Late but never out, Samsung ATIV Odyssey to launch on January 24?

Here is some good news for everyone on Verizon who can’t wait to get their paws on the Samsung ATIV Odyssey, it could be a week away. This little nugget of information comes from Twitter leakster @evleaks, who has a solid history of being accurate. He (she?) has shown off things in the past like these renders of the Lumia 920 or these of the Lumia 822 and charging pad.

Earlier today, @evleaks posted a render of the upcoming Samsung ATIV Odyssey with the caption:

“…should start to ship on the 24th “

It’s not official till we hear from Verizon, but it’s the best we have at this point. It will pack a Super AMOLED display (800x480) into a 4 inch body. You’ll also be treated to some rather ‘introductory’ smartphone specs, like a 5MP rear-facing camera, 8GB of on board storage and 1GB of RAM. Although you can expand your storage with something like a 64GB microSD card. Power comes from a 2100 mAh battery.

You can look for our review in the coming weeks. In the meantime, check out our hands-on from last week at CES. Anyone planning on potentially picking this little number up in a week?

Souce: Twitter, Via: Windows Phone Daily

Sam Sabri
  • Whatever happened to Ativ S for US? Whatever! Its Nokia and HTC or nothing.
  • It was never promised. Other than the irony of this needing to be mentioned another rumor thread, that is the end of the story.
  • Samsung Shmamsung! I'd rather buy a Huawei device than A Samsung anyday
  • It's great they're releasing more devices, but why oh why such garbage hardware.
  • I agree. Some if us want a high end experience. We want a Samsung 8x or 920. The ativ was supposed to be that but they're dancing around with this odyssey and we aren't fully convinced they are even trying.
  • I am so disappointed that the high end Ativ device didn't make it to a US carrier. That's the actual Samsung WP device I would've liked to see here.
  • So Samsung was the first to show off the Ativ S Windows Phone, Releases awsmone Galaxy SII SIII The Note 1 and 2
    amazing hardware, than they realease their First Windows Phone on Verizon? a 5 meg pic camera ? basic black and white screen? 8  megs or Ram? Yea 8 megs of ram.. WTF Samsung .. Way to slap MS in the face...
    God forbid  that end users line up to buy a windows phone instead of the note II or the SIII
    I trust someting is going on that we might just not like..
  • Where the hell is THE ATIV S
  • Looks like a shittier version of a Focus.
  • Wow. -_-
  • Samsung is afraid of ruining the Galaxy name. They have invested so much in Android and Galaxy that they are afraid to bring good wp8 phones to the US. That leaves a huge opening for Nokia, HTC, and Huawei to take almost all wp8 market share. Good for Nokia. :)
  • the lumia sucks.  Not sure why all their fanboys keep coming on Samsung links just to bash Samsung.  Get a life
  • Lumia sucks?
  • yes it does.  it's vastly overhyped.
  • Never had the option to look at, much less buy an Ativ-s. Lumia is what it is, at least Nokia put their "best" foot forward. With Samsung's might, they could have hit it out if the park. Instead they choose to release mediocre (compared to Android offerings) WP's. BTW, the Lumia is far from perfect but in no way sucks.
  • Hey Troll, my fridge is Samsung. I love their products. Never said their products suck. Refute what I said...oh what's that can't? Have to resort to changing topics like an imbecile...I proposed a business case that fits the facts, what did you propose dud?
  • oh, so apparently, if you don't agree with this whole nokia crap, you're a troll? goes to show lumia fans aren't all there...
  • Ot:, see definition 1
  • Ha ha ha that is a good definition, and he is a troll.
  • Hahaha I thought he fit the definition to a T :)
  • Hmmm....considering we are talking about the Samsung windows phone, the company I like - and don't think is like Nokia that prevents you from taking out the battery or expanding memory - and you have come on talking about the lumia (which the article isn't about) YOU and insideman would be the trolls. People don't all have to fall into the fanboy support of Nokia...not everyone has to like it...and if you don't, it does not make you a shows you have an opinion.
  • Therefore your entire post is incorrect
  • If they're afraid of ruining the galaxy brand then they should just stay out of the WP8 game. They aren't trying if they won't bring their flagship to the US because of that pathetic reason. I hope Samsung is smarter then that. If so then Nokia and HTC should not waste this opportunity.
  • Well the cynic in me says they are releasing average spec phones in the US to associate wp8 with average, nothing too great. It is a risky game, a game theorist would have loads of fun. If other wp8 companies start gaining market and mind share I would bet Samsung releases a great wp8 phone with huge worldwide distribution in an attempt to hijack the wp8 market like they did with Android.
  • And get this over the 822 why?
  • If you really don't want any of the phones they have now you should wait to see the "exciting things" Nokia is planning with Verizon. I would.
  • Exactly what I was saying. Why even consider this phone?
  • Sounds like a WP8 version of the Focus. I miss that phone. No problems whatsoever.
  • Verizon now has three choices. A gigantic improvement over the one and lonely Trophy.
  • Agree.  I really think that Verizon is treading lightly with WP8 - bring entry level/mid range devices from Nokia, HTC, and Samsung, see how the general public receives these phones, and if favorable, move up to more expensive, high end devices.
    I think those devices will come, eventually; but Verizon's reticence is understood.  I get the feeling that Sprint will be just as cautious.
  • This could be there logic, but it makes no sense. It either sends WP users to 8x or another carrier...that's a horrible strategy. I don't think it is VZW. They have 8000 versions of Android high and low end...they could care less. 
