Microsoft is making changes to messaging; this is your last chance to save your chat history

As previously announced, Microsoft will be getting rid of the messaging folder on As the company moves towards a more unified Skype messaging system, all old messaging history will be removed from your inbox. This change will only affect users who use the Outlook website to message, but if you do want to keep your old chat history, be sure to continue reading.

As of now, you can chat on Microsoft’s website via Facebook, Google Talk, and Skype. All messages sent or received via the site are then saved in a messaging history folder. This folder will now be removed and your chat history going forward will be stored in the messaging pane itself.

To save your old message history on, simply follow these simple steps (provided by Microsoft in a recent email) to move your existing messages to another folder:

  1. In, right-click Folders, and then click Add a new folder.
  2. Enter a name for the folder and press the Enter key.
  3. Click Messaging history, and then click the check box at the very top of your message list.
  4. Click Select everything.
  5. Right-click any message and then click Move.
  6. Select the folder you want to move your messages to, and then click Move.

Be sure to make the switch fast as the new update is finally rolling out.

Do you use to chat with friends or only for email?

Thanks for the tip everyone! 

Michael Archambault
  • Yep. Did this. Text messages start disappearing from my phone because they're linked together! Hoping that when the time comes - I don't end up loosing all my texts! Don't care so much about FB. I'm currently moving all my messages back to the original history folder in hope they'll sync back to my phone.
    UPDATE: Messages appear to be syncing back to my phone without any issues. I think we need to get more specific details on this from Microsoft. If it means text messages will be stored still, but FB is not - then we need to only select FB messages etc.
  • Mine did the same thing, I even asked on the forums, before restarting, which made my text messages start syncing. This seems to me that Microsoft moved where the SMS backups are stored, which is good, but communication on this would have been nice because I was worried about not being able to restore them.
  • So let me get this straight, you moved all of your Messaging history over to another folder. Then you restarted your phone and your text messages started to re-sync back to your phone? I moved all my Messaging history to another folder and my texts all disappeared. Some texts have reappeared but most of the ones from Sept 2013 to March 15, 2014 are gone. All of the texts from before Sept 2013 are still there....for now
  • Well and now 4 hours later in seeing them dissapear again... Mother f sorry for the info :-/ this sucks.
  • MS FIRST pls make change in windows phone ,,,,it is very irritating that memory card is not at all opening properly in L520.only one or two folders (saved pics,camroll)is opening when ever using WHATSAPP,,,,now getting borred of using windows phone ,,,how many times connect to pc for move,cut,copy,paste,,,,no file manager from store is working properly......very tired
  • I'm sitting here still watching all of my messages disappear... I'm currently at April of last year and gaining on March pretty quick...   Why can't they be clear on any of this crap?
  • So if luckily i haven't activated text message backup, i shouldn't face any such problem as you people are facing ?
    And can i activate the backup after a few days ? Would it be safe ?
  • I think that messages are only backed up if they are sent/received when backup is turned on. That is, if you turn it on later, I believe it will only back up messages sent/received from that point forward. This is based on a message I read on the forums. I haven't seen the specifics documented anywhere.
  • Wait, we're going to lose all of our backed up text messages on our phone because of this??
  • I hate this...
  • Remember Watergate. Saving messages, bad news. ):
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  • Oh man not again :/
  • This is bad advice. According to some comments, we will lose all of our backed up texts on our phones if we follow your advice. Please delete this article. Don't want to screw up peoples data
  •   Technically it was Microsoft's advice. They sent it in an email to all users.
  • The messages dissapear (in my case the Messaging app crashed), but then reappear shortly (I had to restart my phone). It would be nice if Microsoft told us what they were doing with our texts, but all appears to be well now for me.
  • I'm still on the phone with them as I followed the step provided in the email and now my message history is disappearing and restarting the phone does nothing. MS is dumb.
  • Be patient, it will take some time for them to show back up on your phone. This has worked for me and another user in this article.
  • Sigh. Hopefully. I used the online support channels and they told me they couldn't help me and I needed to call customer support. So I call customer support, get to the Office team (which manages Outlook) and they say they can't help me and transfer me to the Windows Phone support. I talk to him and he has no idea (surprise) what to do and tells me I need to call customer support (who I just got off the phone with).   Why the hell does MS make this so difficult? Why don't they put a disclaimer that all the message history on your phone will be erased (maybe momentarily, maybe not)... They piss me off too much...
  • To clarify, you move the messages back... then wait and they reappear? Or... when you move them to a new folder as per the email - after a period of time they will come back to the phone?
  • Move them back.
  • How do you know when it's OK to move them back? What is the point of moving them in the first place if you just move them back to where they were originally - where they told you to move the messages from
  • I ended up only moving my texts back, getting them on my phone and then disabling text backup, just to make sure they aren't removed from my device when this folder goes away.
  • And you would thus have to agree that this is a complete clusterf**k that MS did not prepare for, yet again.   I should not have to go through all these steps, disable an important-to-me feature (text backup), and figure all this out on my own or with the help of other forum users to maintain what MS should have been able to accomplish in the first place. Why do they fail so horribly at nearly everything they do?
  • according to twitter, the text messages will not be affected but for some reason, all of my text messages that I had moved into my new folder are missing. Now I can't move them back into the Messaging history folder. I think I lost my text backup for good :(
  • I've tweeted at the Outlook handle twice now, no response of course. I also spent over 1.5hrs trying to get on the phone with someone that might know something. No luck. Of course - what do you expect with MS?
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  • Never used moved to yahoo mail and never looked back.
