Should you buy the HP USB-C dock?

Surface Go USB-C port
Surface Go USB-C port (Image credit: Windows Central)

Should you buy the HP USB-C dock?

Best answer: The HP USB-C dock has come down in price quite a bit recently and is now a solid recommendation for people who want a hub with extra ports. It still requires external power though, so it's not the best for use on the road.Get one: HP USB-C Dock ($139 at HP)For on the road: Capshi USB-C hub ($55 at Amazon)

A pretty good dock now at a good price

We previously didn't recommend the product since there were better options with more features at lower prices, but thanks to recent price drops, it's become an enticing buy.

The HP USB-C dock is a decent product since it provides a ton of connectivity over one single cable from your USB-C equipped laptop. It adds four regular USB ports, Ethernet, HDMI and DisplayPort to hook up a pair of external monitors.

It can also supply power to your laptop over the USB-C connection, but the dock itself does require its own power supply to handle all of this extra connectivity.

It's a first-party 65W adapter, which is perfect for use at home or in the office, but does mean it's potentially not so useful on those days you want to hit the road.

Not particularly portable

It's worth pointing out that this is intended to be used in a home or office environment. It's fairly large, and as mentioned, requires external power and simply isn't designed to be a go-anywhere solution. There are plenty of smaller docks out there, some of which will provide power over USB-C to also charge your laptop, but you won't find the same kind of connectivity as you will with the HP dock.

However, for as little as $55 you can grab something that will easily go in your laptop bag when you hit the road. It gives you HDMI, Ethernet, an SD card reader, and a host of USB ports from something small enough to fit inside a pocket.

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