Sign up for Skype's real-time voice translation preview

It was way back in May that Microsoft showed off the first demonstration for Skype Translator, and today they started accepting registrations to take part in the tool's early preview (i.e. public beta). The service adds real-time speech translation to Skype, both in voice and video, so it doesn't matter that you and your conversant aren't fluent in the same languages.

The preview program will be free, and will at first be limited to Windows 8.1-powered computers and tablets. Microsoft's leaving open the door for Skype Translator preview support for Windows Phone, older versions of Windows, and OS X, but there's no guarantee of that support. Though we would be surprised if those platforms all didn't eventually get Skype Translator support, even if they have to wait for the full release. Additionally, Skype Translator will be limited to a few languages at the start of the preview, though when signing up you'll get to tell Microsoft which languages you think they should trial first (no promises your wishes will be granted).

To sign up, check out the source link below, and let us know what languages you want to translate.

Source: Skype, Skype Translator Preview sign-up

Derek Kessler

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