Hands on with Royal Revolt 2, coming to Windows Phone and Windows 8 on May 15

Last year we interviewed Flare Games, makers of the hit Windows Phone and Windows 8 game Royal Revolt. You know, it’s one of those excellent games that some people miss out on because it doesn’t cure their Achievement shakes. But most of actually want to play quality games on our phones and/or tablets of choice, so we were pumped when Flare revealed that Royal Revolt 2 would be coming to Windows Phone during our interview.

Fast-forward to today, and Royal Revolt 2 is nearly upon us! The sequel has already soft launched on Windows Phone and Windows 8 and RT in Canada and Germany and will soon be available in most regions. In fact, Windows Phone Central has exclusive news of the official release date: May 15, less than two weeks from now. In the meantime, we’ve got a hands-on preview video that reveals some of the major changes in Royal Revolt 2.

Create a kingdom

In the original Royal Revolt, players took control of a prince whose lands had been wrongfully stolen during his absence. The game consisted of numerous single-player levels in which the prince fought and launched AI comrades against enemy towers and castles. Think of it as an action-oriented tower offense game. Although the difficulty curved steeply due to its free to play nature, Royal Revolt was an absolute blast to look at and play.

Most of the elements that gamers loved returns in Royal Revolt 2, except for the story components, that is. The sequel now puts players in charge of their own kingdom that can be invaded by other players. That’s right, Royal Revolt 2 is a multiplayer-oriented raiding game – sort of like Cloud Raiders, but far more action-packed and exciting.

The first thing you’ll do when starting out is construct several buildings in the ruins of your castle. Each building performs a function, such as unlocking and upgrading units and spells. The first game had those same interactions, but you just navigated menus instead of selecting and upgrading buildings. New buildings include taverns that produce gold and farms that grow food. Gold finances upgrades while food fuels the troops you send on raids.

Attack the blocks

If you’re worried about Royal Revolt 2 feeling too different from the first game, fear not. Attacks on other players feel just like the single-player levels of the original.

You still command a prince (who can level up but sadly can’t be visually customized) and run through the levels, automatically hacking away at the enemy’s waves of enemies and obstacles. Launching troops is as simple as tapping the button at the bottom of the screen when your troop meter fills up. Players can still equip spells to deal damage or heal their teammates. New scrolls act like extra powerful spells, but they cost gems (premium currency) so you probably won’t use them much.

Levels are now timed, much like Cloud Raiders and other Clash of Clans-style games. You’ll still get money even if you don’t destroy the enemy’s castle gate in time, but you get a lot more rewards for fully conquering the level. Considering how fun Royal Revolt’s core gameplay is, attacking an endless variety of fellow players is quite enthralling.

The other side of the coin is defense! Each player gets to customize the path leading to his or her castle.  You can unlock and upgrade a variety of towers to guard the path, as well as customizing the waves of soldiers who will defend it. Again, the defense component is similar to other multiplayer raiding games. But with Royal Revolt’s unique gameplay, it still feels very fresh and natural.

Prepare your defenses…

Royal Revolt 2 is a free to play game, with gems once again acting as the premium currency. It remains to be seen how fair and balanced the in-app purchases are – the IAP server hasn’t come online yet.

Fans of the original and even Flare Games’ other title Throne Wars will likely love the new game when it launches in all regions except China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau on Thursday, May 15. I had a tough time putting the phone down so I could write this preview!

  • Royal Revolt 2 – Windows Phone 8 – 239 MB – Free – Store Link (Canada and Germany only until May 15)
  • Royal Revolt 2 – Windows 8 and RT – 241 MB – Free – Store Link (opens in new tab) (Canada and Germany only until May 15)

