Say goodbye to bad looking video conferencing with this discounted Lume Cube lighting kit

Lume Cube Lighting kit
Lume Cube Lighting kit (Image credit: Lume Cube)

2020 has resulted in a lot more remote working, which in turn has led to a lot more Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams (insert other video chat platform here) calls to keep in contact with colleagues. Your laptop's webcam is fine, but it also doesn't capture much light and as we're into winter you certainly don't want to be dim and poorly lit while discussing important meeting things. This Black Friday deal can help, with a nice discount on this innovative lighting kid from Lume Cube.

Lume Cube is best known for its compact lighting solutions for photographers, videographers and folks using popular drones from DJI. But in this case the company has taken what it does best, add a little bit of clever thinking and produce something so simple you'll struggle to believe you didn't think of it before.

By combining one of its LED light panels with a suction mount you can add serious lighting to any laptop or desktop and change your video conferencing from just OK to wow. The kit comes with everything you need, including a USB-C charging cable, the mount, a diffuser panel to soften the light a little. You also have full control over brightness and even color temperature, between a warm glow and a cool, crisp white light.

As an alternative use case, it's a good idea for budding streamers, too, since it's affordable enough and takes up almost no room, but will surely make you look even better on your broadcasts.

Richard Devine
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