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Seagate and Microsoft team up to bring you a 2TB HDD for your Xbox One

It's no secret that the 500GB HDD that shipped with the original Xbox One can easily be filled with game sizes running between 5-50GB. Well today at Gamescom, Seagate and Microsoft have announced the 2TB Seagate Game Drive for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 that's a product of a new marketing partnership between the two companies.

The hard drive itself has an eye-catching color scheme that will bring attention to it wherever you place it. The top is a green while the body is black and embossed with both the Seagate and Xbox logos. The drive will be available in the gaming aisle at your local retailers, but there is no word on when the drive will be made available. That being said, we do know that the drive will set you back $109.99.

The Seagate Game Drive also sports a USB 3.0 port that pretty much allows you to plug in and play. The one downside, however, is that there is no word on if the drives run at 5400 rpm or 7200 rpm which could be a deal breaker for some.

If you're looking for a drive or need help setting one up check out our Xbox One External Hard Drive Guide.

  • The WD My Book 4 TB hard drive is around $130 on Amazon and $125 at BJs. It does require a power cable, but the size means it will be a long time before I upgrade. Not sure if I could but this with that in mind. Looks cool tho, lets see a 4 TB plug and play!
  • I bought a 2TB WD Elements portable drive (no power) for $89 from Amazon (currently $79!). Better price than this, and not Seagate junk (a dealbreaker IMO)
  • Barracudas are quite reliable..would go for hgst though
  • Big fan of HGST myself, as well as Samsung drives.  Usually when I do a build, those are the only two brands I put in my rigs.  And so far, they have been far more reliable than WD, or Seagate. That stated, Amazon does have 5TB Seagates for $129. So far, I have picked up two of the drives (one for each Xbox One unit in my home); and after months of usage, they both seem to be pretty stable - more stable than the Toshiba external drive they replaced. Being that they are Seagates, I do not expect them to last forever - only long enough for 10TB drives to drop in price to under $150, then I'm going to copy all the content over to the larger drives.  They may not be of the same class as the drives I build into my rigs, but they offer a lot of storage for cheap, and are perfect for something like the Xbox One, where all your content is already securely backed up in the comfort of Microsoft's Azure cloud. 
  • Samsung HDD's are made by Seagate
  • 7200.11
    No need to say more...
  • WD is crap
  • You need to look at RPM too though.
  • And if the controller their using is sata3 instead of the usual sata2
  • And noise. It's gonna be sitting in the TV room. I don't want to be able to hear it. I'd pick no noise over speed.
  • In general the only nose a hard drive produces is from the arm swinging. The actual rotation of the platters has very little affect on drive noise. This drive is almost guaranteed to be a 5,400 rpm drive anyway. Most 2.5 inch drives are. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And the BPM
  • There is a 4TB plug and play drive available - the Seagate Backup Plus Fast. That's what I'm currently using for my Xbox One game storage. EDIT: Here's a link.
  • When in ssd who cares about spindles
  • Seagate... Thanks but no thanks!
  • I have only had 2 HDDs crap out on me in my life....both of those were Seagates. They are cheaper for a reason, they are unreliable and prone to failure. I will never buy Seagate again. Not to mention the slap in the face with this price can get a badass 7200rpm Fantom 2TB drive for a few bucks less!
  • Yeah I bought a 3TB 7200rpm Fantom (sure it needs to be plugged in) for $110 last November from amazon. This is NOT a deal, but I'm sure the uninformed will buy like hotcakes.
  • I have a Seagate 3TB HDD, and only have one problem, it turns off when not in use for sometime, but it always works when my Xbox os turned on
  • Im guessing it must have been the end result of them adding maxtor to the mix haven't had a good product from them either
  • 7200RPM or no go. I would never buy another slow drive.  I am going off a 7200rpm HGST Touro and a enclosed SSD for my two XB1s currently.
  • Get SSHD :v
  • I used one. Load times weren't much better than my Touro so I sold it and put my extra SSD in an enclosure instead.   People need to realize that an SSHD is not good for console gaming. There is only a small amount of flash storage on one. And there are game assets in modern games that are actually bigger than the SSD cache meaning it just stores them on the HDD portion anyways.
  • SSHD drives aren't really good period. With the price of SSD's coming down so much it makes no sense to go the SSHD route anymore for any application. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Bit of a noob but is 7200rpm noticeably quicker than 5400? Does it make a difference when playing games on the One?
