Rocksteady Games confirms Suicide Squad game to be shown on August 22 at DC Fandome

Rocksteady Games Suicide Squad Promo
Rocksteady Games Suicide Squad Promo (Image credit: WB Games)

What you need to know

  • Rocksteady Games is a studio best known for making the Arkham games.
  • It's been five years since a new game from Rocksteady Games was released.
  • Rumors indicated that the studio was working on a Suicide Squad game.
  • Today, Rocksteady revealed that it is in fact developing a Suicide Squad title, with more information coming on August 22.

Rocksteady Games has returned. Today, the developer released a teaser image on Twitter showing a Suicide Squad game, with more information to come on August 22 at DC Fandome.

After releasing Batman Arkham Knight in 2015, Rocksteady Games has been quiet with rumors circulating for years about just what the team was working on. Earlier this year, reports indicated that Rocksteady was in fact working on a Suicide Squad game that'd be revealed at DC Fandome. As is obvious, these reports were true.

It's currently unknown if this new game is a next-generation exclusive title for the Xbox Series X and PS5 or if it will be playable on modern hardware. With Suicide Squad confirmed, questions now linger as to when we'll see the long-rumored new Batman game from Warner Bros. Montreal. There's also the question of if Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment ends up being sold, with reports indicating that Activision-Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Microsoft and Take-Two are all considering a purchase.

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