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One of the fun things about this job is that I sometimes have to use things that I normally wouldn't try due a busy life and energy. 1-800-Flowers is one of those apps that we reported on but I never found the time to actually look at in depth. Turns out, it has earned a 4.9 (out of 5) rating on the Store and there is a reason for that: it's a fantastic example of the power of the Windows 10 platform.

For all of you busy bees that should be taking the time to send someone special that gift that will make their day — but somehow managed to forget — we present the lifesaver you've been waiting for but didn't know you needed: the official 1-800-Flowers app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

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What it is

1-800-Flowers is a well-known company for a reason — you know the drill: there's a birthday or Mother's Day or Valentine's Day or your anniversary or some other special occasion coming up and you, yes, you know what you need to get: flowers. Sure, you might not get the appeal of a bouquet of roses or daffodils or lilies, but you know that the person you need to be treating right sees them as a big deal. And even you can admit that they look nice and smell good.

Having been around for many years, 1-800-Flowers has been a national fixture in the floral space. They were one of the first companies to make the jump to e-commerce, and have become the largest brand for online ordering of floral arrangements.

To use the service, you just go to their website, log in, browse around and order something to be sent to your beloved. Easy peasy and a life saver for many forgetful people.

Why an app?

For some people living in a web browser is the way of life. For others, we go the all-app route, preferring to do whatever we can through an app. Here are my reasons:

  • Log in just once with all my info saved
  • The interface is designed for my phone or tablet
  • No ads, no clutter, and no JavaScript nonsense slowing down my experience
  • Quickly access my account, orders, information, etc.
  • Live Tiles and notifications (where applicable)

Not only that, but apps serve as little reminders — especially in Windows where they can live on your Start screen. Just seeing a Tile for an app can help give you an idea or remind you to do something.

1-800-Flowers on Windows 10

The 1-800-Flowers app does almost all of the things I mentioned. Say you are out at night away from a computer and you just remembered you needed to order flowers or a gift – just pull out your phone and I guarantee you can order in less than 90 seconds - although, for your sake you should probably take the time to pick out something nice! If you are at the PC loading up the 1-800-Flowers app for Windows 10 is even faster and more to the point.

Even better? 1-800-Flowers is giving away free shipping to orders placed through the Windows 10 and Mobile apps. My $45 order would have yielded a $14.99 shipping charge, but since I used the app my shipping charge was $0.

How is the app?

1-800-Flowers for Windows 10 Mobile

The 1-800-Flowers app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile is very well designed. The layout is simple, but informative, with high-resolution photos. Navigation is intuitive and helps you find what you need. You can optionally search for occasions by typing it in or using a microphone to dictate e.g. 'Birthday' and the app will fetch some of the top selections.

The app does not require a login and rightly does not force you to login to use the app for the first time. Instead, you can shop around and try out things. Once you are ready to order you can create an account, log in to an existing account, or checkout as a guest with no registration required. Being registered lets you access your account, track orders and accumulate rewards for future purchases.

The apps for both Mobile and PC are also very fast with quick launches and no reformatting of web pages – just native rendering as it should be.

I did have a few hiccups. For instance, I had difficulty adding a credit card to my purchase on the mobile app, yet it worked just fine on the PC version. Once I added it to the PC app the credit card correctly showed in my synced Windows Phone app making the issue rather trivial. That was my experience, one of my colleagues was able to add his card with no issue through the mobile app, so perhaps it was just a connection problem on my end.

Placing an order was very easy otherwise with just a few clicks. This task was even easier on a PC (or Surface) due to the ability to type in information using the keyboard. If you have a 1-800-Flowers account, your shipping and billing info is saved to expedite orders for the next time.

After the order is placed, you can view it under My Account > My Orders. For some reason, this feature worked flawlessly on the PC app where I placed the order but the information did not seem to sync to my phone. I could manually enter in the Order ID, and the phone app would retrieve the shipment with no issue, but I'd prefer that information sync from my account history.

That special occasion

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Put a bow on it

Putting aside some of the speed bumps when using the mobile version of the app (which may be isolated to just my experience), the overall experience of using the 1-800-Flowers app was refreshing. The app was stable, fast and just a joy to use.

Although the base of the 1-800-Flowers is solid, I would like to see the developers go further. There is a notification badge on the Live Tile, but it seems to only be a reminder that you have something in your cart. The Live Tile is also static with just the company's logo where they could use it as a reminder for holidays, sales, or specials with some beautiful floral imagery.

Finally, the company should leverage the notification system to let me know my order went through, is being processed, has been shipped and delivered. Doing all of those things would complete the ordering experience and make me want to use this app much more often.

