Join us for a new round of Windows Central Gems starting February 22!


With these Windows 10 Gem apps

With support from Microsoft

Windows Central Gems returns!

Every few months we at Windows Central team up with Microsoft to do one thing: bring you the very best in apps for Windows and Windows Phone. This year, we are changing things up now that Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile are on the scene.

Like our previous Gems series, we'll be highlighting apps for Windows 10 that you should know about. These apps are all fresh arrivals in the Windows Store — and we'll also be giving away prizes with each app and we're making participation easier than ever.

This is our fourth installment of the Gem series, and we we're incredibly excited to be bringing it to you!

What to Expect:

Beginning on Monday, February 22 we will start publishing a new Gem feature every other weekday (think Monday / Wednesday / Friday). This time around we will be covering 12 apps, pushing us all the way through March for a whole month of coverage.

With each feature article, we'll also be running sweepstakes to win prizes related to that day's theme. Participation will be easy, with multiple chances to win!

For those of you who follow @windowscentral on Twitter, we'll also be taking the Gems conversation social. So if you are not yet following us, now would be a good time to start!

Feel the loveSpread the Word!

We really love bringing events like these to you, and we try to make it as much for for the community as it is for us — and we delight in helping raise the awareness of the awesome apps available in the Windows Store to a broader audience.

And of course, huge thanks goes to Microsoft for once again supporting us in running Gems. We are confident that everyone, whether or not you are currently a Windows device owner, will enjoy the latest Gems series. We've got some really great apps coming up, so we're sure you'll find a few to add to your device.

Help us make this a fun series – be sure to join in and spread the word!

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