  • No, it will not matter in general for most games and on certain games the improvements are minor. USB 3 has enough overhead that you will never see the full benefits of 7200 RPM. I have 5400 RPM drive and I can play games and movies off the external drive with no lag in performance over the internal drive. There is a huge thread on reddit and on hardcore gamer website that even has tests. Most people seems to have gone with the WD MyBook and are very happy. A WD Essentials works well too and is similar to the Seagate above.
  • That cannot be true about USB3. My first computer from back in the day ran a Pentium Processor at like 800Mhz, it came with a 250MB had running at 5400 RPM and was slow as balls. Upgrading to 7200 RPM made a huge difference! Compare that to now, some odd 20 yrs later, the same must be true on external interfaces that are certainly faster than the old SATA port of that PC.
  • Ide/pata we've come along way since then but it could be simply cheap hd controllers that bottle neck us or one manufacture has a quirk when another doesnt with the same onboard controller
  • Don't forget the on board memory that goes to 64 MB in some disks.
  • The fact that you are talking about lag and not loaging times tells me you have no idea what you are talking about.
  • Yes. It does make a difference. I have both a 5400 RPM drive and a 7200 RPM drive on my Xbox one (plus the internal). The brands don't really matter. The point is that yes you can notice a difference after having moved game installs back and forth. The difference is only on game startup and load screens. That said both are faster than the internal HDD. Slightly. Had I not played around with loading data from all three drives I'd have never noticed. There have been some tests published on various blogs and one in particular noted that the differences between the different hard drive types (rust vs hybris vs ssd) wasn't that great on the XboxOne and the recommendation was to buy for capacity - not performance. Buying a good quality HDD at 7200 RPM gets you a "best of both" for your dollars. After some research I bought the 2Tb Phantom from Amazon that others have mentioned. I'm not a HDD expert per se but I have been working with business storage systems for almost 20 years and have a pretty solid handle on how disk IO works and where the specs vs real world meet (or don't).
  • I'm gonna need one of those or should I get a media hub(by creative minds) side connection and buy my own hard drive and make the system look cleaner?...
  • I've never seen this before.  I checked it out on Amazon, and it looks pretty sweet.  Much preferable than having more things dangling off the back of my XBox.  The only downside is that prices for 4TB+ 2.5" SATA drives is fairly expensive.
  • I wonder what the markup on this is.
  • Well if its anything like the 360 flash drives it will come preformatted for xbox ones file system
  • Looks great. Might buy one.
  • Love the color. I am curious who decided that the Xbox stuff needed to be green.
  • I dont know what the speed of my drive is. its pluged in my xbox one. works great is 5 tb.  7000 or 5000 i dont know. the xbox supports it. my games load as fast as i would expect them to do.  no issues here. I am sure some people will buy this device if they feel it is priced right.
  • I must say I like the design a lot. I'm normally a WD guy but I might get this one... Even if not to connect to the Xbox One.
  • It looks nice but the price is jacked up to high. Better to get a regular USB 3.0 external drive, and avail yourself of the options (sshd hybrid, larger storage, etc.)
  • Nice, but every Seagate drive I owned private or @work broke within 5 years, while other brands are still up and running, hope they let other companies make them, so the price will come down the rpm & brand would be a deal breaker for me. ​
  • Not happening, they bought Samsungs hard drive biz awhile ago. Western digital bought Hitachi's but had to sell Hitachi's 3.5 division to Toshiba to prevent a duopoly. If anything you would be better off buy Toshiba's budget offerings as opposed to Western Digital or Seagate.
  • WD for life.
  • The same Seagate that has the highest HDDs failure rate in the market?
  • Source?
  • How do you think they afforded to buy samsung's hard drive division? /s. But seriously, most of their consumer products don't last that long.
  • Here:
  • Well they did by maxtor afterall a brand that had a so so failure rate
  • Looks damn good.
  • Confused about what this is. This the only external HDD you can use with the One? Someone fill me in. 
  • No you can use any, but this is the first one that Microsoft has put their stamp on
  • Thank you for the clarification. :)
  • Not worth it, unless it's 7200. Even then, that's a stretch.
  • +1 for the portable 7,200rpm Touro Pro drives. Best little things ever, that isn't an SSD. Yes, it's capped at 1GB, but it's a very fast drive. Love mine.
  • Seagate drives have a high failure rate...I'd go with a Western Digital instead...have a 6TB WD hooked up to my XB1 and it's fantastic...