Overall, 1-800-Flowers is an exciting step for the blossoming company. The app works well across Windows 10 devices with an excellent design and it serves a very real purpose. The idea of being able to launch an app and hit a few menu items to get my order in is something that technology is meant to do. The 1-800-Flowers app goes a long way to making our lives easier with Windows 10 and I'd love to see them continue to take it to the next level.

And hey, you can't beat that free shipping for being on Windows 10!

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  • Paris :) #sweepstakes
  • I'd love to travel to Scotland. #sweepstakes
  • Personally, I'd like to go to Ireland. Looks nice and I wanna taste the Guinness there, I hear it tastes better due to the lack of preservatives or something as such. #sweepstakes
  • Tampa, FL! (Wish I never left) #sweepstakes
  • I would love to go to New Zealand. #sweepstakes
  • Anywhere in the world, Seattle! The best city in the world! I'd walk the water front, hang at the International Fountain, chill in the Olympic Sculpture Garden, brows the Pike Place market, stroll down Post ally and see how the new gum walk is coming along, out for drinks at the rock bars in Belltown, then up to Capital Hill, Frisbee in Volunteer Park, and a walk through Freeway park. Maybe a coffee top Space Needle. Ok I'm done lol. #sweepstakes
  • I would go to New Zealand # sweepstakes
  • I would travel to San Fran.  Because I used to live there and would love to go back and visit! #sweepstakes
  • I would go to Fuji #sweepstakes
  • I would love to take my family to Sanibel Island in Florida. We used to go there as a family when I was little, long before it became a "destination" and the prices quadrupled. Would be fun to share some of my childhood with my kids.  #sweepstakes
  • The Grand Canyon #sweepstakes
  • Mongolia. I have always wanted to see Mongolia. #sweepstakes
  • I would go to the UK!  I want to visit all the countries in Great Briatain :) #sweepstakes
  • I would love to travel to Eksjo, Sweden.  My 3x grandfather and family immigrated from there and I have always desired to travel thre and explore my roots. #sweepstakes  Good luck everyone!
  • i'd go to the atlantis resort in the bahamas  - I'm writing this as a sweepstakes entry #sweepstakes
  • I would travel to Fl and take daughter to Disney. #sweepstakes
  • i would go to hawaii - i've always wanted to go. I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry.  
  • That app looks like a great way to send my wife some flowers on a special day. And the gift card would be a great help in having a weekend away!! #sweepstakes
  • I think the app is cool and vacation to gulf coast would be great.        I posted this comment as a sweepstakes entry.
  • I'd travel to Brazil. #sweepstakes
  • California #sweepstakes
  • Scotland is where it'd go. Look up my family and history. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I posted this comment as a sweepstakes entry. #sweepstakes
  • Germany! For the Beer! #sweepstakes
  • I would go to Australia #sweepstakes 
  • Hawaii #sweepstakes
  • Visit my brother in Hawaii. #sweepstakes
  • For me, I would visit the motherland! Seoul, South Korea. I have never been there. #sweepstakes
  • I would travel to Fiji. It is on my bucket list #sweepstakes
  • I would travel to the Maldives to see the glow-in-the-dark beach :). #sweepstakes
  • Redwoods in Cali #sweepstakes
  • I love Castles! I have always dreamed of staying in one...and Scottland is a gorgeous country with lots of castles to explore.  I would love to go to Scottland!!  #Sweepstakes
  • I would go to Hawaii. #sweepstakes
  • Cooperstown, NY to see Ken Griffey Jr. inducted into the baseball HOF this summer. #sweepstakes
  • New Zealand... I have been told it is one place in the world that everyone should visit.. :-) #sweepstakes
  • right now, we're trying to plan a trip to Italy and France for my daughter's graduation gift. I'd use the gift card for that lodging. #sweepstakes
  • The Netherlands #sweepstakes
  • I would love to travel I want to see new places go sightseeing and relax in comfort  I would love to see oregon and the west coast  .. thanks for the chance  #sweepstakes 
  • I would go to the Grand Caymans, Las Vegas or Costa Rica #sweepstakes
  • If I could go anywhere, I would go to Charleston, SC.  #sweepstakes
  • Travel? Well right now I need to get my son to his college visits. #sweepstakes. 
  • sweden #sweepstakes
  • I'd like to visit some of the more off the beaten path countries like Prague or Poland. #sweepstakes
  • Chicago! It is our favorite place! #sweepstakes
  • I would go to Niagra Falls or Italy #sweepstakes
