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Windows 10 Gems: AMC brings you some of the best TV around


With these Windows 10 Gem apps

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It wasn't that long ago that the AMC network was just a hodgepodge of old, but classic movies. But then the channel invested in its own original shows, and in 2007 started airing two series that would go on to achieve legendary status: Mad Men and Breaking Bad. Those latter shows spurned a modern resurgence in AMC with The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, and Better Call Saul becoming must-see TV.

Windows 10 PC users now have an excellent AMC app as an option. Not only does the new AMC app let you watch full episodes of some of the most-talked-about shows on television, it also includes a bunch of great extras and behind-the-scenes clips not seen on TV.

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What it is

AMC has exploded into one of the biggest and most exciting channels around on cable. Their Windows 10 app bring some of the greatest shows in their library and airing right now right to your Surface or Windows 10 PC — even if you don't have a cable subscription.

The AMC app is simple enough as not to be overwhelming and is exquisitely well-designed too, with bold images, horizontal navigation and deep linking to the Windows Store to buy episodes, share what you are watching and pin to your Start screen.

Why you want it

The AMC TV app lets you watch some of the best shows around, including:

  • Better Call Saul
  • The Walking Dead
  • Talking Dead
  • Comic Book Men
  • Fear the Walking Dead
  • Hap and Leonard

For some of these shows, the AMC app will let you watch full-episodes while others you can get an array of clips, behind the scenes, and other interesting featurettes that are ideal for the more hardcore fan.

When streaming video, the app takes a few moments to catch up to speed but once it gets going the shows are in HD resolution.

Users optionally can log in with their cable provider, which unlocks some more episodes. However, you do not need to login to view some of them, and subsequent episodes often become unlocked after a set duration (usually a couple of weeks behind its first airing).

For instance, with Better Call Saul you can watch all four of this season's episodes when logged in; non-logged in users can watch the first episode. On the other hand, a show like Into the Badlands does not let you watch any episodes through the app, but it does have many behind-the-scenes extras.

More than classics

Tell us on Twitter what your favorite AMC show is and include the hashtag #Windows10DoesMore!

Tweet your favorite show to watch on the AMC and include #Windows10DoesMore!

Why it's cool

AMC Cortana

The new Windows 10 version lets you pin Live Tiles of your favorite shows to your Start screen that when tapped will take you straight to that show. Not only do the tiles look great in all sizes, but they serve as an excellent reminder not to miss that show.

Additionally, you can now use Cortana to say things like "Hey, Cortana, AMC play the latest episode of The Walking Dead," and it'll open the AMC app and start playing the most-recent available episode.

I also really like the Lock Screen feature that lets you set your Windows 10 lockscreen to an HD photo from one of your favorite shows e.g. the Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, etc. The feature is found under Settings > Set Lock Screen and is a nice nod for those who want to show their fandom on their computer.

How is it?

The AMC app for Windows 10 is something I have seen in the Store, but hadn't really given much consideration before. Now that I've finally given it a shot, I see the app as an excellent companion to the shows I watch (I'm a big fan of Better Call Saul, for example).

The app lets me catch up on things like Talking Dead or Talking Saul, which I sometimes miss, but since I'm a fan of Chris Hardwick, I'd like to catch up on when I have free time.

The AMC app is not quite a Hulu or Netflix replacement, as ultimately AMC would like you to buy a season pass to the show through the Microsoft Store. I'm personally fine with that as owning a digital copy of a show to stream anywhere e.g. Xbox One, my Surface, my Windows 10 Mobile phone, etc. is where all of this media is heading.

AMC is certainly one of the most exciting cable channels around with some of the best TV drama. Their app is a cool companion app to their current (and previous) lineup, and if you're a fan of some of those shows (and in the US), you should grab it. Using the AMC app on my Surface while on the couch is now my preferred method of keeping up with my shows.

If you're a fan of Windows 10 and AMC, then make sure to pick up this Gem to show your support!

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