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  • Its pretty good just install ad block and your good to go and I was kidding that's my spam account.(EX I sign up for a redtube account or a store wants my email.) I use mainly but I use Gmail, yahoo, yandex(even tho I'm American) aol.
  • Is there a way to see TXT messages (not Skype) backed up to the cloud? On I only see Skype history.
  • WTH?  Does this mean we can't view backups of our text messages from  I used this all the time to check on my kids.  Not sure how, but I TOTALLY missed the initial announcement...   Argh...
  • To check on your kids? You don't give your kids privacy?.. Why snoop around in their text messages
  • Really?
    They are children, when it comes to text messaging there is no such thing as privacy.
    A GOOD parent always keeps tabs on ALL of their kids' forms of social media and communications.
  • A good parent teaches their kids right from wrong and trusts them to make good decisions. My mom and dad raised 4 children 3 girls and 1 boy, they NEVER invaded our privacy and we came out pretty damn good. If they did invade our privacy we would be some rebellious kids.
  • Can't wait for all of the chat systems to be unified. Good riddance!! Get on with it Microsoft!
  • Yeah way to catch up MS... it's only a quarter of the way through the year 2014... I can watch a live video stream from a little robot on Mars but it took MS this long to figure out how to do messaging history? SMH
  • Not so much 'figuring it out' as it is to re-architect Skype's backend with Azure to make all this stuff seamless. It's taking time, but should be awesome once all dialed in.
  • ^^yep.
  • Hi,   Does anyone else get reloading for about a minute or so after logging on? I've asked Facebook, Microsoft Community Support & tried their Twitter page, and all start off really interested in solving it, give a stock answer on cache clearing or browser resetting and after a 'let us know if that doesn't work' is the last I hear! It's been 3 months now, and getting a bit silly   Regards
  • Happens to me all the time. Its annoying.
  • Same here. Thought it was only me.
  • Been noticing it lately. In the middle of reading an email and boom, the whole site refreshes.
  • I don't use the website for my hotmail account.
  • People! Calm down!!! The NSA has all your texts anyway. ;-)  
  • Oh ok. Thanks.
  • Okay MSFT, you made me backup message twice.
  • I am confused. Does text messages get deleted or not? I have text backups enabled. I do not care about history. I'd like to see WPCentral doing some investigation here and getting an answer out of MS if there is an issue. No good just copying and pasting an email.
  • How many emailed messages show up on home screen and if they have them why do I have to open the app twice?
  • Huh?!? Why give such confusing advice to users and have them do manually what MS could and should do automatically ?? What a shame.
  • No worries. All my chats, and message backups are free to step into the unknown.
  • "This change will only affect users who use the Outlook website to message" Windows Phone user will not be affected
  • Well I guess the article is the source, but the last part I would like see confirmed by MS.
  • Tell that to my Windows Phone that doesn't have any text messages anymore...
  • I think he's saying that not moving them won't affect Windows Phone users. I had to move all my messages back to get them on my phone (which took hours to redownload), then I turned off sms backup, just in case.
  • Yeah I am in the process of doing the same. It's weird because the text messages don't appear in my Messaging history folder but they slowly pop up on my phone. So right now, my Messaging history folder shows 0 messages but all of my texts are back on my phone.  I should turn off the sms backup just in case as well. 
  • Move a message into that folder, can be anything, and the count will instantly jump up. Mine shows 0, and as soon as I move a piece of junk mail into that folder it shows 17,000
  • Oh thanks for the tip! I am migrating everything back into my Messaging history folder now. My phone is slowly populating with all my old text messages. Then I'm gonna do what you did and turn off SMS backup until this whole thing is settled. There should be an option to copy items instead of moving them just so that I can have an extra extra backup of all my texts haha
  • Here's what I decided to do. I followed the steps from the email (which match the steps in the this article), therefore all my messages were now out of the 'Messaging history' folder and now in a folder I named 'Messages #2'. I wanted to move all my messages from the new folder back to the messaging history folder but still have a backup. I found a way to do this - I think... In Outlook 2013 (same for 2010 I imagine) on my desktop I was able to copy the new folder I created, 'Messages #2' into one of my other Outlook email accounts. It would not allow me to use the copy folder or copy messages feature in the same Outlook account (the one that is linked to my phone). It looks like everything copied over to the other Outlook account just fine. After that was done I began moving all my messages in my main Outlook account (the one that is linked to my phone) back out of the new 'Messages #2' folder and into the 'Messaging history' folder in hopes that they will repopulate on my phone.
  • Let me know how if that works for you. I don't have my set up with Outlook 2013 (desktop vers) so I am purely relying on the website. Currently I'm migrating everything back to the Messaging history folder so my phone is slowly repopulating texts. I'll probably set up my and email with Outlook 2013 and try to copy the Messaging history folder into my gmail account and see if that works. 
  • So far so good. At 26,500 messages moved back into the 'Messaging history' folder so far. Also noticed that the 'Messages #2' folder that I copied into my second Outlook account only has FB, Skype, and Google Talk messages stored in the folder, not texts. Makes me anxious that my texts will disappear if they clear the 'Messaging history' folder. I can't begin to tell you how frustrating it is to have all my text messages in limbo like this with NO ONE at Microsoft responding - no one standing up to their lack of foresight or testing. No one knows what is going on. Very frustrating.
  • thanks God i didn't move my mails from Gmail, i don't use Facebook for messaging, so i can afford to wait and see what happens next. its like forcing users to use skype of facebook, 
  • So, another bonehead Microsoft move.  I have a lumia 822 with Windows 8.1 and I need to back up my text messages for a court proceding.  I can't take screeen shots because the court will not accept them and I was asked to save them back into a PC so they could be printed out in their entirety, which a screen shot could not do.  Obviously, I have to give my phone to the lawyers as evidence, but I can't seem to back my texts up so they can be printed.  I have called MS and Nokia only to get answers that were not only rediculous, they were not viable. Does anyone out there know something that they don't know? Thanks, Marc