Save $80 on two Arlo Pro 4 spotlight cameras and secure your surroundings

Arlo 4 Pro
Arlo 4 Pro

One of Best Buy's new deals of the day includes the white and black Arlo Pro 4 spotlight cameras on sale for $299.99 in a 2-pack. That's an $80 discount compared to other retailers like Amazon. A single camera costs $200, so you're essentially getting a second one for half off with this deal. The savings won't last forever though as this deal will be gone tomorrow.

Time to keep an eye on things around the house! These cameras are super easy to setup, don't require a hub or anything like that, and work with your Wi-Fi network. They can even work with your smart home, whether that's Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, or Samsung SmartThings. Use them like you would any security camera attached to your home's network to view the feed from your device. If you do have a hub like the Arlo Base Station or SmartHub, you can secure your videos with local storage.

Each camera has a wide 160-degree viewing angle lens that's equipped with auto image correction to help prevent the fisheye effect. That makes them great for medium to large spaces, and they can even work outdoors. You get 2K HDR footage so you can capture every important detail and even zoom in on moving objects.

The integrated spotlight helps light up dark spaces or show features during the night time you wouldn't be able to see, like license plates. The cameras even have full color with night vision.

Get smart alerts sent straight to your mobile device. The camera will tell you when it detects people, vehicles, or even package deliveries. Activate the siren, or call someone like emergency services with Arlo Secure. You can also hear audio coming through the camera and speak through it yourself to address visitors.

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