Samsung's $30 wireless fast charging stand lets you use your phone while it charges

For today only, Amazon is offering the Samsung Qi fast charge wireless charger stand for just $29.99. This is the newest version, which Samsung just released earlier this year, and only the blue variant is discounted. Unlike some other wireless chargers, this one comes with not only the stand, but also the wall charger, so you don't need to purchase anything else to use it. You will need a device that supports wireless charging, though, like Samsung's Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9, or even Apple's iPhone XS, iPhone 8, and more.

One key difference between this model and some others that are available is its support of fast charging, which means that it can output a higher wattage for charging the device even without a cable. This equates to needing to keep your device on the pad for less time, allowing you to be more mobile and get things done without worrying about your battery percentage. The stand props your phone up, making it easier to see your notifications and even use it while it charges.

Amazon also has the iOttie iON mini wireless fast charger on sale for $29.95 in a few color variations. This is a cloth-wrapped charging pad, so your phone lays down, but it's a bit smaller and more portable. You may want to grab one of each, so you can keep one on the desk and one in your travel bag.

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Jared DiPane

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