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Rocket League on Xbox and PC will soon get cross-play with Nintendo Switch

The wildly popular Rocket League is expanding to yet another platform, the Nintendo Switch. And while that's great news for Switch owners, there's a good bit of news here for Xbox One and PC players as well: Rocket League on Switch will support cross-network play with other platforms.

Rocket League developer Psyonix was among the first to jump on cross-network play after Microsoft announced support (opens in new tab) in early 2016. Shortly after, Rocket League began supporting multiplayer matchmaking between Xbox One and PC, massively expanding the pool of players to pull from. Once Rocket League lands on Switch later in 2017, that pool of players will expand a bit more.

Noticeably absent from the cross-network play is the PlayStation 4. Though Sony seemed open to the idea of allowing cross-network play between PSN and Xbox Live, it has yet to make any moves. If the PS4 version of Rocket League were to support the feature, however, that would drastically expand matchmaking for all platforms given the game's popularity and PS4's footprint in the market.

Earlier this week at E3, Microsoft also announced that Minecraft will soon feature cross-network play between Xbox, PC, mobile platforms, and Switch. The PS4 version was conspicuously absent from that announcement as well.

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  • This is awesome!
  • Sony avoids it all not ''seemed open''. funny that they are now the ones that backs off completely from the cross-play idea after MS did it years ago. this is what gamers want and its a shame that now not everyone is in it for the gamers fun.
  • Tried multiple times to get into this, never liked it. Prefers normal football games over this :/
  • Glad Nintendo is jumping in crossplay with Microsoft :)
  • Agreed. I hope someday Sony does it too. I'd love for the day where I can call up a buddy and ask if he wants to play a game and not care what console he/she has. It's not an issue for PC (read: not consoles) if the game is on PC MAC and Linux, it usually doesn't matter, we can all play together.
  • Yup, that's the dream. Microsoft seems more committed to creating the experience than Sony, though. Because all they care about is selling you a PlayStation ;-)
  • I mean obviously they care about selling Playstations, they would be nuts if they didn't. I'd like to see if they really would lose any sales (or not gain any extra) if they allowed cross platform play.
  • My point was Sony seems to care about selling a PlayStation. End. They tout as being "for the players" but really, what kind of experiences have Sony pushed out to improve the overall experience? PSN is still mostly a dumpster fire for one. And yes, I have a PlayStation before anyone thinks to use that old chestnut.
  • I think Sony will be the ones extending crossplay from their platform on their own terms. Sony probably thinks it is beneath them to crossplay with an existing Xbox game.
  • This is typical Sony, they dont play well with others, If they had a football team they'd start their own league instead of joining one.
  • Well... I am sure sooner people like the PlayStation Experience and such, do the will keep buying that platform... or Xbox... They also will buy for the exclusives... It makes no since for multiplatform games. This a feature we need in the gaming community... Some of us barely have time for games and there see little value in buying multiple platform... I could buy all I want now, but don't play the 3 Xbox ones we have now, lol. Yeah multiple rooms... Thing is there is always that friend with a different system. Anywho, I hope Sony jumps on board.
  • A step in the right direction, certainly. Crossplay is so critical to the future of console gaming. No reason it shouldn't already be reality. And, it's great business wise too because it incentivizes people to stick with what they have, rather than buying a second console just to play with friends. Sony is pushing (some, not a huge amount I'm sure, but nonetheless some) people towards the Xbox One S and Nintendo Switch. Backing out on Minecraft Crossplay, lunacy. 122 million units sold. That's the kind of game that sells millions of consoles, and could potentially herd millions away because they can't play with friends and family on other platforms. It'd be one thing if Nintendo backed out too. They didn't. They understand the importance of it, particularly for Minecraft.
  • as long as sony isn't in the game it will be better without them. I hear sony players are worse vrse xbox players anyways. less skill when it comes to the leauge of rockets. 
  • Nice one S(only)