  • would use at Clearwater FL  #sweepstakes
  • I want to go to Jamiaca with my sweetheart! married 15 years this august... #sweepstakes
  • If I could travel anywhere I would go to Italy, Japan, China, Australia, or Iceland! #sweepstakes
  • I would go to Bora Bora.  #sweepstakes
  • I would love to travel to Tahiti! #sweepstakes
  • I'd go back to Hawaii #sweepstakes
  • I would love to go to Bali  #sweepstakes
  • I'd go to Dubai ! #sweepstakes
  • The Grand Canyon. #sweepstakes
  • I'd travel to virginia to see my brother #sweepstakes 
  • I would love to take my hubby and kids to a nice Caribbean beach with those big inflatable slides and trampolines in the water! They'd LOVE that!! #sweepstakes
  • I would love to go on Safari in Africa #sweepstakes
  • I need to go to a confernece in DC #sweepstakes
  • I'd take a trip to Bali #sweepstakes
  • SAVE MY RELATIONSHIP!!!!!   My girlfriend's birthday is later this month, and guess who doesn't  have the money buy her a nice gift for her 30th Birthday? ME! :-( It would be a blessing to win one of these gift cards to treat my girlfriend on her special day. She doesn't want to celebrate it because she feels old, and is not were she wants to be in life just yet. This will help he relax, and enjoy herself. Thank you all in advance. Much Love & Blessings. #SWEEPSTAKES
  • I would like to go to Italy and tour Rome #sweepstakes
  • I would love to go to the Caribean or Las Vegas =) #sweepstakes
  • I have been dying to go to Iceland! #sweepstakes
  • switzerland #sweepstakes
  • I would love to explore all the Europeon countries. #sweepstakes
  • Australia! #sweepstakes
  • I would love to go to Curacao I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry
  • If I could go anywhere in the world I would go to South Africa. Enter me in the #sweepstakes please.
  • I want to go to Hawaii.  I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry
  • I have always dreamed of Hawaii #sweepstakes
  • I'd love to travel to Ireland!! #sweepstakes 
  • This would be convient to have the flowers app on my phone.  The flowers always looks so fresh  I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry #Sweepstakes
  • I would travel to Spain  I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry
  • Melbourne, Australia #sweepstakes
  • I'd love to visit the Cape Cod bay  :)  #sweepstakes
  • Going on a vacation soon to Florida.  This would make my day :) #sweepstakes
  • I'd go to New Zealand #sweepstakes
  • I'm going to Winnipeg! Thanks Daniel. #sweepstakes
  • Nice app!! #sweepstakes
  • I want to go to Baikal Lake. #sweepstakes
  • New York City   #sweepstakes
  • the Alps
    I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry #sweepstakes
  • I think my dream destination would be the South Pacific island of Morea, near Bora Bora. #swseepstakes
  • Japan #sweepstakes
  • Greece! #sweepstakes
  • Love to go to Florida and see family and make a trip to Disneyworld with the kids #sweepstakes
  • I'd save it till Nov 8....then move to canada if Drumpf wins >.> #sweepstakes
  • New Zealand! #sweepstakes
  • Fiji; New Zealand; Europe...#sweepstakes.
  • I would like to see Brazil, but not unitil the Zika is under control. :)  #sweepstakes
  • I would love to travel to Montreal this summer. #sweepstakes
  • I would love to visit New Zealand and explore their trails and beauty of the land #sweepstakes
  • i'd travel to Australia! #sweepstakes
  • I would travel to St. Lucia! #sweepstakes
  • I would love to visit Colorado!! #sweepstakes
  • If I could go anywhere I would go to Tahiti. #sweepstakes
  • Australia!!! #sweepstakes
  • Hawaii #sweepstakes
  • Scotland #sweepstakes
  • If I could go anywhere I would like to go to Alaska , which is on my bucket list ... #sweepstakes  I am entering in the sweepstakes with this comment
  • I'd go to Paris #sweepstakes
  • Europe.  Always wanted to visit and see all the sites and history.  I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry. #sweepstakes
  • I'd travel to Japan! #sweepstakes
  • i want to go to South Dakota #sweepstakes.
  • Australia #sweepstakes
  • If I could go anywhere in the world, it would be Santorini Greece! You would think with how easy it is now a days to send someone flowers, my husband would send me some occasionally... but nope! lol Thanks for the #sweepstakes
  • I would like to travel to the most extreme and hardcore natural places this planet has to offer such as mountains of tibet Borneo island complex the amazon jungle the saharan deserts #sweepstakes
  • Mars. #Sweepstakes
  • I'd travel back to Hawaii!  #sweepstakes
  • I've always wanted to visit Bavaria but it would be so hard to choose one place! #sweepstakes
