Second Extinction is coming to Xbox Game Preview in Spring 2021, drops new trailer

Second Extinction
Second Extinction (Image credit: Systemic Reaction)

What you need to know

  • Second Extinction is a first-person shooter that pits players against hordes of terrifying dinosaurs.
  • The game was announced as part of the Xbox Series X showcase, and is built by Systemic Reaction.
  • Second Extinction came to PC in Early Access in October 2020 but hasn't been available on Xbox.
  • Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One players will be able to jump into the Second Extinction Game Preview sometime in Spring 2021.

Second Extinction is one of the most interesting games announced in 2020, mostly because of how straightforward the premise is: shoot dinos, have fun. Announced for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and PC, Second Extinction looked to be an intriguing first-person shooter. After months of waiting, Xbox console players finally have some definitive news: Second Extinction is coming to the Xbox Game Preview program in Spring 2021. There's also a new dino-filled trailer to go alongside the announcement.

In the Xbox Game Preview program, Systemic Reaction will collect feedback on Second Extinction's current state and use it to improve the game. This is already the case on PC, where Second Extinction launched in Early Access in October 2020. In our Second Extinction PC Early Access impressions, we were "confident that it will grow into an excellent title that Xbox and PC players alike will love."

We don't have an exact release date for the Xbox version of Second Extinction, but expect it on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles sometime in the next couple of months. "Spring 2021" describes a pretty large portion of the year.

For those not familiar with Second Extinction, the project from Systemic Reaction pits a team of players (wielding a wide variety of weaponry, abilities, and more) against hordes of mutated dinosaurs. Work together, combine skills and weapons, and stay mobile to survive against the constant onslaught of dinosaurs, which have their own abilities and strengths for which to look out. Second Extinction is made to be unashamedly fun in all aspects, and it might deliver on that promise too.

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