In order to land a new, lucrative career these days, it's often a good idea to cast a broad net and learn everything you can about multiple professional branches. Trying to enroll in all those courses separately can be a problem, especially when thoughtful training bundles exist.

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Instead of wasting your time searching for the right courses, why not enroll in this Complete eduCBA Professional Training Lifetime subscription bundle? Right now at Windows Central, you'll pay only $99 for a unending access to the courses within. That's 98 percent off the regular price of $7,970!

You're getting here over 9,500 hours of training and 29,200 lessons in multiple branches of the professional world, including tech, finance, project management, and more. The 10 main bundles include:

  • Tech Training Lifetime Bundle
  • Soft Skills Lifetime Bundle
  • Finance Lifetime Bundle
  • Mobile Apps Lifetime Bundle
  • Project Management Lifetime Bundle
  • Test PRep & Certifications Training Lifetime Bundle
  • Design Lifetime Bundle
  • Office Productivity Lifetime Bundle
  • Business & Entrepreneurship Lifetime Bundle
  • Data & Analytics Lifetime Bundle

Expand your professional limits with this bundle containing nearly 30,000 training lessons!

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This bundle, which actually contains 10 smaller bundles, is an incredible value right now at just $99, down from nearly $8,000. If you're thinking about expanding your horizons, this might just be the opportunity you're looking for. Access remains open forever, so you can plan your education around your busy schedule. Don't wait too long, as this deal doesn't last forever.