  • Would love to take a quick vacation stay at a Hilton hotel #sweepstakes
  • Seattle! #sweepstakes
  • Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Paris, Australia, South Africa....basically anywhere outside of New York City! #sweepstakes
  • DisneyWorld! #sweepstakes
  • Flowers and free hotel? Winner, winner, chicken dinner
  • Cuba #sweepstakes
  • I would LOVE to go to Bora Bora!! I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes Entry
  • Would definitely head to Boston this summer! Sea, Sun and lobsters... #sweepstakes
  • #sweepstakes#sweepstakes #Windows10DoesMore I  would go to the Hawaiin islands
    I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry
  • I would travel to Italy because I want to explore this country. #sweepstakes
  • I would travel to Ireland, England and Italy to see where my grandparents and ancestors came from. #sweepstakes
  • If I could travel anywhere in the world I would travel to Italy and visit the historic rural and ancient towns and cities throughout the country! #sweepstakes
  • I'd travel to Chicago to visit family. #sweepstakes
  • I have ordered flowers from 1-800-flowers before.  Really great customer service #sweepstakes
  • Port Antonio #sweepstakes
  • I would take my kids to Disneyland!
  • Aruba is my choice #sweepstakes !
  • I would go to NewZealand #sweepstakes
  • I would travel to Sydney, Australia. #Sweepstakes
  • Would love to check out New Zealand #sweepstakes
  • I would travel to Alaska. #sweepstakes
  • If I could travel to any where in the World I would like to visit Australia and New Zealand. #sweepstakes
  • Ireland for sure!   #sweepstakes
  • I want to go back to Greece! #Sweepstakes
  • I have always wanted to go to Australia and in particular Alice Springs. That is where I would go it I could go anywhere. I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry
  • I would go to Italy. #sweepstakes
  • If I could go anywhere in the world I'd travel to the Hawaiian Islands.  #sweepstakes.
  • ANywhere but here! #sweepstakes
  • australia #sweepstakes
  • Well, if I could go anywhere, it'd be Bora Bora. But, that's not likely to happen. A more reasonable trip would be to the beach in Florida somewhere. #sweepstakes
  • San Diego, CA to see my grandparents :)  #sweepstakes
  • I would go to Haiwaii to enjoy the heat and beaches. #sweeptakes
  • I'd go to somewhere with lots of mountain biking. #sweepstakes
  • If I could go anywhere in the world I'd go to Egypt and see the pyramids.  They're calling to me! #sweepstakes
  • Germany!  #sweepstakes
  • Oh wow. I would absolutely visit New Zealand or Australia. Beautiful places! #sweepstakes 
  • I'd go to New York, I've always wanted to go there. Failing that I'd go back to San Francisco, that place is just beautiful. #SWEEPSTAKES
  • New Zealand #sweepstakes
  • Would love to see Kyoto in foliage or cherry blossom season! #sweepstakes
  • For that moment when you spontaneously need to send flowers ;-) #sweepstakes
  • I would love to go to either Hawaii or NY! #sweepstakes
  • Love flowers!! #sweepstakes
  • i have always wanted to go to toledo spain and buy a sword.  all my life. i will do it someday #sweepstakes
  • If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would travel to Spain. #sweepstakes
  • I would love to travel to Down Under and see koalas in person!  #sweepstakes 
  • I would love to be able to go see my son-in-law, daugther and 2 grandsons in FL. I would be traveling there!  #sweepstakes
  • I would probably head off to Portugal, if I could! #Sweepstakes
  • I'd like to see Scotland again, or maybe visit New Zealand--If I could go ANYWHERE there are some caves I wanna see. :) #sweepstakes
  • spain #sweepstakes
  • I would go to visit my family in New England. #sweepstakes
  • Australia! #sweepstakes
  • I'd like to go to Hawaii. We're due for another trip...soon! :) #sweepstakes
  • If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go home to Boston, to the people, places, sights, sounds and memories I love so much. #sweepstakes
  • I would love to visit Hawaii #sweepstakes
  • If I could go anywhere in the world, I'd like to go to Japan. I've always wanted to see what life is like in Japan but with my own eyes. I want to experiance life there for myself. #sweepstakes
  • always wanted to visit down under #sweepstakes
  • Italy #sweepstakes
  • #sweepstakes Luv to see Paris. 
  • Italy! #sweepstakes
  • I would go to Australia. #sweepstakes
  • I would go to Morocco and dig for trilobites. #sweepstakes
  • I'd go to Palawan, Philippines. #sweepstakes
  • Hello, I could use a vacation.
  • I would travel to Europe and visit as many places as I could! #sweepstakes
  • #sweepstakes