Round 'em up with Crazy Horses: Unstabled! for Windows Phone 8

Crazy Horses: Unstabled! is the latest Crazy Horses game installment from Nice Touch Games. The Windows Phone 8 title is a fast paced game where you are tasked with lassoing and guiding those crazy horses into the stable.

Sounds easy enough but you have angry bulls, trains, tornadoes and other dangers that will try to take out your horse herd. Lose too many horses and the game's over.

Crazy Horses: Unstabled! is a fun, casual game that has a little kick to it.

The main menu for Crazy Horses: Unstabled! you can jump right into the game, mute the sound, view the "about" screen and access the game's store. You can also access Nice Touch Games Facebook and Twitter pages from the main menu.

Your first level of play is a tutorial that will walk you through all the ins and outs of the game. From there you currently have three additional levels of play with more to come. Levels are progressively unlocked based on the number of points/coins you earn over time.

The game screen has your score in the upper left, your number of lives in the upper right (hearts), your carrots in the bottom left and lighting strikes in the lower right.

Game play with Crazy Horses: Unstabled! is fairly straightforward. You have a bunch of crazy horses running around the screen. You lasso them by drawing a circle around them with your finger and then trace a path for them to follow to the stable. You can lasso as many of the same colored horse together to increase your points. Points that will eventually be converted to coins at the end of the game that can be used in the store to buy power-ups.

While game play sounds fairly simple, you have wild bulls that will charge on to the screen and try to take out your horses. You can defeat the bulls by tapping on them but for each horse taken out you lose a life. Lose all your lives and the game's over.

Crazy Horses: Unstabled! can get a little crazy when you have several different colored horses running around. To help slow them down so they can be lassoed, you can tap the carrot button to toss out a few carrots into the game. The horses stop to eat the carrots, making them easy to lasso.

If the bulls become overwhelming, you have the lightning strike button that will take all the bulls out on the screen.

Graphics are nice, game play can be rather challenging and Crazy Horses: Unstabled! makes for a fun Windows Phone 8 gaming title. Crazy Horses: Unstabled! is a free game with in-app purchases for coins if you want to get a jump on buying upgrades and power-ups from the game's store.

You can find Crazy Horses: Unstabled! here in the Windows Phone Store.

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