Should you buy Microsoft's Xbox Design Lab controller stand or a third-party stand?

Should you buy Microsoft's Xbox Design Lab controller stand or a third-party stand?

Best answer: The official Xbox Design Lab controller stand by Controller Gear is incredible, but also pricey. Unless you need rechargeable batteries, which the Design Lab controller comes with, or you want to be able to charge your controllers, you should get the cheaper stand. You should also avoid third-party options entirely.Amazon: Controller Gear Stand 2.0 ($15)Microsoft: Xbox Design Lab Controller Gear Charging Stand ($40)

Why get a controller stand?

Controller stands are useful, mainly because they act as a shield between your Xbox One controller and whatever surface you would normally put it on. Accidentally scratching or scuffing your controller or your furniture surface because of unlucky friction between the two is a real bummer, and damage is never a good thing when it comes to looks. Speaking of looks, a nice controller stand also looks great with your Xbox One controller, so if you like the idea of displaying your gear fashionably, it's a great investment to make.

Why choose a licensed Controller Gear stand?

Compared to third-party options, both the Controller Gear 2.0 stand and the Xbox Design Lab Controller Gear Charging Stand (both made by Controller Gear) are much more durable, sturdy, and reliable. These features are a must for controller stands, since you're relying on them to securely hold your controller, not move around on the surface, and stand up to general wear-and-tear. They also look much sleeker and more attractive then most third-party stands, although that's subjective.

The choice, then, is between the two Controller Gear stands themselves. If you have no interest in rechargeable batteries or already have your own, such as the one you get with an Xbox Play and Charge Kit, or you don't need your stand to charge your controllers, then you should get the standard stand.

Why get the Xbox Design Lab Controller Gear Charging Stand?

If you want rechargeable batteries for your Xbox One controller, then you should opt for the Xbox Design Lab Controller Gear Charging Stand. It also charges your controllers, not only acting as a stand, but as a sleek charger setup.

Since it's sold from the Xbox Design Lab, it also comes in a huge variety of colors — 20, in fact, ranging from standard black to electric green and everything between. This lets you add some personal touch to your stand, and also gives you the opportunity to buy something that matches your controller if you have or are planning on buying a controller from the Xbox Design Lab as well. It's pricey, but it's worth it.

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