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  • The graphics of this game is really cute for mobile gaming perspective.
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  • No, Flare Games has never made an Xbox game.
  • No it was not, and it is still an awesome game. I'm looking forward to part 2.
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  • No it's not. The game is free; it can't be stolen. :P
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  • Zeem, this game is free. TV is not, unless its specifically broadcast as free.
  • already downloaded royal revolt 2! change location region to canada and voila!   works perfectly fine on my NL820 WP8.1 and it is stored on my 32GN microSDHC class 10 ;)
  • Don't make to start saying that Microsoft shouldn't revoke the "Free market" app.
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  • *switching region to Germany*
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  • You can just switch back after downloading.
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  • Shouldn't even have bothered in the first place. It seems like the developers changed focus. I felt like my progress depended on how many IAP purchases I made. The first game was better because you could actually progress (to a certain point) without using actual money. I would've loved to pay a few bucks and receive a game with emphasis on single player mechanics rather than online. Besides that the game looks gorgeous. Apart from the shadows that look horrible (flickering) but that's probably just because I played it on the 920. I hope that when (if) they make Royal Revolt 3 they will make it like the first game.
  • Changing region? Oh wait, aren't we Windows Phone user supposed to be a patient person :p
  • Aren't these games Reverse tower defense games though, Paul?
  • Yep, AKA tower offense. This one does have an actual defense component though.
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  • Online only :'(
  • Is this online only?? The 1st one wasn't.
  • They've changed the structure of the game, making this one a competitive raiding game.
  • Yeah,but Paul.It still has a single player campaign right?So why not keep it an option whether to go online or offline?Also,I was really disappointed to see that Captain America:TWS was also online only. I mean why dont devs think of people like us who dont have internet connection all the time?Asphalt 8 has a single player campaign and online racing as well,why not give users the option about what to choose just like Asphalt 8.Why not like Kingdoms and Lords,that had competitive raiding as well,but it was really nice to see offline playing as well even though the game bended more towards online. Please just explain me what the developers have in mind when they make a game with single player mode but still keep it online-only?
  • Well, both this and Cloud Raiders have way more developed and intricate raiding mechanics than Kingdoms & Lords. If Kingdoms & Lords had the same quality of multiplayer as these titles, it would have been a really impressive game! Developers just have a limited amount of time and money that they can spend when making a game. Developing both proper single-player and multiplayer components would be twice as much work for likely much less reward, since single-player people probably won't buy as many IAPs, if any. I think multiplayer competition can really give games longevity that you wouldn't see if there was no multiplayer. The only excuse for requiring an online connection in single-player games is when the game utilizes cloud saves, really. Not that it's the best approach to cloud saving, requiring that connection, but it's a common and valid method. A single-player game that requires it but doesn't save on the cloud would be really annoying, inconveniencing players for no reason (other than maybe preventing cheating). I feel for you, but not every game can be for every player. Some people only like single-player, some only like multiplayer, etc.
  • Ok,that was very well explained but I would definitely have felt better if this game would have given an offline option as well since I play games only when I dont have internet connection.I mean if I had an internet connection,I would have been surfing WPC,Reddit,Twitter,Facebook etc. :p Still like you said,"...not every game can be for every player." I accept that,but I'm still pretty much bummed.That's 3 hit games (Cloud Raiders,Captain America:TWS,and Royal Revolt 2) in a row which have disappointed me in terms of online only.Still I hope to see more developers adding options of offline play as well.Thanks for the thorough response,really appreciate it :) P.S:-You wpc editors really should check into your fb accounts sometimes.I finally found you and sam,messaged you,sent you a friend request just to discover that both of you are quite inactive. :( -_- Daniel still remains elusive though xD .   
  • Oh, you need to let me know who you are when you send a Facebook request. I usually decline requests from people I don't know. I'd love to be more active on Facebook, but I'm just super busy with family, work, and gaming.
  • Would it be that bad to get some data? I couldn't imagine not having data without WiFi.
  • This game requires online connection and a username but i don't understand why there isn't cloud saving. i lost my save data (I don't know why, wher i opened the game, it restarted a new match) and now i have to restart a new game. i'm so disappointed i think i won't play this game anymore. when i left a review for the first royal revolt on the store, i asked for the cloud saving but i don't think they actually read what users write. if i have two smartphones, or if i'd like to continue a game i started on my phone on the pc, i can't. It feels so annoying
  • Definitely a problem that we'll address in our upcoming review.
  • Yep! I lost my save... Fuck The game, not play never!!!
  • No Xbox.. *cries silently in the corner*
  • Yep, it would've been a good candidate for Xbox Live. #SaveXboxWP
  • The first game was amazing. Definitely going to grab this one too. Have to agree with Paul, MSN that learning curve was steep.
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  • Yahoo!!! At long last, gotta see my cute little prince do some action!!!
  • My son keeps moaning that Kingdom Rush is not available for WP. I'd hoped this was similar.
  • Why not HK, Taiwan, or Macau?
  • Change region to Germany
  • Looks awesome! Wish I could play it on a Lumia 930, though...
