
  • My neighborhood is in transition and this would be a great peace-of-mind addition just in case. I also have two dogs and it is a huge hassle to answer the door and wrangle them. This would help ease that process greatly. #sweepstakes
  • I wish to get this... Kinda love with it. #sweeptakes :)
  • that's cool Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I need a ring video doorbell so I don't miss packages #sweepstakes.
  • Cause most of the time I'm not home, and I'd find this really convenient to see and talk to who is at my house and also cause this is a #sweepstakes and why the hell not
  • So tired of the crime in our neighborhood. A Ring video doorbell would make me more comfortable when I have to leave the house. #sweepstakes
  • Could really use one of these! #sweepstakes.
  • This would really help me figure who is leaving odd things on my front porch. #sweepstakes
  • Cause most of the time, I'm out of the house, and I'd like to know who's there and talk to them, but also that this is a #sweepstakes and why the hell not.
  • it would be nice to ring in the new year with it.  #sweepstakes
  • Goodbye Jehovah's Witnesses!  #sweepstakes
  • Since it can trickle charge, I wonder if you can hook up a solar panel as power source. #sweepstakes
  • Would useful avoid double glazing salesmen #sweepstakes.
  • I need a Ring Video Doorbell to give to my Mom. Really. She's got low-vision and can't see through the peep-hole of her door these days. A Ring Video Doorbell synced up to her computer would allow her to really know who is at the door and whether or not it's safe to answer. The bonus is that I can also keep an eye on things for her even though we live several hours apart. Ring will improve mom's security and give us both a bit more peace of mind. #sweepstakes
  • Would love to set this up for my folks. They could use some extra security and peace of mind. #sweepstakes
  • I need one cause I'm always chasing my kids around the house & potty training one of them. It would help me out especially since I can't always run to the door right away. #sweepstakes
  • I'm going to buy it.  #sweepstakes
  • I could use one of these for my home, especially if I'm travelling. #sweepstakes
  • First time it has happend that such kind of a product and app available for Windows Phone. Really cool feature better than any other OS offerings  this will help in getting to know who has knocked the door more secure adn trusworthy. #sweepstakes
  • This sounds pretty cool. I just wonder of its durability... How would it perform in extreme weather? Great app though! #sweepstakes
  • I have been looking at this RING device since it came out. LOVE IT. I saw it at Best-Buy and its fits exactly as to what i need. Its safe, to see who is at the door, before you open it. its a great idea device, with a microphone. I would LOVE to win it. #sweepstakes.
  • I could use one of these cause I just bought a new home with an old school door bell and door bells are a thing of the past. Products like the ring are the way of the future. Everyone uses their smart phones anyways.  #sweepstakes
  • I'm always working in the basement or the backyard and it is hard to know when someone is at my door. I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry. #sweepstakes
  • I need it.
  • I've wanted doorbell like this that works with win10 for a while. My front door is at the front of my house and I can never hear it from the back room. #sweepstakes
  • This looks exciting to me. #sweepstakes
  • I'd like to have this at my front door. #sweepstakes
  • I need it nice and loud! #sweepstakes
  • I absolutly love my home. That's why I'd like to put a ring on it. Just to be safe. #sweepstakes  
  • looks cool! #sweepstakes
  • I'd love to keep track of the nearly daily amazon packages that show up at my door (courtesy of the wife) - make sure no one else stops by after the courier #sweepstakes
  • My own doorbell is broken and I want to replace it with something with more tech in it. It's either DIY or this #sweepstakes
  • by the way I need this since I have no door bell. It would be nice to have one again! #sweepstakes