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Windows 10 Gems: Two Dots makes casual gaming fun again


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Two Dots

Two Dots

Two Dots

When it comes to mobile devices, casual gaming will always be one of the most popular pastime usages next to texting. Two Dots is one of those games that anyone can pick up on any Windows 10 device and start solving.

Offering an smart design and open gameplay, Two Dots is available on both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. It might be a casual entry in the gaming arena, but it's done incredibly well and a fun way to kick back and relax — and that's why it's today's Windows 10 Gem.

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What it is

Two Dots is one of a few connect-type games available. The concept is simple: link two (or more) dots together, which then eliminates them from the board. On each level, you only have a certain amount of moves to meet the goal of reducing the number of dots.

You can connect dots in a straight line with no diagonals. However, if you create a square with the colors, you can eliminate all of that particular color from the board. That latter move is difficult as you need the dots lined up just perfectly, but it is supremely satisfying when it does happen.

After each level, you are awarded a star score (one out of three) with a numerical rating. The fewer moves you used to complete the goal the higher the score and the more stars. You can, of course, replay any level to attempt higher scores and you can use the universal share picker to brag about your game. One of the more inventive aspects is sharing your score also adds a snapshot to the post making it that much more attractive.

The concept is simple: link two (or more) dots together, which then eliminates them from the board.

Two Dots is free and ad-free with an optional in-app purchase ($2.99) that gives use 10 Shufflers, 8 Booster Boxes, 4 Erasers and 2 hours of infinite lives. That optional in-app purchase can be considered cheat-helpers as they are far from necessary, but do let you slide past a level that is giving you considerable difficulty. There are others too, but they only go up to $4.99 (25 Booster Boxes) and are as low as 99 cents for 5 moves.

Finally, you can link Two Dots up to Facebook to sync your game progress to the popular social network. Doing so will let you keep your Two Dots game synced between your desktop PC, Surface, and Windows 10 Mobile device, which is always a satisfying feature to have available.

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Why it's cool

The design of the game embraces the fun, minimalist and modern design that Windows Phone users will appreciate.

Although Two Dots is part of the connecting-game motif, it does bring a few unique aspects. The design of the game embraces the fun, minimalist and modern design that Windows Phone users will appreciate. The artwork is reminiscent of Dumb Ways to Die and QuizUp with colorful, but muted, designs and creative expressions. It's an excellent departure from the cartoony look of some other games out there and feels more line with a game like Threes!

Two Dots also brings an original soundtrack that can be purchased through Bandcamp for $4.99. It's an old-timey ragtime band kind of music and gives Two Dots some personality. Games coming with an original and unique soundtrack is an increasing phenomenon, and it adds to the game's uniqueness.

Two Dots is both fun to play, accessible to anyone and lets you play on any Windows 10 device with ease.

Final Thoughts

As much as I'd love to get into a serious MMO or arcade level game on my phone or even laptop, I'm one of the millions of people who just do not have that kind of time. Games like Two Dots let me quickly pick up and play a mildly challenging puzzler that only requires a few minutes of dedication. Throw in some fun artwork, a catchy tune and the ability to continue my progress on any Windows 10 device and Two Dots is a game embracing the Microsoft future.

Because of these reasons, Two Dots is a game I recommend to anyone of any age group looking for something simple but fun game to pass the time on the couch, at work, or whenever you have five minutes to spare.

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