Watch an iPhone game get converted to Windows 10 in just five minutes

A developer has documented the process to convert a simple iOS game over to Windows 10 with Microsoft's "Project Islandwood" bridge tools. And it works faster than you might think. It's quick. Five minutes quick.

Developer David Burela decided to take the iOS source code for the endless runner game Cannbalt, which was first released as an web-based game. The original developer of Cannbalt later released the source code for the iOS version, and Burela decided to use that code, plus the Project Islandwood tools, to turn it into a Windows 10 game.

While this project was handled using a rather simple game, it does show how iOS developers could use Project Islandwood to turn them into Windows 10 apps with only a little effort.

Source: David Burela; Via: WMPU

John Callaham