  • I had bad experience with Seagate. I trust WD these days. Never had problems with WD drives so far.
  • I wouldn't trust any of western digital or seagate consumer offerings. Both are terrible and unreliable. Unlike hard drives of old, which would run for 10+ years without replacements, these last for at most 2.
  • No way is this 7200rpm, especially without external power requirement.   It is extremely likely it is a 5400rpm 2.5" drive.   You are paying extra for the Xbox branding.
  • Leftover green inventory I'd guess
  • 2tb ssd Version needed.
  • buy a 2TB SSD and stick it in a USB3.0 enclosure.
  • PalZer0 mentioned the Seagate Backup Plus Fast as an alternative which kind of looks identical to the Game Drive for Xbox this Article is about. Somewhere in the Article about the Backup Plus Fast they mention it being equipped with Samsung Spinpoint M9T Hard Drives which are 5'400rpm ones so yeah... Place your bets if the Game Drive has 5'400 or 7'200rpm one(s) =)
  • Show me a test where 7200 rpm has greater than 5% greater performance over 5400 rpm in a real world Xbox one scenario and does so consistently across many different games other than just a single game?
  • I've got a Seagate 2TB External HDD for my Xbox One a while ago and its perfect for me.
  • Lol external HDDs are the new memory cards
  • But you can use any external drive. Not sure why this is news or why anyone should care?
  • Because uninformed people will see the Xbox logo and buy it.
  • The WD my book (I have the 4tb one) actually has the same look as the one.
    So it looks better.
    Nyko made a add on storage thing for the PS4 so it looks like its part of the machine. Xbox/seagate should have gone for that
  • They easily could have done that, after all the xbox one is as big as a ancient VHS recorder :p.
  • Looks nice but Seagate is unreliable
  • no external power supply means 5400rpm. quite sure of that.
  • looks pretty but Seagate is the worst
  • I'd rather buy Toshiba Hdds as opposed to any of the cheap seagate or western digital drives. Both these companies took reputable hard drive divisions (Samsung and Hitachi) and destroyed those brands.
  • Had one only lasted a year
  • WD Red drives are pretty reliable
  • HulkDrive.
  • The "deal breaker" for me was Seagate. I've never had anything but problems with their drives. They're unreliable to say the least. I'm going to hold out for the 4TB WD to go on sale.
  • I've owned 3 Seagate's over the past 10 yrs. And personally have had no issues. I talked 3 of my friends into getting them for the X1, and absolutely no problems from any of its
  • Most likely 5400RPM
  • Just got a 5tb Seagate at Costco for $140
  • I got a Seagate 4TB for $125 on Amazon(thanks major nelson). You need to of it in but I have roughly 20 full games and all of my apps on it. The X1 runs faster with everything on the external HDD. I still have 3.2 TB left. And remember, it can plug into any Xbox, so if something happens to your disc or Xbox, you just plug and play. You can take your HDD to a friend house and have your whole library with you. And the X1 supports 2 HDD's connected at once. No need to upgrade, just add on... If you ever use that much space
  • LOL, they basically are charging an extra $30-50 for the Xbox branding.
  • If its anything like the xbox sandisk sticks it'll came preformatted for xbox one's file system
  • 6tb on PC! How about that! #PCMasterRace
  • No reason that can't be added to the Xbox One...
  • Wonder what's wrong with Seagate drives. I've had about 4 of them and they are still going fine close to 7 years and counting.
  • Maybe the the 5400 cant handle abuse that well
  • When in ssd who cares about spindle drives
  • It's most likely just a re-brand of this drive - I have been using the Backup Plus Slim Portable Drive and am extremely please with the speed, noise (None) and portability.  -    
  • So pay $20-40 extra because it's Xbox branded?  Seems like a deal :rolleyes:
  • I bought a 4TB WD My Book (needs to be plugged in) for $80 last year, I don't understand this new product...
  • You don't really need to worry that much about speed on the 360, given it's just USB 2.0. That said, I much prefer the black cases on the WD I snagged for my 360. Blends in with the console. This green monstrosity would just be an eyesore.
  • What makes this drive designed for Xbox One? The branding?
  • If you really feel the need to buy an Xbox-focused drive, this is an option as well:
  • I dont see why Microsoft would team up with Seagate when there hard drives suck. They have the worst hard drives on the markets. I love my two Toshiba's 3TB for Xbox one and 2TB for my Xbox 360.
  • Despite the ugly green color, it's a tempting purchase if I didn't already own a Fantom 2 TB external drive--which is big and bulky by comparison (and probably noisier), requires external power, but does run at 7200 RPM. It was also cheaper, currently running at just under $100.00.  Since my Xbox One is in an entertainment unit, and I rarely move it, a small, portable drive isn't really too necessary in my case.  (