Shenmue III is now available on PC

Shenmue 3
Shenmue 3 (Image credit: Deep Silver)

What you need to know

  • Shenmue III is now available on PC.
  • You can currently get it through the Epic Games Store.
  • It is set to come to Steam in 2020 after a 1-year exclusivity period with Epic.

I don't think anyone expected the day would actually come, but you can now get your hands on Shenmue III for PC and PlayStation 4. Those playing on PC will have to settle for the Epic Games Store, however, as it won't be coming to Steam for at least another year.

In this third installment of the epic Shenmue series, Ryo seeks to solve the mystery behind the Phoenix Mirror, an artifact sought after by his father's killer. His journey takes him to an immersive representation of rural China, brimming with activity and surrounded by beautiful landscapes.Ryo's adventure leads him to towns and mountain villages where he can further his training, try his hand at gambling, play arcade games, and work part-time jobs while investigating those who know truth behind the Phoenix Mirror.

If you've never played a Shenmue game before, this one will include a "recap digest" movie so you don't feel lost or left out. Shenmue III is meant to be accessible to old and new players alike.

While Shenmue III is only available on PS4 and PC right now, there were leaks that suggest it may come to Xbox One in the future. As of right now, though, an Xbox release has not been confirmed.

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