    I think it's Samsung, the ATIV S was a phone for the networks of AT&T and T-mobile and International. They most likely did not make launch phone for the Spring/VZW network....maybe later after everyone has purchased the 8x.
  • 8x is not mid-range.
  • I think ATT has the right wise...each iPhone costs $450 in subsidies, the Lumia $350 in subsidies. Ma Bell gets a sale at reduced cost plus they offer customers more choice. Win for everyone. That is why I switched and paid an etf. Can't wait for t-mobile's new strategy and network roll out to challenge the duopoly though.
  • I told Verizon to %$#@ off. Paid an ETF and now have nothing but love my Lumia 920 and AT&T.
  • +1
  • It just got real. Nokia, don't sleep. Sammy's a sleeping giant.
  • You can say that again....Sammy is sure sleeping on this one.
  • I don't think they are deliberately trying to damage WP, but I do think that as with any big company they have factions internally trying to compete for resources.
    My guess here is that obviously the Android development team is doing very well this will mean that they won't want anything to dilute the brand and there is no chance that they will divert resources to support WP in advertising, so the advertising is all pure Android from Samsung and this phone just sits there hoping to get some success by HTC and Nokia promoting the platform.
    Until either WP gets wildly successful AND/OR the galaxy line gets in trouble I don't think we'll see anything but the absolute bare minimum from Samsung.
    With their cheap R&D and comprehensive supply chain they no doubt believe they can catch up anytime that they want, and I define cheap R&D here in the looks department as when the iphone was a hit they just copied the looks there (the galaxy ace is the worst knockoff I've seen).
    If WP does keep going with the serious traction and gets to 15%+ market share in the next couple of years they would change focus, but even if they did catch up with the Nokia camera technology they would definitely be 2 years behind on the exclusive apps.  That's one thing Nokia are doing to really own the WP market, and I doubt MS would have let them get away with it if it wasn't for their exclusive WP focus.
  • I can confirm this is true, but it makes perfect sense for Samsung. Samsung is business focused with this particular model. That's why its on Verizon, specs are what they are, and the design is simple. Its a phone for what Samsung feels is a big opportunity for WP8 - businesses. Not to mention the phone will retail at $0... Just trust me
  • Wake me when the Ativ S is on ATT. Or the Surface Phone.
  • not sure it ever will be...
    thats the phone ive wanted...
  • I felt the same way. Ended up springing for the Lumia 920 off contract and I'm pretty happy so far, love the OEM support and exclusives. Though I would definitely take notice if Samsung releases a great WP8 this year on ATT, considering I have an upgrade in November.
  • i wouldn't.  nokia isn't that good.  not sure why there's all this fanboy crap.
  • Then let me ask you this since you hate Nokia with a passion, what company is good at making phones because from what I've seen, Nokia is the only one adding new stuff to their phones, no one else. Let me also ask you this, what features on the Lumia 920 is there on any other phone, the answer is none, that's why lots of people like their products because they are always improving, adding new things that no one else has on the market. If you don't like this then complain to the other companies out there and tell them to stop being lazy and add new features.
  • Samsung is the jack of all trades, master of none. They make TVs, harddisks, computers, smartphones, fridges, almost anything that is electronic you can think of and they also have plastic factory. I dislike their "me too!" attitude. People make windows phone, they make them too, but they never promote windows phone, and they just take android hardware, do 10% of changes and slap windows phone in it. Their android phones are the same, they play the numbers game in processor cores, RAM, screen, etc, but you see NO INNOVATIONS from them. Flexible screen? It was revealed by Nokia in Nokia world 2011, samsung just copied. That S pen thingy? Stylus is not something new to tablets and smartphones, albeit being improved. The galaxy camera is just an overpriced mediocre point and shoot, other than its amazing optical zoom ranges it even lost to Nokia's 808 PureView - you can check the comparison at GSMarena.
    You are just hating Nokia with your own personal reasons, but I will always support their products, they dont get the love they deserve despite putting in so much effort in R&D.
  • As an owner of the Samsung Ativ S I say - stop being a dick. The Ativ S, Lumia 920 and HTC 8X are all on par with each other - it's all about preference.
  • Come on bring it
  • Nokia is where the action is, then HTC. Everyone wants the 920, all the verizon people i know "settled" because it wasn't available. Nokias second gen WP8 phones are going to make our jaws drop while Samsung releases crap like this in favor of their droids. Just let them be and enjoy the Nokia goodness.
  • Well also Android don't have limits and WP does so Samsung can put all kinds of bullshit cores in a galaxy shit 3 but can't in a windows phone so no customer appeal
  • The only good looking phone Samsung has is the original Focus with the pinstripe back all there other phones look like shit !
  • You have to admit, the Ativ S is stylish...
  • I agree about the Focus. I don't use it as a phone anymore but I still have it as a backup. Great design.
  • Nokia Lumia, HTC, Surface Phone. Samsung doesn't care anymore about Windows RT & Windowsphone.
  • Nokia Lumia, HTC, Surface Phone. Samsung doesn't care about Windows RT & Windowsphone anymore.
  • Reaks of the HTC Trophy all over again!
  • That phone looks straight ugly with all the Verizon branding. Without it, it wouldn't be the best phone, but it would look better.