The Rushpack may be the last workout water bottle you ever need

The way we work out sure has evolved in the Twenty-first Century. It used to be that you'd just go out for a run or hit the gym and that was that. These days you'd be a fool to leave the house without all your essential daily carry items, including your phone, your credit cards and ID, your keys, and a pair of headphones. Ideally, you'd like to keep all those crucial items on you or nearby as you work out, but who wants to run with full pockets?

No one, that's who.

Enter the Rushpack, a water bottle designed to carry all your stuff so you don't have to. Think about it — you need to stay hydrated while you work out, so why juggle another item when you can instead keep all your stuff together on the water bottle?

If you're tired of strapping your phone to your arm with a sweaty armband case, the Rushpack offers an elegant solution with a rugged sleeve made of industrial grade neoprene complete with pockets built in to carry your cards, keys, and most importantly, your phone — it's stretchy enough to expand and accommodate even the largest phones.

The water bottle is available in 32 oz or 62 oz sizes, is made of premium stainless steel and is vacuum-insulated to prevent condensation. The lid features a convenient flip-up straw along with a spot for connecting a carabiner. If you've ever struggled with carrying around all your essential items during a workout at the gym you'll know the value of this water bottle. It'll also work great with a pair of Bluetooth headphones, as you'll be able to keep your phone close without having to keep it on your body.

Interested in backing this project? Perks start at just $25 for a RushPack sleeve — it's compatible with most 64 oz or 32 oz water bottles — or pledge $59 to get the 32 oz Rushpack in your choice of camo or black. Want to double up the volume? Pledge $69 and get the 64 oz Rushpack. As with other Kickstarters, the perks continue to scale up as you pledge more money. If you've got some fitness freaks on your holiday shopping list, you may want to consider the Double or Triple Rushpack perk which will save you over $100 in the long run.

This is the first Kickstarter campaign by the Sweat Rush team, but they've already surpassed their funding goal with more than a week remaining in the campaign. They expect to start delivering perks to backers by December, making the Rushpack a great gift option for the holidays.

We know it can be risky to back Kickstarter projects, but the Rushpack is one we're confident to share with our readers.

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Marc Lagace