Sea of Theives dev video gives us a behind-the-scenes look at sword combat

Sea of Thieves is Rare's most ambitious title in a long time, combining a persistent online world across an enormous explorable ocean mass, in an attempt to help players find and experience their inner pirate fantasy.

So far, Rare has shown us how crews of up to four players can band together to interpret maps to seek treasure, shoot it out with angry skeletons, and lay waste to rival ships on the high seas. This latest video gives us a glimpse at how Sea of Thieves is about to get a whole lot stabbier.

In the video, Rare describes how melee combat will be accessible, but will hopefully also bring added depth for more practiced players. Prospective swashbucklers will be able to combo their attacks and induce a heavy knockback, which Rare could send hapless rivals spiraling off a cliff.

Rare says this is only the first iteration of melee combat, and more features and polish will be piled on in subsequent updates.

You can apply to join the Sea of Thieves closed alpha test right over here. Rare recently sent out a huge batch of invites, bringing the player base to over 20,000. If you have previously signed up, take a look in your junk mail, you might just find some buried treasure.

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Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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