Rounded corners are officially the most popular Windows 11 design feature

Windows 11 Quick Actions
Windows 11 Quick Actions (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Rounded corners were voted as the most popular Windows 11 UI element.
  • The Windows Developer Twitter account held a tournament and had people decide the winner.
  • Rounded corners beat out improved snap controls, new background art, and new icons in its head-to-head contests.

Windows 11 brings several new design elements to PCs, including new background art, new icons, improved snap controls, and more. One feature, however, stands out above the rest; rounded corners. According to the Windows 11 UI Element Bracket held by the Windows Developer Twitter account, rounded brackets are the favorite new Windows UI element.

The winner was determined by Twitter voting that extended across several rounds in a bracket. Rounded corners went head-to-head with new icons in the first round and defeated new background art in the second. In the finals, rounded corners squared off against snap controls and won with 54.2% of the votes.

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If you'd like to try out the new operating system yourself, you can grab the latest Windows 11 Insider build. We have a guide on how to become a Windows Insider if you haven't signed up for preview builds yet. If you prefer not to run preview builds on your PC, you can also check out our Windows 11 hands-on video.

Do you agree with the voters on Twitter? What's your favorite new design element in Windows 11? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Both features are great. Hard to choose.
  • Yes, rounded corners, what great new functionality!!! /s (bloody waste of time)
  • Pretty easy to please bunch.
  • What??? Snap controls FTW.
  • I think the snap controls are the best new UI element, but I can see why some people don't care about them.
  • Like so many iOS and MacOS features -- it looks cool and has a catchy name -- and will be seldom used by 96% of users. Even if they are SHOWN how to use it and they think it's cool, a week later it will be like they never heard of it. Windows 10 has a great feature. Drag an image to any already open app in the dock, hover, and it will present that app's window to you -- so that you can finish the drag and release said image into a web browser, word app, presentation app -- you name it. I do this 12 times if I do it once. It's been removed from Windows 11.
  • Not sure why rounded corners is an important thing
  • Reduces workplace injuries--those old sharp corners were known to poke somebody's eye out.
  • I know right! The audacity of having those sharp corners in every version of Windows before Windows 11. I'm surprised Microsoft has never been sued over the injuries and apparent eye abuse they caused.
  • Sharp corners stand out.
  • lol. This is like one of those parody headlines from 2016. Humans...smh
  • a whole new OS and round corners is the best thing about it..
  • This may be the biggest indication of the stupidity of people that I have ever read. Windows 11 has a lot of new UI surfacing new or existing features to make people more productive. Rounded corners does what again? I get it, they’re nice to look at. But the top feature? Yikes.
  • THAT'S the joke. Windows 11 is such a laughably disappointing upgrade from Windows 10 in terms of usability that useless aesthetic changes like Rounded Corners seems like all Microsoft cares about at this point.
  • The 'rounded corners' answer/option on this poll was a joke, right?
  • I hate the rounded corners. But if they have to be there, I'd prefer the Vista style, where the frames were rounded, but the content wasn't.