Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Thirsty Gods Challenge Tomb guide

This tomb is found in the Mission of San Juan area toward the southeast.

How to complete the Thirsty Gods Challenge Tomb

The following steps will guide you through the aforementioned Challenge Tomb in Shadow of the Tomb Raider:

  1. You'll want to jump into the water to reach the entrance of this tomb. (Do not follow the dirt path along the cliff as it will take you to another area.)
  2. Continue toward an underwater tunnel and swim to the other side, avoiding the moray eel roaming about.
  3. You'll enter a chamber with dead Yaaxil in the water and a giant stone face in front of you that is partially submerged.

  1. Swim toward the upper level of the stairs to your left.
  2. Look up and to your right to view a wooden barrier you can pull apart with your bow and rope. (This will then drain the water in the room.)
  3. Once the water drains, head through the open mouth of the stone face.
  4. Follow the path until you slide down a slope into another pool of water.
  5. Continue swimming straight and through a crack in the wall ahead.
  6. Cut the rope holding down the submerged raft.
  7. Climb onto the raft to jump over to the next section.
  8. Climb the wooden ladder past the base camp on your left. (From here you'll enter the main puzzle chamber.)

  1. Jump down below, being careful to initially avoid the water as piranhas are feeding on Yaaxil corpses.
  2. Jump across both rafts until you see a submerged raft.
  3. Then jump into the water to cut the rope holding down the third raft, allowing it to float.

  1. Now swim towards the fourth raft being held under.
  2. Cut the rope to free this one as well.
  3. At this point, you can climb onto the fourth raft and jump onto the ledge.
  4. Follow the path past the stationary water wheel and across a fallen tree.

  1. Turn the mechanism to the right until the water is flowing onto a large block of stone. (This will lower the water level in the entire chamber.)
  2. Jump onto the now surfaced wooden platform to the right of the water wheel.
  3. Connect a rope between it and the circular metal object hanging below the stone face at the ruins.

  1. Jump back to where the turning mechanism is.
  2. Turn it so that the water is once again flowing over the water wheel.
  3. This will raise the water level and the gate near the ruins along with it.
  4. Before jumping into the water, turn the mechanism after the gate rises so that the water is not flowing over the water wheel anymore.
  5. If you keep it over the water wheel, the rope will snap and the gate will fall before you can swim to it.
  6. With the gate now open, swim into the ruins.

Follow the path to the top and you'll have completed the tomb. This unlocks the Sip's Strike skill, which increases the damage of charged arrows against armored enemies.

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