  • Is it a universal app, I want my progress to follow me.
  • I tried the W8 and WP8 versions and if there is a way to synchronise I didn't find it... :(
  • It's a shame - Flare is a great developer but they're very wrongheaded about cloud saves.
  • Paul, the game is cloud base and there is no way to save it on the cloud, how does this work? You spend some time to get creative with the game, just to lose it all, if your phone crashes you upgrade your device...Maybe at the end of article, this should be Written "THIS IS A CLOUD BASE GAME, BUT IT DOESN'T SAVE YOUR PROGRESS TO THE CLOUD". That line could have saved myself countless hours and many others users who play, World at Arms. The fact cloud save is not available for any game should have been made available in any article on the web on any site, not just WP. I thought game was being saved since you can connect your FB acc, contacted GameLoft and up till now no sync and I am at level 49, glory close to 10,000, so I have finally stop playing they will not have my money and more importantly my time, if they can't add a MUST feature! Is the game progress save be available when the game launches globally or dev or interested in launching the game and wants everyone to play on the promise that there game progresses will be saved something in future maybe by next version. I am very interested to know what devs have to say about that...
  • It's weird because some Gameloft titles do save on the cloud. But even getting your save back with those games can be difficult or impossible sometimes. I agree it makes no sense to require an internet connection and store most or all of the user's data online and yet not allow users to access that data if they reinstall or use different devices. I will definitely criticize that aspect when I fully review this game later on. (BTW, a lot of times we don't know whether a game saves on the cloud or not because it's a pain to test.)
  • Thanks for the replying. Yes, indeed some of gameloft games do have cloud save. I can help out testing a game cloud save feature, ie download play uninstall/reinstall to see if game progress settings or anything was saved. I think if these devs who think they get away with forcing us to play online ONLY(which is not too bad, if you are where wifi/4g/lte is always available) and not saving our progress online or giving option to save offline, they will rethink that, once a lot more users know this and choose not play or give bad review for missing a key feature backup of the progress!
  • Sure, man. Let me know whenever you notice cloud save issues via Twitter @PaulRAcevedo or in the comments of my articles and I'll try to address it if I can. Appreciate it!
  • Update on World at Wars with so many ppl asking for cloud save/sync feature on their fb page, game loft released an update, you can save your game progress with fb acc, and also sync to another windows device. I play on my phone, DL on my win 8 tablet, logged in with same fb and and game progress loaded on tablet as well. Hopefully, we have enough people asking for Royal Revolt and maybe they will make it happen..
  • Loved the first game, I'm a bit miffed to lose the story aspect s it was quite funny and the bonus levels incorporated a lot of hilarity. However the new changes at least are diverse and if it has the same polish as the first game then it should be a perfect combination of some fun game types.
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  • Thanks to Steveo for the Windows 8 link. ~ ~
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  • Yeah, I like Achievements a lot but I don't like the unhealthy behavior shown by some Achievement hunters.
  • Looks like Joe Belfiore!
  • Paul Royal Revolt and Royal Revolt 2 are great games to me.
  • I'm glad you agree! :)
  • Personally really dislike this style of game, unfortunately clash is way too popular. I'll stick with the first one and some other tower defense games :-(
  • Sadly it needs internet connection to play
  • Another good games coming up yeahh. From mr paul review seems like different gameplay from the first sequel hmm...
    another good news from mr paul. Thank you mr paul :)
  • I'm happy you enjoyed the article. We'll have a longer review shortly after the game's worldwide launch. :)
  • Fuck yeah woohoo! Thanks for the news!
  • Change your region to Germany you will get this game...
  • I came across the first game on ipad and was hooked. Managed to complete the levels and three-starred most of them. Played the second game, got hooked, paid some money and somehow stopped playing. I think it's because my hero remain looking the same. The palace defense gameplay is awesome but i dont feel connected to the main character...
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  • crashing in lumia 720 wrk fyn on win 8.1 :)
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  • The game itself is amazing. I've spent lot of time on RR1. But this one crashes on start 2 times of 3 on my L620. When the game is started, everything is ok.
  • Why just 1gb ram??????
  • Why only Canada and Germany, that's crap! I bet its gonna be like 3 quid when the rest of us can get it.
  • Read the article again.
  • This is great news. I've been playing the game on Android for a while now. On Android it syncs between my phone and tablet. Sound like this won't pull that same data over, so I will have to start over. Am I mistaken? Sad that won't be a part of it, but a great game to have on the platform anyway.
  • I mean this game seems pretty good, seems better than the first. Only thing I don't like I'd a time limit on each attack. I understand that without a time limit then everything can be destroyed no problem, but time limits stuck. They should've made attacking waves limited like defending waves, that would force the attacker to protect and heal troops more than not. Idk, it still is fun building up a city, I'm just sick of IAP focused games also.
  • The time limits are kind of a drag. They make sense for this type of game, but it would be cool if the game offered longer levels as well.
  • There is no campaign/story mode :/
  • Awesome game, and the guys of the company rock, my game crashed and i lost my data, i sent them a message trought their support site and in less than 48 hours they fixed it. I guess that would be better a cloud user based system in the future, but they are really nice and cool people. Im happy to support them
  • i love this game,i have L625 and L925 want my kingdom to move to L925 but it can't be move what ashamed. it was really cool game.