Seagate announces the ultimate Game Drive for Xbox One

If you ever find yourself in need of more storage on your Xbox One it's easy enough to expand the internal drive with one plugged in over USB. Seagate has now taken that idea and gone actually bananas by announcing probably the ultimate storage solution for the Xbox gamer. This is the Game Drive Hub.

It looks to be essentially the same as some of Seagate's other large hard drives, with an 8TB capacity and two USB 3.0 ports on the front. The biggest difference is in the design, with the Game Drive Hub and its clean white paintjob looking perfect next to the current Xbox One S.

One of the neat things you can do with the Game Drive Hub is daisy chain other hard drives to it. On one hand, you can use the front-facing USB ports to charge your controllers or your phone, or you could plug in two more USB hard drives expanding the capacity even further.

The Game Drive Hub will be available later on this month for $199.99 from Seagate resellers.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • Nice, but will it be Robot White? otherwise it might not look that good next to the xbox.
  • Good solution
  • I'm guessing this thing will cost a small fortune.
  • did you only look at the pictures?
  • Nope, I just didn't read the last line, and I'm right.
  • $200 is not a fortune for 8tb lol
  • 200 USD sounds fine for a "custom" Xbox One S designed disk drive with that capacity. They do wabt some profit margin, too, you know :-). Anyone can just go and buy something else for a cheaper price, of course. But, this? You will pay a design price premium.
  • $200 USD for 8TB is a score.
  • If it doesn't flash, blink or have boobs, you'll not catch most people's attention online these days.
  • $200 for 8TB? That's gotta be wrong. Companies almost always gouge more than this.
  • They are gouging. It's Seagate which means the drive will be slow and will fail in short order. Working in IT for nearly 20 years, Seagate is the only brand hard drive that I have experience a nearly 100% failure rate.
  • Does it work with all xboxes
  • All Xbox One consoles sure.
  • Do the controllers work while plugged into the drive? I'd assume so.
  • Would you really recommend a pass-through through a hard drive though? Seems more reliable just to use another USB port.
  • What's the speed of it? What drives are in it i wonder.?
  • I'm getting this for sure. $200 for 8TB sounds almost too good to be true for a custom solution like this!
  • Good price for 8TB. Too bad that it's as big as the console and will eat up valuable shelf space. Also I imagine it will require it's own AC power source. Sticking with my Seagate 4TB portable for now.
  • Portable drive ftw, nice and clean. But I never move my xbox, so it really doesn't even matter as I'm not short on power ports. We will need this though, I already max out my drives.
  • Are they allowing upgrading of the internal hard drive yet?
  • If the XBox track record is any indication, they never will. The good thing is USB 3.0 is pretty darn fast.
  • But does the Drive in this beast support USB 3.0 speeds? Like is it at min a 7200rpm Drive? Is it a hybrid Drive?