We're living in the age of the cloud. An increasingly large number of companies ranging from small start-ups to international conglomerates all rely on cloud services to store and transfer massive amounts of data every second, and their reliance on these platforms is only going to grow as time goes on.

The AWS Certification Training Master Class Bundle will get you up to speed with the most important cloud infrastructure in the world, and thanks to Windows Central Digital Offers, it's currently available for 95 percent off the regular $1,447 price. That brings the total cost down to just $59.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is used by countless companies to do everything from streamline user engagement to innovate new products and beyond. With nine courses of in-depth training led by industry pros, this training will outfit you with a thorough understanding of this increasingly important platform, so you can earn lucrative salaries across a wide spectrum of industries.

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You'll prepare for the famed AWS SysOps certification exam by learning about cost-reduction opportunities and analysis functions, tackle AWS Lambda by learning how to manage and troubleshoot an endless number of cloud malfunctions, dive into complex data routing by learning how to implement new server technologies, and much more.

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Get the skills you need to succeed during and after the cloud revolution. The AWS Certification Training Master Class Bundle will get you there for just $59 — 95 percent off its usual price.